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Restaurant Manager - Goode Co Corporate

Nov 15, 2018


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WHO YOU ARE: Friendly. Creative. Eagle-eyed. Hungry. You make things happen, and you make ’em count. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, but your standards are spotless, because where and how you work reflects who you are and what you believe in. You get the big picture, realizing it’s always rooted in serving up an authentic Texas experience, one plate at a time.

Goode Company’s mission is to deliver the highest quality dining experience while maintaining operational excellence and constantly seeking to grow our customer base. Our Managers are ambassadors for Goode Company Restaurants, both in the location and in the community, where our managers are seen as professionals, and as leaders. As a true Goode Company ambassador, the management staff must share and represent the same integrity, ideals, and philosophies that our business has been built on since 1977.

By being committed to our brand promise of serving up authentic Texas – “one plate at a time,” our Managers have an appreciation for quality of food and what it takes to create this consistently, with each plate we serve. Goode Company values its customers and their loyalty to our brand, therefore it is the Managers mission to continually develop and build relationships with our customers and encourage the staff to do the same. Goode Company is committed to providing an atmosphere that is clean, safe, comfortable, and appeals to the customers senses (sight, smell, sound and taste) in a unique manner, keeping them returning time after time.

Our Managers have the highest state of ownership in their jobs and welcome challenges that they are faced with. It is also the Managers mission to effectively work with location GMs to manage the P&Ls to ensure that they are working towards meeting the location and company strategic objectives, as set forth by Senior Management. By being focused on producing results, our managers strategize, execute resources, and rally the workforce to meet demands. As a leader, it is the Manager’s responsibility to exemplify and inspire their staff to continuously learn, to seek out a better way, and to take charge of their careers.

Job Responsibilities:
Ensure proper guest service to all guests through constant evaluation of restaurant service performance.
Investigate and resolve customer complaints regarding food quality, service and accommodations.
Complete, hands-on training and knowledge of each position within the restaurant.
Monitor wait times in the serving line.
Provide excellent quality and presentation of all food to all guests.
Train employees in food preparation procedures and company standards, while monitoring food preparation methods, portion sizes, garnishing, and presentation to ensure food is prepared and served in an acceptable manner.
Schedule, receive, and verify food and beverage deliveries for proper quality and quantity.
Ensure product safety by training all employees on food preparation, sanitation, and safety procedures.
Monitor compliance with health and fire regulations regarding food preparation and serving, and building maintenance.
Inspect supplies, equipment, work areas and property to ensure efficient service and conformance to standards.
Understand safety and security practices to ensure safety to employee and patrons.
Responsible for working with other managers to meet the financial and operational targets while maintaining high operating standards.
Responsible for personnel actions such as hiring, training, disciplining, and terminating as necessary in accordance with Goode Company policies and applicable laws.
Teach and train staff about the core values and culture of Goode Company.
Effectively manage schedules to ensure the restaurant is staffed accordingly and per company policy.
Monitor employee appearance and uniform throughout shift.
Communicate effectively with other managers and staff members.
Build employee morale and rapport by leading by example, team work, and hands-on management approach (training, coaching, motivating, and follow-up)
Conduct shift meetings as necessary.
Display a sense of ownership. Make decisions as if the restaurant were your own.
Be resourceful in handling assignments and solving problems.

2 or more years of previous Restaurant Management Experience a must

  • Strong financial acumen and P&L accountability experience, required
  • Spanish speaking a plus, not required
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Excellent computer skills and Microsoft Office experience
WHERE WE MEET: You take joy in what you do, and we take pride in finding folks like you. Because when you’re in it for the long haul, no shortcut’s worth taking - especially when it comes to our preparation, our ingredients, and most importantly, our people. Interested? Us too. Let’s chat.
Oh yeah, don't forget the "extras" - we have those too. We offer great benefits! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

401(k) with Company Match
Advancement Opportunities
Critical Illness
Disability Insurance
Paid Vacation and Sick Time
Team Member Recognition
Training and Professional Development Opportunities
Voluntary Supplemental Life
Goode Company Restaurants is an equal opportunity employer, so if you've got the qualifications, desire to work hard, and help our business grow - we want you!