SNAP to Sucess Project Manager NONCODE

State of Illinois - Cook County, IL

Description of Duties/Essential Functions

Overall implementation of the SNAP 50/50 funding. Provide on site program monitoring, including oversight of state and local budget process, and analysis of program results for career pathway programming for identified Third Party Funding or SNAP to Success. Develop and oversee day to day operations of the program. Analyze and interpret laws, regulations and policies that are vrey technical and complex and have an impact on the SNAP to Success initiative. Advise management and providers so that potential effects on current and future efforts are known and adhered to in programs and processes. Examine and evaluate federal and state legislation and policy to determine its impact on SNAP to Success and ensuring provider compliance and adherence to program guidelines. Under limited supervision plans, develops, monitors, audits and oversees the administration of this initiative to identify state, federal and other funding sources for employment and training programs designed to enable economically disadvantaged participants to enter or re-enter the labor market, retain jobs and progress in employment to achieve self-sufficiency.

Minimum Requirements

Masters degree preferred, previous experience as a Program Manager and prefer previous experience with FNS E&T requirements. Knowledge of organizational theory and management principles sufficient to design studies and surveys to evaluate overall program implementation. Standard office etiquette and hardware/software skills. Ability to prepare clear and comprehensive reports. Read, write, listen and speak with professionalism and a high level of technical expertise. Ability to manage several projects and progress at the same time.

Work Hours & Location/Agency Contact


Work Location:
Illinois Department of Human Services
Office Workforce Development
1308 W. 105th Street
Chicago, IL 60643

Anticipated Salary: $3116-$9765

Applications should be emailed to the person listed below: