Health Information Technology Faculty/Program Director

West Virginia Northern Community College - Wheeling, WV (30+ days ago)

West Virginia Northern is seeking applicants for a full-time, nine (9) month

Health Information Technology Faculty/Program Director

beginning August 2018.

Salary / Benefits: Salary will be based in the current faculty salary model. Full benefits package includes, but is not limited to, retirement with employer matching, health insurance, life insurance, and social security.

MUST attach or provide by mail a legible copy of your educational transcript, license, or training record. No application will be considered until said documents are received.

Upon hire, you MUST provide an official transcript within 30 days of hire date.*

Program Director Supplemental Appointment Responsibilities:

  • Provide first-line academic leadership and supervision for the degree programs
  • Follow the rules and regulations for the College
  • Teach 30 credit hours (accredited programs require 27 hours of teaching load)
  • Assist the division chair in the preparation of the program budget, submit purchase requests, purchase orders, and travel requests to the division chair for approval
  • Complete in the consultation with program/discipline faculty the review, selection, and preparation of textbook orders
  • In consultation with the division chair and program/discipline faculty, assist in the drafting of the course schedules
  • Assist the division chair in the recruitment and evaluation of full- and part-time faculty in the program/disciplines
  • Assist in gathering and monitoring data relevant to retention, transfer, graduation, employment, and student satisfaction used in institutional reporting and decision-making
  • When appropriate, develop and coordinate placement sites for students in internship/externship experiences. Visit and monitor students in these sites as needed
  • When appropriate, assist in the development and maintenance of articulation agreements and cooperative arrangements with other educational and community organizations
  • When appropriate, identify persons for service on advisory committees; establish meeting schedules and agendas; issue minutes of the meetings to the division chair and vice president of academic affairs and keep records. Hold at least one advisory committee meeting per year or as required by program
  • In consultation with faculty and division chair, develop and implement new degree programs, certificates, and courses as appropriate to the changing needs of the discipline, employers, students, and partnerships, such as articulation agreements.
  • Serve as a member of search committees to fill available positions in the discipline/program
  • Prepare and submit the program annual reports, including assessment projects, program review, and other reports and projects associated with the programs/discipline as required by the College
  • As appropriate for the program/discipline, prepare for on-campus visits for evaluation of program, write the self-study, and maintain accreditation
  • As appropriate for program/discipline, facilitate the establishment of student organizations and honorary societies for the enhancement of the educational programs
  • Perform all duties required of the faculty of West Virginia Northern Community College.

Faculty Appointment Responsibilities:

  • Follow the rules and regulations of the College.
  • Develop a syllabus for each course he/she teaches. Submit each syllabus electronically to the Division Chair by the first day of class. Follow the College guidelines for syllabus construction.
  • Teach thirty credits or 600 (Health Sciences) contact hours during day and/or evening per academic year. The Division Chair and/or Vice President of Academic Affairs may make adjustments as necessary.
  • Meet classes and provide instruction for classes as scheduled.
  • Notify Division Chair of the intent to travel on college business well in advance of the date of the expected absence. Complete a copy of the Absence Form. Submit your completed Absence Form to your Division Chair.
  • Notify the Division Secretary of unexpected absence(s) so appropriate arrangements can be made for your class(es). Submit your completed Absence Form upon return to your Division Chair.
  • Maintain a minimum of ten (10) office hours per week, two (2) may be by appointment only, distributed over five (5) days, to include the week before classes begin and final exam week. The Faculty Teaching and Office Schedule Form must be completed and filed with the Division Secretary within the first week of classes.
  • Report first week attendance and final grades at the end of the term via NOW and within established deadlines.
  • Advise students in her/his program(s) which may include:
  • academic counseling
  • aid in scheduling courses
  • withdrawal/retention counseling
  • career guidance and preparation.
  • Participate in commencement ceremonies.
  • Assist the Division Chair with preparation of the program review, annual report, part-time faculty evaluations, self-study reports for accreditation, course and program assessment reports, and other reports and projects associated with the program.
  • Assist the Division Chair in the maintenance of equipment and in the recommendations for the purchase of equipment.
  • Assist the Division Chair in preparing semester schedules.
  • Assist in the selection of textbook(s) for courses taught.
  • Assist the Division Chair in proposals and development of new courses, programs, and certificates.
  • Assist the Division Chair in student recruitment at high schools, college fairs, as well as business, industry, and agencies related to the program/major or discipline.
  • Participate in service and/or advising during periods designed for pre-registration, registration, new student orientation and other special College events.
  • Assist in the evaluation and supervision of students serving as lab assistants and in other work study capacities as applicable.
  • Review portfolios for the Board of Governors Degree and other programs related to assessment of experiential learning.
  • Participate in institutional activities such as College-wide events, college standing committees, ad hoc committees, internal and external marketing and promotional activities, and public service activities.
  • Attend Faculty Assembly meetings, academic division meetings, advisory committee meetings, and other faculty related events as identified by the administration.
  • Participate in professional development activities and professional organizations.
  • Integrate writing, technology, computer applications, and oral presentation requirements into assigned courses where applicable.
  • Work with the workforce development and/or campus deans, as appropriate, to provide credit or non-credit courses, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Assume a positive and active role as a representative of Northern, including support of institutional goals and initiatives.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Program Directors responsibilities include employment as a full-time faculty at WVNCC; teaching within the division that houses the program/discipline
  • RHIT orRHIA Credentials
  • Baccalaureate degree
  • Scholarship and/or teaching competencies and practice experience
  • Professional preparation and experience

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; Additional Information:

Members of the full-time teaching faculty have three primary areas of responsibility:

  • instruction
  • academic advising / professional development
  • institutional and community service

An Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type: Full-time


  • Teaching: 1 year


  • Bachelor's


  • RHIA or RHIT