Police Quartermaster/Support Specialist

City of Bellevue - Bellevue, WA4.0

The Police Personnel Support Specialist acts as the primary contact and liaison person between the Police employees and vendors for uniforms and equipment (to include new, current, promoted and separated employees). The Police Personnel Support Specialist enters, maintains and tracks uniform orders/costs, equipment inventory supplies/quantities/costs and assigned equipment locations using the Uniform database and the Equipment database. He/she issues uniforms and equipment to Police personnel (commissioned and civilian). He/she ensures that packing slips and invoices are accurate and approves payment. He/she participates and collaborates with Finance and Department Administrators on Uniforms, Ballistic vests, Equipment and Badges/pins/medals/accessories purchasing and dry-cleaning contracts.

The Police Personnel Support Specialist conducts complete and thorough criminal history background investigations on applicants and their spouse/significant other by utilizing various databases, internet resources and government/municipal/law enforcement/education sources. He/she presents findings and any potential incidents/issues that require further investigation to the Background Detective conducting the full background investigation.

  • Process Uniform Requests: Receives all department standard issue uniform requests. Coordinate measurements with employee and vendor(s) if applicable. Places order with vendors and maintains and tracks all actions through LEA Uniform data base. Receives all uniform deliveries and checks packing slips and invoices for accuracy and approves for payment. Coordinates alterations if needed and monitors quality assurance for uniform items. Issues uniforms to employees and coordinates all communications throughout the order process. Monitors and tracks employee uniform expenses on annexations for the Fiscal Manager.
  • Process Equipment Requests: Receives all standard patrol officer equipment requests; and other sections equipment items as required. Places orders with vendor and enters information into LEA Uniform and Equipment data bases. Communicates with vendor(s) on orders, double checks packing slips and invoices for accuracy and oversees approval for payment. Receives inventory/equipment deliveries, updates databases and notifies involved personnel when ready for pickup. Monitors and tracks employee equipment expenses on annexations for the Fiscal Manager.
  • Maintains Equipment Room and Reconciles Inventory with LEA data bases: Enters equipment information and serial numbers into data bases reconciling each item with current location (officer or inventory) and status. Maintains par inventory levels and submits orders as necessary. Examples of items tracked are ballistic vests, portable radios, cell phones, sub-station keys, etc. Maintains supply quantities which require inventory of over 100 different items and types. Monitors uniform and equipment items for reissue, surplus, or disposal.
  • Significant Asset Program Manager: Manage large scale programs in terms of inspection, inventory tracking, inventory assignments, and maintenance. These programs include: AEDs, Vehicles, Radios, Ballistic Vests and Department Issued Keys.
    • AEDs: Perform monthly inspections and record results in database. Responsible for quarterly reports recording expirations of unit batteries and pads. Monitor deployments and coordinate report information to King Co. EMS liaison. Receive deployed units and police reports and coordinate the AED return from KC liaison. Oversees maintenance schedule and responsible for all necessary orders of replacement items.
    • Radios: Track and record asset numbers for police radios and portable units. Enter radio asset numbers into LEA Equipment database. Associate radios with vehicles and specific personnel (portables). Coordinate and record service calls for all radios and ensure their return to duty. Communicate with Radio and Fleet managers for program integrity. Generate and send quarterly reports to the COB Radio Shop and Fiscal Manager (the latter relates to EPSCA). Communicate all changes to NORCOM as a critical component of officer safety; in case of emergency activation.
    • Ballistic Vests: Track and record serial numbers and expiration dates for all issued ballistic vests. Generates quarterly report supporting replacement decisions. Monitors wear and surveys officers as a component of product research. Communicates with venders when new products are available. Ballistic vests come with a five-year replacement cycle.
    • Department Issued Keys: Track and record essential keys to police personnel. Monitor assignments and returns. Reconcile inventory as necessary. Assigns specialty keys at points of promotion.
  • New Officer Equipment and Uniform Orientation: Responsible for the creation of the newly hired employee equipment/uniform file. Communicates status of equipment and uniform orders to PSU Team and enters information on the PSU Team SharePoint site. Issues all uniforms/equipment to employee (See item 1.).
  • Staff Promotions and Transfers: Coordinates uniform modifications and ordering of dress uniforms as a function of promotion or unit transfer (see item 1. for process). Process promotional certificates, updates uniform/equipment databases, equipment and PSU/training files. Issues uniform/equipment to employee.
  • Separation from the City (Retirement, Resignation, Termination, and Administrative Leave): At the point of separation; receives all issued equipment and uniform items. Insures a member PSU staff inspects employee's locker. Oversees the return of usable items to inventory for reissue or separate for surplus/destruction. Updates equipment database and makes necessary notifications. Routes special equipment to appropriate staff manager (ex: cite books, evidence kits, gas masks). Advises facilities to clear/deactivate access cards. Issues retirement credentials if eligible, tracks badges. This responsibility is often accompanied with confidential information.
  • Contract Compliance Manager (CCM): Coordinates contract renewals and negotiations. Examples of department item contracts include: uniforms, ballistic vests, badges and pins, accessories, dry cleaning, duty gear, and academy gear. Venders include: Bratwear, Kroesens, Blumenthal Uniforms, Blue Sky Cleaners. The CCM is responsible for composing draft background and summary documentation supporting departmental needs during the contractual process. This documentation lists all items intended for purchase by specific category, with cost estimates, and estimated annual quantities required. Awards and Certificates: Maintains essential department certificate templates and is responsible for the printing of awards and certificates when requested by the chain of command. Maintains inventory supply of award certificates, medals, pins, seals and presentation protective covers. Order awards and certificates as needed from vendor or private print shop.
  • Backup and Support to PSU Administrative Assistant: Provide general assistance to personnel in the absence of the PSU Administrative Assistant. Checks mail tray in Records during the morning and afternoon and Date stamps and distributes incoming mail. Assists any personnel that may come into office or transfers to my extension from phone tree. Unlocks and lock vendor and training file cabinets and wall key box. Periodically checks fax machine during the morning and afternoon. Receives delivery orders.
  • Criminal Background Specialist: Responsible for initial review of background packet submitted by the Hiring Coordinator. Identifies discrepancies in applicant packet through an array of database checks. Communicates noted items to Background Investigator. Completes additional database checks on applicant's spouse or significant other. Reviews applicant packet and fill out a criminal history check off sheet. Generates hard copies of all searches involving various law enforcement, government, and internet databases. Performs additional research on information received from these sources when necessary. Communicates requests to all involved agencies and verifies responses. Collects and communicates all data from search documentation and provides it to the background detective highlighting significant information discovered in search.

  • Ability to achieve and maintain ACCESS Level II certification; NIMS IS-100.LEA, and IS-700.A certification.
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access.
  • Proficiency in the use of: DAPS, DISCIS/SCOMIS, LINX, Selective Service, New World, LEA (uniform, equipment, and training databases), and various internet sites.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and decision-making ability.
  • Ability to interact effectively with all divisions, sections, units, and ranks within the Police Department and other City of Bellevue departments in a collaborative manner.
  • Ability to interact with vendors and suppliers in a collaborative manner.
  • Position requires thorough working knowledge of all databases accessed for applicant background information. Must be able to maintain confidential and sensitive information.
  • Knowledge of Police hierarchy/chain of command with regards to Quartermaster and uniform requirements.
  • High school diploma or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Four years of progressively responsible related office support or clerical work experience is preferred.


Additional Requirements:
  • Due to the critical and high-security nature of Police Support Specialist work, top candidates must pass a polygraph, drug test, and a thorough criminal and background check.
  • Applicants must meet the following requirements:
Drug use:
The following will be disqualifying:
  • Any use of heroin,
  • Any possession or use of GHB or any other "date rape" drug, including giving it to others,
  • Any use of any illegal drug within three years of application* (Excludes marijuana which is addressed below),
  • Misuse of Prescription drugs will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Any use of marijuana, including legal marijuana derivatives, bi-products or concentrates, within 12 months of application.* Please note that while some states have decriminalized marijuana, it is still federally illegal and police officers are expected to adhere to all laws and regulations, on and off duty,
  • Any use of illegal drugs or marijuana since applying* to, or while employed by, any law enforcement agency (including military police agencies),

  • Any participation in, or allowing of, the manufacture, selling, offering to sell, cultivation, warehousing, distribution, holding or transporting for another, transporting for sale, or financing of any illegal drugs/narcotics within five years of application*, including extraction and concentration of THC oils from marijuana for the production of "honey", "wax", "dabs" or any other THC concentrate,
  • Any distribution of illegal drugs or illegal distribution of marijuana since applying* to, or while employed by, any law enforcement agency (including military police agencies)
Forged/Abused Prescriptions
  • Any prescription forgery, prosecuted, undetected or otherwise, within five years of application*
    Criminal Violations
    The following will be disqualifying:
  • Any adult felony conviction.
  • Any juvenile felony conviction within the past five years.
  • Any misdemeanor conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Commission of any crime of violence, including domestic violence.
  • Commission of any sexual offense within the past five years.
  • Any conviction of a felony crime at any time while employed in any capacity with a Law Enforcement Agency (including volunteer, intern, and reserve positions).
  • Any single theft of property or money in excess of $100 value within the past five years.
    Working Conditions and Physical Demands
  • Work involves walking, talking, hearing, using hands to handle, feel or operate objects, tools, or controls, and reaching with hands and arms. Vision abilities required by this job include close vision and the ability to adjust focus.
  • The employee may be required to push, pull, lift and/or carry up to 30 pounds.
  • Work is performed in an office environment and may require sitting for prolonged periods of time using a computer keyboard and screen.
  • The noise level in the work environment is quiet to moderate.
  • Physical requirements may involve bending, stooping, kneeling and/or squatting to access or file records.
  • The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential job functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The Police Personnel Support Specialist position is a non-exempt represented position.