Web Front End App, java-script, Ajax, SQL, Ruby on Rails

SearchTech Consulting, Inc - San Francisco, CA


Our client is an exciting stealth mode startup that combines ecommerce with social networking to create an interactive shopping experience that will allow content experts to interact with shoppers for any product or service for free. They have a proven team of leaders guiding the company in this huge market space. They have a unique solution to solve the problem of information overload while making complex purchasing decision via the web.

The founder and advisors are from Stanford and all have held executive positions for leading web-based companies like: PayPal, Evite and StubHub. Each has been through multiple M&A's and/or IPO's. They know how to build companies that add value to consumers and make money for their investors in additions to building great teams that work hard to solve complex problems and have fun doing it. They are seeking to build a top notch engineering team. If you are seeking a great team, the upside of becoming a significant stock holder, while developing a highly scalable and complex system, then this is the right opportunity for you!

The company is immediately hiring. Successful applicants will share proactive, competitive, high-energy, high-integrity mentalities. This is not a sleepy position as you will be part of shaping the next phase of internet commerce.

They are based in the financial district of San Francisco with easy access to BART.

The engineering team will work with the founders, technical advisors and other engineers including an architect to develop the social commerce platform. The emphasis is on a consumer facing front end application. You are focused on engineering and software product development work and may participate to implement existing business plans, provide feedback to make those plans better, invent new features, and build a massively scalable, rock-solid platform solution.

The current team and technologies involved:
The team is comprised of 5 people currently. There are 4 people that are developing their product at this time. One is responsible for the UE and has all of the designed mapped out and wire framed. The other is doing some of the UI work. The third person is working on architecture which includes front end and most of the backend server/platform components using Engineyard as their cloud application server.

Their current architecture will be based on "Ruby on Rails". It also requires the front end to be thinking about the scalability (for example, the bandwidth issues with live video and messaging). Some of the work had been done in PHP and flash, however most of the new work will be based on Ruby on Rails and majority of the front end is being done using use JavaScript/Ajax to make the front end more users friendly. The video server, they will use the open source version which uses flash and "RED 5" as the back end open source video server. There is a huge convergence of peer-to-peer connectivity, so the scaling and security of their systems will be built into the product.

The Role and responsibilities of the next two front-end Engineers to be hired:

They will be focused on developing the social recommendation platform, working largely in AJAX and XHTML, CSS, JavaScript. You will help create new features, design, develop, deploy and maintain highly scalable and reliable code, to deliver a great customer experience. Additionally, these two front end engineers will essentially be working on developing the site and the market place (bringing buyers and sellers together) as they get more and more specs. The work is mostly front end application development (may include some GUI work). The project includes working on Search interface and update in real-time as well as working on integration pieces with Face book and Twitter. Also, working on social and peer to peer communication applications and API level programming. Other examples of the application would be developing the application that auto-generates social networking feeds, developing application that interface with their video server, mobile applications, and connecting to back end server/working with SQL and etc.

From these two additional hires described above, although skill set requirements are as described above and are the same for the most part; however, here are two unique distinctions:

a) One hire needs to be more mid to sr level, be able to dive in, be given a task and be able to finish it. This person needs to be able to work independently and although most of the work is focused on front end, it would be nice if this person has some familiarity with SQL and scaling and performance issues as they will be working closely with the architect who is also a developer.

b) The second hire, would be more junior and be a generalist working on different aspects of the product, someone smart that can pick things up quickly, learn a lot and can be plugged into different pieces of these applications working with the other engineers.

Must Have:
Extensive programming experience in an Object Oriented programming language such as Java, C++, or C# to demonstrate strong OO programming, data structure and computer science background.
2+ years experience working with web-based applications in a high-load production environment.
2+ years experience with any of the following application stacks: Ruby on Rails or Excellent experience with JavaScript / LAMP/ Java / J2EE.
2+ years experience hand coding W3C standards-compliant HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript based web sites
At least 1+ years of experience developing AJAX based applications using packages such as JQuery or Dojo or Mootools or YUI. Must know open source libraries.
Top notch problem solving and coding skills.
Solid Computer Science fundamentals; expert knowledge of programming paradigms and design patterns.
History of delivering quality code in a fast-paced environment with aggressive timelines.
Excellent communication and team skills.
B.S. Computer Science or equivalent.

Highly Desired:
Deep understanding of the leading browsers and the peculiarities of each, especially concerning CSS rendering and JavaScript performance
Familiarity/experience with Social networking API such as Face book Connect, Twitter API
Experience with Ruby on Rails using Test Driven Development methodology

Here are some personal and technical attributes or soft skills that the hiring manager will focus on:

He will focus on good communication skills, some experience working in start up environments, and if they have worked on anything that ever scaled.
Browser knowledge of browsers and efficient use of browsers within a web product
Data structure knowledge and implementation experience
Please send resume responses as a Word Doc to: 32687-3493-MH1234@apply.maxhire.net