Camp Director

Girls Scouts of Eastern PA - Miquon, PA4.5

TemporaryEstimated: $41,000 - $56,000 a year
The Director of Camp Shelly Ridge is responsible for the development of comprehensive seasonal program services which attract and retain girls, develop the skills and self-esteem of girls, and embody the beliefs and values of Girl Scouting. It also coordinates and oversees camp services in compliance with all GSEP, GSUSA, ADA, ACA, health department, and OSHA standards and requirements.


The following competencies are required for this position:
Safety and Security

Understands and complies with GSUSA and/or council safety guidelines, ACA site standards, applicable local, state, and federal codes (for example, building, fire, pool, OSHA, EPA).

Budget Administration

Understands and applies budgeting principles to accurately prepare, integrate, and report on operational budgets.

Child Development

Incorporates knowledge of child growth and development into the design of age-appropriate activities/curricula; adapts existing programs to girls of different ability levels.


Models high levels of motivation, performance, dedication, and commitment; creates, implements, and/or supports council initiatives, policies, and the corporate plan; inspires, encourages, guides, and/or gains others’ support toward accomplishing individual, team, council, and GSUSA goals; adapts leadership style to a variety of situations.

Interpersonal Relations

Establishes rapport with others at all organizational levels; respects others; considers and responds to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of others; establishes and maintains an open dialogue with others; establishes a climate in which all people are comfortable to discuss various issues and concerns that may impact council work.

Oral Communication

Expresses ideas and facts in a clear and understandable manner appropriate for the individual or group; listens to and comprehends what others are saying; prepares organized and structured presentations; makes oral presentations using appropriate inflections, volume, tone, and non-verbal communication; skilled in public speaking and phone etiquette.

Written Communication

Structures and clearly conveys ideas and information in both formal and informal written documents; expresses ideas and facts in a clear and understandable manner appropriate for the audience/reader; effectively proofreads written documents; incorporates technical knowledge into written materials (for example, marketing brochures, financial reports, manuals, and guides); understands written documents.

Problem Solving

Identifies and analyzes existing and potential problems systematically and thoroughly; reports/documents the problem; obtains and evaluates relevant information and contributing factors; identifies important interrelationships; implements solutions after evaluating alternatives and anticipating their impact; supports decisions or recommendations with data and/or reasoning; defines and implements solutions to problems.

Self Management

Assesses own skills and abilities and identifies areas for improvement; willingly accepts constructive feedback; seeks developmental opportunities; sets and achieves goals; works independently.

Time Management

Manages time effectively; completes assignments in a timely manner; sets and balances priorities; simultaneously manages multiple tasks/projects.

Information Management

Accesses, organizes, and manages information effectively; maintains basic computer literacy with relevant software (for example, databases, word processors, and web management); keeps accurate and effectively organized records (for example, spreadsheets or databases of donors, benefits, budget information, filing system); seeks out and applies new technology in own program area to improve work processes.


Adjusts, modifies own behavior, and remains flexible in response to changing situations and environments, new or rapidly changing information, unexpected obstacles, or people expressing varying perspectives, needs, and demands; maintains high performance, emotional composure, objectivity, and balanced perspective under pressure, shifting priorities, opposition, or situational ambiguity.

Personal Integrity and Professional Conduct

Demonstrates dependability, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and credibility; models appropriate professional behavior; accepts responsibility for own actions; maintains confidentiality; upholds ethical standards even in the face of opposition.

Fostering Diversity

Understands and embraces the differences that individuals bring to Girl Scouting; encourages and fosters the unique contributions and varied talents of diverse groups and individuals; values, develops, nurtures, uses, and celebrates group and individual diversity; removes barriers to participation (holds meetings in accessible locations, uses translators, etc.); strives to ensure a friendly and harmonious environment for girls, adult volunteers, and staff; treats others in an unbiased manner; challenges the biased behavior of others; adheres to organizational diversity goals.

Organizational Knowledge

Understands Girl Scout purpose and organizational structure, including functions, operations, and interrelationships; keeps up-to-date on key GSUSA and council-specific policies, priorities, processes, and practices (for example, Safety Activity Checkpoints); understands how his/her job relates to and supports GSUSA goals including increasing and developing membership and volunteer support; is aware of the organizational culture and knows how work is accomplished; knows the roles and responsibilities of staff and volunteers; is familiar with membership policies, standards, and resources.



Key Performance Indicator

Camp Management

Responsible for summer camp planning, organization, and follow through, departmental support, recruitment and supervision of staff and campers, and safety and risk management.
Staff and direct a day/resident camp program designed to attract and retain Girl Scout campers.
Provide for skill and program progression.
Maintain a safe and healthy environment.
Develop staff accountabilities, staff development strategies, and conduct performance evaluations.
Oversee the recruitment and training of seasonal staff, including developing manuals, communications with agencies providing international staff, designing and conducting pre-camp, and designing and overseeing CIT training.
Responsible for implementation of safety and risk management reviews, staff safety training, and support for crisis management related to outdoor and camp programs.
Design and implement on-going evaluation of camp programs to assess effectiveness in achieving described purposes; the satisfaction level of girl, parent, volunteer, and group users; and positioning with respect to competition.
Prepare annual budgets and reforecast, and monitor monthly financial statements.
Ensure active and successful ACA involvement and re-accreditation.



Qualifications - Essential:
Valid driver’s license, car, and proof of current insurance.
Computer skills – Proficiency in Microsoft 2007 suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with advance knowledge such as mail merges and experience working with databases.
Ability to understand and monitor budgets and perform metrics.
Ability to lift and carry a minimum of 25 pounds.
Education – Bachelor’s Degree.
Experience – 5 years of related experience, Twenty-five years of age or older (required for American Camping Certification).
Preferred experience in Environmental Program/Education.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience - Essential:
Demonstrated ability in planning, budget preparation and management, and supervision of employed and volunteer staff.
Experience planning and coordinating program activities for large numbers of diverse participants.
Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously, meet deadlines, and manage time efficiently.
Excellent writing skills and experience preparing written materials for use by the public. Excellent verbal communications skills and ability to make effective presentations.
Ability to work strenuously in extreme hot and cold temperatures.
Ability to navigate over gravel and uneven paths.
Strong communication and presentation skills including the ability to articulate the mission and goals of GSEP to the membership and to the community.
Strong interpersonal and motivational skills to inspire staff, volunteers and girls.
Strong customer service skills and the ability to take ownership and responsibility for all performance related goals.
Strong management and staff supervision skills.
Willing to work weekends and nights as necessary.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience - Desirable:
Knowledge of GSUSA, ACA, and other government and private health and safety regulations affecting camp and outdoor program is preferred.

Employees are responsible and accountable for:
Compliance with workplace policies and procedures for risk identification, risk assessment and risk control.
Active participation in activities associated with the management of workplace health and safety.
Identification and reporting of health and safety risks, accidents, incidents, injuries and property damage at the workplace.
Correct utilization of appropriate personal protective equipment.

Some work prior to summer expected, as well as 11 weeks in the summer.
Maintain Membership as a registered Girl Scout.
Ability to interact across all levels with a diverse population.