Sr. Software Engineer

White House Custom Colour - Eagan, MN3.7

How WHCC Got Started
In 1978, a professional photographer in St. Paul wanted high-quality prints that he’d be proud to sell to his clients, and he wanted to deliver them fast. His solution? He started White House Custom Colour, which began as a small Twin Cities photofinishing lab that also served the needs of his local photographer friends. Today, the principles WHCC was built upon still remain our foundation. We continue to deliver top-notch custom printed products with a quick turnaround. As a result, our client base has grown to include designers and photographers around the world who demand professional quality.

What is WHCC?
We are a family-run professional photographic, press, and fine art printing lab. Our goal is to make printing, producing, and reselling products seamless and enjoyable for our clients. As a production-focused company, we employ hundreds of experts who handcraft our products here in Minnesota. Our product, design, engineering, marketing, and customer service teams are made up of photographers and designers who love print and support our production.

So, Why WHCC?
Innovation is key; as the industry changes, we want to constantly be pushing things forward. Owning and operating our production facilities allows us to streamline our process and push our machines to do new things. Our direct link to production gives us a unique advantage that other companies just don’t have; we can dream up a design and watch the physical product leave on a truck that same day.

We’re always striving to improve our practices and stay dedicated to our clients. Recognized in the industry for our high-quality printing and color reproduction, photographers and designers trust us with their work. As mobile devices become ubiquitous, a whole new generation of people are able to take and edit photos more easily than ever before. We want to help them turn those into amazing products they can hold in their hands and cherish for generations.

Who Uses WHCC?
For decades, we’ve been a leader in the professional printing industry. We work with photographers and designers around the world — from aspiring photographers who are just getting started, to long-established studio pros, to consumer design brands who spend millions a year on products for resale.

About Our Team
Within a company of almost 300 people, fewer than 30 are on the product + engineering teams. We like to think of ourselves as a tiny startup within an established organization. Everything we do starts with product and design. We examine and solve problems with a user-centric point-of-view. Then we start iteratively building until we have the best product. We like great hunches, but good data (especially from our own testing) that backs it up, is even better. Once we release something, we’re always looking at customer feedback, behaviors, and analytics to see how we can continue to make things better.

Our engineering and product teams have focused on optimizing our internal processes to help production stay on top of more than one million orders per year, most of which ship within 48 hours. Recently we’ve also expanded our focus to build tools and solutions our clients can use directly, making it easier to design and order printed products.

About the Job
You’ll collaborate with product, engineering, and business team members to develop and maintain applications that support our internal operations. You’ll also architect improvements to modernize existing applications and design new products to meet internal and external needs. You’ll be collaborating with other engineers to develop the API that supports our suite of products and integrates with our customers’ products. You’ll be involved in all phases of the product lifecycle, focusing on coding, testing, and debugging.

In a typical week, you might participate in a brainstorming session for a new web application, create updates to our product catalog, conduct a code review for a teammate’s code, troubleshoot an issue with our ordering process, and help an external customer integrate with our API.

About Our Ideal Candidate
You have experience with our core technologies (C#/.Net, MS-SQL Server, REST APIs, Windows application development, Angular JS) and a desire to continue learning about new technologies and approaches. You’re a great communicator who enjoys collaborating to design and architect new products and processes. You might also have experience with MS Dynamics GP, OAuth frameworks, microservices, or Agile methodologies, and are excited about using your knowledge to modernize existing systems.

You're passionate about solving problems, not just executing specs, and are able to work with our designers to provide a top-notch experience for our customers. You’re interested in photography and want to make awesome products in the photographic industry.

Benefits + Perks
We value a workspace that helps us feel creative and energized. Most of us use Macs, but we’ll set you up with whatever hardware you like that helps you get the job done. We offer medical, dental, vision, 401k matching, great discounts on photo products, and competitive salaries. Our company encourages a healthy work/life balance. We’re flexible about remote work, especially when it’s balanced with an office presence; we like being able to grab a meeting room and get together when an idea strikes. We love an opportunity for continued learning; we’re big into conferences and workshops that keep us up to date and inspired.

Employment is conditional upon

criminal background check
drug screen