Surgery Scheduler

DaVita Medical Group - Las Vegas, NV


Responsible for scheduling surgeries and pre-operative appointments, admissions, and pre-admission testing; preparing paperwork for surgical admissions; obtaining surgical authorizations from third-party carriers, confirming all consent forms have been signed by patient per insurance guidelines and timeframes to support surgery, and generally organizing all issues related to surgery for the patients.


High school diploma or equivalent.
2-3 years of surgery scheduling experience

Schedules surgical procedures, requiring knowledge of booking procedures.
Interacts directly with physicians to obtain all necessary information then transmits information to the admitting offices and operating rooms for the scheduling of admissions, time, surgical equipment, prostheses, etc.
Uses independent judgment to make knowledgeable decisions in organizing resources and resolving conflicts concerning the physician’s operating schedule.
Follow up with physicians when essential information is incomplete.
Schedule Pre-admitting Test Center (PATC) appointments and pre-operative history and physicals, notifying patients of time, place, etc.
Works with the individual MD office, prepare requisitions and required paperwork for PATC packets to include copies of relevant office notes, test results and surgical consent forms for timely delivery, ensure preoperative clearance is obtained.
Consults with all levels of hospital professional, administrative and support staff as well as patients and families where tact and persuasiveness must by employed to maintain confidentiality.
Notifies patients and their physician’s offices of pre-surgical consultations when requested by the surgeon.
Coordinates pre-surgical testing and consultations done prior to PATC appointment so that results are available to be included in the admission packets.
Arranges re-testing or consults when results of pre-surgical testing indicate a possible problem, which could lead to cancellation of surgery.
Keeps doctors informed of potential problems and outcomes related to their surgical patients so as to maximize OR usage.
Act as liaison between doctors, operating room, department of Anesthesia and patient regarding pre and post-surgery medical questions.
Prepare and mail surgical letters and packets of information to surgical patients to include appropriate pamphlets on procedures, information regarding specific type of hospitalization, blood donations, and lists of hotel accommodations in Nevada.
Responsible for assessing individual physician’s daily IR schedule and prioritizing cases with special attention to medical conditions of patient surgeons’ schedules and availability of operating room equipment. Confer with other schedulers to share block time between surgeons, to assure maximum scheduling of cases and utilization of assigned times.
Interface with third-party carriers and admitting office regarding regulations for pre-operative testing, admissions procedures, approvals for surgical procedures and length of stay, Obtains adequate information in order to identify and resolve potential financial risk to the department.
Obtain approvals for surgical procedures and length of stay. Monitor approvals to assure all is in order prior to surgical date to assure reimbursement for services related to surgical cases.
Prepare and transmit appropriate paperwork to insurance carriers for pre-authorization of surgical gees.
Respond to carriers’ questions regarding medical necessity obtaining information from surgeons, work closely with financial coordinator of the division.
Consistently demonstrate a professional image and demeanor to patients, physicians, co-workers and supervisor, Express a positive toward work, patients and department.