Enterprise Account Executive

Gigster - Atlanta, GA4.6


Gigster is powering the world's engineering. We provide companies of all sizes with on-demand access to experts in new technology software development. Custom software is becoming essential for every business with global IT spend reaching $2.3T, yet very few have easy access to high quality, managed talent when they need it. As AI continues to change businesses, we help companies through digital transformation, shaping the world of the future.

We are changing the way software is built by empowering independent experts with smarter tools. We believe that by being the best place to freelance we will attract and retain the best talent, and in turn provide the best service. Gigster takes pride in having an extraordinary global network of developers, designers, and project managers. Increasing levels of standardization in tooling and access to better data about the development process make the creation of custom software ripe for automation and scale. This insight inspired us to found Gigster.

Gigster was founded in 2014. We've worked with global enterprises and businesses like IBM, Google, Staples, Mastercard, Prudential, and Ebay. Gigster has raised $32.5M from Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures, Greylock, and Bloomberg among others, and has been covered in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Fortune, and Inc.


As an Enterprise Account Executive, you must have a proven track record of enterprise sales experience, excellent communication skills, and a deep understanding of web, mobile products, and the strategies around them. As a trusted sales expert, you will consult potential customers to understand their needs and what kind of custom software product they want to build. You value customer relationships and know how to drive business forward.

We are looking for team members who understands product and have a firm understanding of the startup ecosystem. You are competitive and have a track record over-achieving quota. You are excited about juggling multiple projects and working really hard at a small but rapidly growing startup.

We're looking for exceptionally talented and motivated individuals to help us build the world's best software at scale for thousands of clients. You'll be teaming up with scientists, engineers, product managers, and salespeople from a diverse set of backgrounds who are challenging every assumption about software development. The founders have built apps used by 300M users, ported video games to FPGA's, and designed silicon lasers.

We've built software for flying cars and robotic restaurants, shopping and travel recommendation apps, delivered lawyers, doctors, and baked goods on-demand, designed social networks for families and roommates, and powered everything from shipping fleets to EEG research and genetic testing. Join us as we reinvent software development.

Develop and expand key accounts
Work in partnership with our friends at the Market Development Team at Andreessen Horowitz
Provide consistent product value to all of your customers
Understand and speak to trends in startups and technology
Develop long-term partnerships with globally recognized companies
Manage customer relationships across their entire life cycle
Identify client needs and position Gigster in a way that sets the relationship and project up for success
Investigate the customer's long-term business objectives and anticipate future technical needs
Identify opportunities to expand into additional functional orgs or business units
Work with our customer success team to ensure maximum client satisfaction
7+ years in a closing sales role
Intellectual curiosity - you love to ask questions and are genuinely interested in learning what a client's needs are.
Hardworking - you're one of the hardest working people you know.
Competitive - you want to win and nothing can stop you.
Articulate - you have strong interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively.
Organized - you use and create systems to stay on top of your responsibilities.
Passionate - you are excited about technology, software, and how it helps businesses succeed.
Technical - you have an understanding of how software gets built.
Empathetic - you genuinely care about people you talk to and want to find ways to help them.
Product minded - you have an understanding of product development and an intuition for what makes a great product.
Closer - you know how to seal the deal and get people over the finish line.

At Gigster, we know that diversity and inclusion are complex, multidimensional issues. It will remain a Gigster-wide effort to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion of all kinds are discussed openly, that welcoming spaces for connection is created, and that we always support each other.

We strive to bring together talented people from all walks of life, lending their unique perspectives to the things we build. We want people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds to be part of the richness of diversity that makes Gigster great. Technology touches us all and binds us together.

We believe the Gigster experience should reflect the human experience.