Food Runner

LAMILL COFFEE - Los Angeles, CA4.3


LAMILL Coffee has been serving Los Angeles and many other cities with thoughtfully sourced and roasted beans for the last 20 years. Our flagship restauraunt cafe location has been serving Silverlake for the last 11 years and we are currently looking for some new team members that are excited about hospitality and the quality in all they do. We're currently looking for Dining Room team members to run food and keep the environment tidy in order to provide amazing guest experiences. It's a beautiful balance of running food, connecting with guests, and keeping things clean and polished. We're also a company that love to see people grow and transition into greater things. Apply if you feel like your values align with ours!


Dedicated ambassador to LAMILL’s mission and core values
Has a bright, welcoming, and service-oriented approach when interacting with customers
Has excellent verbal communication
Successfully assists guest with any requests
Provides guests with a warm experience that coincides with LAMILL’s mission to provide our customers with an extraordinary experience
Prepare and serve beverages (juice wine, beer, cocktails)
Providing guests with silverware, napkins, and condiments
Following LAMILL customer service protocol for running food orders to guests and provide condiments and water as needed. Additionally, informing customers to let service bar staff know if they need anything else.
Immediately informs the management about food orders that are incorrect or poorly executed
Clear off tables by bussing plates, flatware, wiping, resetting tables, clean seating, sweep debris, and wipe where needed
Maintaining Service Bar to be debris and dust-free, clean, and polished: Counters, equipment, and storage space
Maintaining a dust and debris-free, clean, and polished guest area: All glass windows, doors, door handles (inside & outside), Dining Area (DA) floors, DA tables, DA seating, DA furniture, DA murals, DA paintings, DA wall decorations, DA chandelier, DA lighting fixtures, DA ceiling, DA trash bins, Outdoor Area (OA) floors, OA tables, OA seating, OA sidewalk, Bathroom (BR) floor, BR walls, BR toilet, BR sink, BR mirror, BR paper towels, BR toilet paper, BR waste bins, Storage Room (SR) floor, SR shelves, SR bathroom, parking lot
Hourly bathroom maintenance: Replenishing towels, soap, and toilet paper. Completely cleaning all parts of the toilet, scrubbing and polishing sink, polishing the mirror, wiping down furniture, cleaning the floor of debris, emptying and polishing waste bins, wiping soap and towel dispensers, and ensuring light bulbs and lighting fixture is clean and polished
Keeping service bar station fully stocked at all times with: v60 drippers, v60 filters, v60 range servers, cups, glasses, saucers, plates, stirring spoons, paper cups, lids, sleeves, flatware, condiments, toothpicks, straws, and serving trays.
Replace waste bin liners when full of trash
Replenish soap dispensers and paper towels at in the service bar sink area
Clean and stock service bar fridge (milk, half and half, beers, cocktail mixes, juices, wines)
Organize front cooler and stock with bottled water
Operate dish sanitizer and restock cups, saucers, stirring spoons, glasses, smaller plates, when sanitization is completed.
Clean dish sanitizer by checking for debris in the bottom of dish sanitizer
Operate SP-9 drip coffee equipment
Operate single origin grinders and replenish with beans
Operate batch brew drip coffee every 30 minutes
Prep orange and lemon slices to fill one deli container
Opening Service Bar / Cleaner/ Busser Checklist (See Service Bar / Cleaner/ Busser Hybrid Staff AM Shift Checklist)
Closing Service Bar / Cleaner/ Busser Checklist (See Service Bar / Cleaner/ Busser Staff PM Shift Checklist)
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