On-demand Tour Agent (Orange County, CA)

Open Listings - Orange County, CA (30+ days ago)

What is Open Listings?

Open Listings is fast-growing online real estate brokerage with tens of thousands of homebuyers throughout California, Washington, Texas and Illinois! We work with local agents to handle on-the-ground activities such as showings, inspections, and more.

What is a Tour Agent?

As an Open Listings Tour Agent, you will be our on-the-ground representative, responsible for delivering best-in-class customer service and professionalism. You will assist our clients with showings, attend inspections on our behalf, and handle other on-site or local activities.

Make good money. You'll earn hourly income for showing properties, with no pressure on getting paid being tied to the close of a home. We issue payments bi-weekly.
Work when you want. Have free time in your schedule? You can choose when you want to work and which showings to accept. The volume of work available depends on the region and client needs. Some of our agents work just a few hours per week, others are nearly full-time.
Do the fun part of real estate. Show homes, meet with clients, no sales pressure. Remember why you got into the business?
Keep your existing brokerage and business. You can keep your existing brokerage arrangement, and get hourly for working with us. If you're an agent, we'll need permission from your designated broker, but otherwise you can continue to build your own real estate business.

How does it work?

Once you've signed up as a Tour Agent, you'll help our clients schedule and attend showings, and deliver the awesome customer service that agents are known for. Afterwards, just log the completed showing on our site. That's it!

Active Real Estate License
Member of your local board of Realtors
Local MLS access or are willing to purchase.
A Supra/Sentrilock key, or are willing to purchase.
Reliable mode of transportation

Who you are:
Enthusiastic: You have a ‘go-getter' attitude and are excited to show clients their potential future home
Friendly and motivated: You have strong interpersonal skills and can't wait to get out to show homes
Customer-focused: Your priority is always making sure your client has the best experience
Tech-savvy: You love technology and know how to easily navigate it