Manager of Tax Operations

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service - Lake Jackson, TX


Jackson Hewitt is seeking a manager to oversee 12 locations in the Brazosport, Bay City, Wharton/El Campo areas. Must be focused oriented, detailed, and committed to quality as well as customer service. Will consider seasonal position. Job Description:

General Job Description and responsibilities - Below is the minimum of what is expected:

  • be the official face and representative of Jackson Hewitt
  • Implement and establish excellent operational policies based on experience and expertise
  • Replace recruit and retain managers and employees
  • Recruit, setup, conduct, and manage tax schools
  • Develop and organize policies and procedures for our JH group
  • Review and monitor the financial accounting of our JH franchise group
  • Grow and develop direct reports focusing on 1) understanding business and its objectives 2) delivering superb customer service 3) ensure everyone in the organization understands their responsibility to create and produce revenue that leads to profit
  • Develop, verify, and ensure inventory for JH
  • Understand and commit to growth plans of JH
  • Seek out sources of funding to grow and develop our JH franchise
  • Assist and work with JH managers on developing growth for their stores - guerilla marketing techniques
  • Create budgets for all operations - discuss with President and submit for approval
  • Verify budget results monthly and provide a report
  • substantially increase revenues of our franchise
  • review, develop plans for tax return growth with Jackson Hewitt
  • Assist the President by seeking opportunities for acquisitions of tax practices
  • Assist the President by seeking and responding to proposals where existing and seasonal staff can be utilized
  • Assist with unsolicited proposals
  • Determine whether Pierce Principle should add a bookkeeping line to our existing business
  • assist with the implementation and development of new interests to franchise group
  • be flexible and available for growth and development
  • Other Duties as assigned Areas specific to JH:
  • Performing general office duties according to the policies and procedures.
  • In charge of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and on-going supervision of all associates in 7 territories.
  • Sending all hiring forms to the human resources department.
  • Ensuring that all associates are friendly, accurate on tax returns, and remembered to offer any bank products to qualified taxpayers.
  • Making sure the schedule is appropriate for the employees according to the guidelines.
  • Administering the payroll
  • Conducting tax school for any future employees.
  • Distributing Check Cashing Agreement letters.
  • Attending any pre-assigned or mandatory meeting.
  • Negotiating the leases of any new office locations.
  • In charge of setting up and taking down offices.
  • Determining supply needs for the tax season, making arrangements for ISP services, electricity etc.
  • Tax Compliance Designee
  • Monitoring return count, revenues, fees, and return retention
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of all offices are in accordance with the lease terms and with the policies and procedures.
  • Complete JH.Net Knowledge

Job Type: Full-time


  • Management: 3 years (Required)


  • Associate (Required)