Account Executive with Industry Vertical Focus

Lockton, Inc. - Atlanta, GA4.0

Full-timeEstimated: $62,000 - $85,000 a year
The Account Executive is the leader of multi-level risk management team responsible for translating risk and loss profiles into solutions which include program design and pre and post loss risk strategies. They build long term trusted advisor relationships with clients, producers, and associates supporting business growth. The Account Executive drives accountability for execution of account strategies, by delegating and empowering account managers and account analysts supporting client team. The Account Executive always adheres to Lockton cultural values, and treats fellow associates, clients, and vendors with dignity and respect.

We are looking for Account Executives with Industry Experience in the following verticals:



Job Competencies:
Customer Focus

Ensuring that the (internal or external) customer’s perspective is a driving force behind strategic priorities, business decisions, organizational processes, and individual activities; crafting and implementing service practices that meet customers’ and own organization’s needs; promoting and operationalizing customer service as a value.

Actions: Seeks to understand customers, identifies customer service issues, drives customer-focused practices, assures customer satisfaction.

Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills

Having achieved a satisfactory level of technical, functional, and/or professional skill or knowledge in position-related areas; keeping up with current developments and trends in areas of expertise; leveraging expert knowledge to accomplish results.

Actions: Understands technical terminology and developments, knows how to apply a technical skill or procedure, knows when to apply a technical skill or procedure, performs complex tasks in areas of expertise.


Conveying information and ideas clearly and concisely to individuals or groups in an engaging manner that helps them understand and retain the message; listening actively to others.

Actions: Organizes the communication, maintains attention, adjusts to the listener, ensures understanding, listens actively, conveys a professional presence.

Business Acumen

Using one’s knowledge of economic, financial, market, and industry trends to understand and improve individual, work group, and/or organizational results; using one’s understanding of major business functions, industry trends, and own organization’s position to contribute to effective business strategies and/or tactics.

Actions: Analyzes, integrates, understands business functions, understands the industry, leverages own understanding.


Ensuring others contribute to organization strategies by focusing them on the most critical priorities, measuring progress, and ensuring accountability against those metrics.

Actions: Maintains focus, measures progress and outcome, ensures accountability

Planning and Organizing

Establishing an action plan for self and others to complete work efficiently and on time by setting priorities, establishing timelines, and leveraging resources.

Actions: Prioritizes, determines tasks and resources, schedules, leverages resources, stays focused, stays informed


Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work responsibilities or environment (e.g., people, processes, structure, or culture); adjusting effectively to change by exploring the benefits, trying new approaches, and collaborating with others to make the change successful.

Actions: Tries to understand change, approaches change with a positive mind-set, adjusts behavior.

Decision Making

Identifying and understanding problems and opportunities by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative information; choosing the best course of action by establishing clear decision criteria, generating and evaluating alternatives, and making timely decisions; taking action that is consistent with available facts and constraints and optimizes probable consequences.

Actions: Identifies problems and opportunities, gathers information, interprets information, generates alternatives, evaluates alternatives and risks, chooses an effective option, commits to action, and considers others’ perspectives.

Delegation and Empowerment

Identifying and leveraging opportunities to accelerate results and build capability by assigning tasks and decision-making responsibilities to individuals or teams with clear boundaries, expectations, support, and follow-up.

Actions: Identifies opportunities to share responsibility, clarifies performance expectations, provides support without removing task ownership, involves other in agreements, stays informed.

Diving for Results

Setting high goals for personal and group accomplishment; using measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals; tenaciously working to meet or exceed goals while deriving satisfaction from that achievement and continuous improvement.

Actions: Targets opportunities, establishes stretch goals, achieves goals, stays focused

Emotional Intelligence Essentials

Establishing and sustaining trusting relationships by accurately perceiving and interpreting own and others’ emotions and behavior; leveraging insights to effectively manage own responses so that one’s behavior matches one’s values and delivers intended results.

Actions: Builds self-awareness, maintains self-control, maintains or enhances self-esteem (to build social bonds), listens and responds with empathy, asks for help and encourages involvement (to enhance collaboration), shares thoughts, feelings, and rationale (to build trust), provides support without removing responsibility (to build ownership)


Engaging an individual in developing and committing to an action plan that targets specific behaviors, skills, or knowledge needed to ensure performance improvement or prepare for success in new responsibilities.

Actions: Aligns expectations for the discussion, defines the performance challenge, maintains motivation, engages and involves, offers support, gains agreement, establishes action plan

Cultural Competencies:
We Live Service! Providing the best solutions for our clients is fundamental to our business. This client focus means we act with integrity and as a trusted advisor. We learn our clients’ business and build partnerships. We always put our clients’ interests first.

We run at Lockton Speed! We make decisions locally, with a sense of urgency. We are responsive to clients, our teams and our partners. Be quick, but don't hurry! This means get it done right the first time with efficiency, speed, and most importantly quality.

We make it happen! There is no bureaucracy. We are open to solving problems in new ways. We are free to do the work that we love, take risks, while making responsible professional decisions. We value independence, new ideas, and informed opinions.

We have a passion for our work. We have high expectations for our self and others. We are intensely competitive, and aggressively pursue the best solutions. We are intentional in how we work, and use drive and grit and move through challenges. We thrive on difficult challenges.

It's Personal. Our relationships matter. We are in this together with our associates, clients, and communities. One team, where candid and straightforward interactions allow for proactive collaboration. We work through challenges, celebrate our successes, learn and grow.

7+ years’ experience in a broking role within the property and casualty insurance industry

Bachelor's degree in a business-related program or equivalent education and/or experience in the insurance industry

Current Property and Casualty insurance license or the ability to obtain immediately

CPCU/ARM or equivalent designation preferred

Firm working knowledge of property and casualty disciplines in multiple product lines

Advanced knowledge of different risk financing strategies and products available to clients

Excellent relationships with insurance/carrier markets in assigned areas, or ability to develop same immediately

Strong working knowledge of the changing carrier landscape including new entrants into the marketplace and cutting-edge products and solutions

Strong working knowledge of federal and state legislation and legal issues related to the insurance industry

Translate complex financial information and data to facilitate decision making and best meet the client’s strategic objectives

Full proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.