Administrative Assistant to Busy Real Estate Broker

Expert Real Estate Team - Greer, SC

  • Send a PDF version of your resume
  • In the same e-mail, include a video of yourself sharing the top 5 things about your personality, skills and/or past work experience that you feel are critical to support a real estate broker’s business.
  • In that same e-mail, include another video, showing off how organized, methodical and efficient you are! This may include how you organize your clothes closet, desk, filing cabinet, kitchen cupboards, fridge and/or car for example.

We recommend that you read the entire job posting before applying.

LeAnne Carswell is the owner of the Expert Real Estate Team in Greer. This position will be her full-time assistant, helping her with everything from working up listings, managing the office, running errands, marketing duties….no two days will be the same.

You are…

  • Meticulous in all your work. Your passions include dotting all “I’s” and crossing all “t’s”.
  • Your desk is so clean and tidy that they aren’t even sure you showed up at work today? (but you did!)
  • You take pride in your personal appearance. While you may not own the latest fashions, you dress for the job you want and always assume you may have in-person contact with a Client any day of the week. (our office is business casual)
  • You treat everyone in the office like they may one day be your boss. You develop/maintain relationships within the office, with vendors, and the clients/customers we represent
  • You write emails and communicate with colleagues and clients in a way that would make your parents proud.
  • You are the go-to person when anything needs to be streamlined, organized and made efficient.
  • You bring a high level of energy to work. You can work quickly and somehow not make any mistakes.
  • But IF you do make a mistake, you own it, correct it and learn from it.
  • You form positive relationships with colleagues and clients. You may not be super “bubbly”, “chatty Cathy” or an “influencer”, but people immediately sense that you are dependable, trustworthy and consistent.
  • While you’re not the one to create chaos…. you can work efficiently while it surrounds you and are able to lasso it in like a seasoned cowboy (or cowgirl). Heads up – real estate agents are known to be “fly by the seat” type personalities….
  • BUT you are fun! Boring people who don’t think these 11 points are the funniest thing they’ve read all day should not apply

Your best friend or significant other knows that:

  • You always arrive 5-10 minutes early at a restaurant – or worst-case scenario…. On time
  • You have a plan B, C and D in case plan A doesn’t work out
  • Even though you may have left school long ago, you’re a lifelong leaner. You’ve always got some self-improvement or other non-fiction book, TEDTalk or podcast on the go.
  • You’re trustworthy…. Secrets are safe with you
  • You were the “responsible one” between the two of you during your high school and college years (and you still are).
  • Your most viewed videos on YouTube relate to personal organization or how to do something
  • You keep track of everything. Excel charts are one of your favorite things to do.

Position Responsibilities

  • General Administrative Duties
  • Oversee all aspects of the administration of the agent’s business
  • Create and manage all systems for sellers, buyers, client database management, lead generation tracking, lead follow up and all office administration
  • Coordinate the agent calendar
  • Create and update a business operation manual and all job descriptions/employment contracts for any future hires
  • Hold agent(s) accountable for conducting all agreed upon lead generation activities.
  • Ensure all agent activities are limited to listing property, showing property, negotiating contracts and lead follow up/follow through and generation.
  • Active Client Management Duties
  • Accurately measure for square footage and room dimensions, photograph and input new listings
  • MUST have an excellent driving record and MUST be physically able to place signs and measure properties.
  • Post all new listings on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. per current checklist
  • Organize all listing materials: pre-listing presentation, Listing Agreements, seller’s disclosures, comparative market analysis
  • Post firm sale
  • Attend Closings as needed
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Manage CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems
  • Coordinate the preparation of all listing and open house flyers, graphics, signage, and all other marketing materials
  • Manage and update Broker’s website, blogs and online listings
  • Assist Broker to manage social media presence
  • Track all online business sources and provide date to Broker
  • Plan all client and vendor appreciation events
  • Coordinate and implement agent marketing videos and property videos online and database campaigns
  • Track results and expenses associated with marketing efforts

Ideal Skills and Experience

(please apply even if you don’t have all achieved)

  • Microsoft Office savvy (required)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Real estate industry experience (or financial, mortgage or insurance industries)
  • Social media savvy
  • BombBomb
  • Google Apps
  • Video Creation

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $13.00 to $16.00 /hour


  • Customer Service: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Administrative Assistant: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Driver's License (Required)


  • Other

Administrative Duties:

  • Scheduling
  • Running errands
  • Answering and routing phone calls
  • Managing social media