Senior Materials Development Engineer

SPX - Waukesha, WI3.6

Job Summary

Evaluate materials and processes for use in power transformers and switchgear. Write and update material specifications, engineering instructions and technical advisories to accommodate new materials and technology. Work with engineering, manufacturing and field service to solve customer problems. Work with suppliers and partners to develop new technologies for use in the electric power industry.


Write and maintain material specifications and engineering instructions necessary for the manufacture of power transformers and develop test methods/procedures used to verify the performance of the materials and instructions
Test new materials and methods used in the manufacturing process of power transformers and document their performance
Write Engineering Reports to document changes in materials or equipment used in power transformers
Attend transformer committee meetings to stay current on new standards that are applied in the industry
Meet with customers as needed to explain changes in materials or processes in order to improve the acceptance of those changes
Coordinate work with universities and outside labs for new projects needed for business development
Review issues with the product in application (either test or in the field) to determine solutions to those issues
Meet with vendors and visit vendors’ facilities to verify their ability to meet our requirements
Coordinate various elements of the company’s intellectual property including patents and trademarks
Assist other groups within the company including Field Service, Sourcing, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Assurance and other Engineering groups
Work with outside labs to evaluate materials used in our products
Develop new components for use in the electric power industry such as switches, transformer maintenance products and new insulation components
Maintain testing facilities for aging, mechanical and thermal testing


Ability to understand electrical, mechanical and chemical stresses that occur in a power transformer system
Ability to design and evaluate experiments needed to evaluate the materials and processes – this would also include the ability to determine the effectiveness of the experiments
Ability to work with production associates to solve manufacturing issues and explain the significance of certain changes in materials or processes
Ability to communicate verbally as well as using written presentations to transfer information to others
Ability to set up electrical, chemical or aging tests in order to determine the effect on the performance of any changes on transformers or associated equipment
Knowledge of various computer based information systems that may be used to store information as well as interpret results of various tests
Knowledge of materials and their interaction with other materials, electric or magnetic fields, and effect of physical environment


Required Education / Experience

Degree in Chemistry Engineering
Degree in Electrical Engineering related field(Power, Material Science, Physics or similar)
Preferred Education / Experience

Advanced degree(s)
Chemistry degree
Training specifically for transformers such as Doble or Weidmann conferences
Lab experience (Electrical, Chemical, Polymer or similar)

About SPX

SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. (formerly Waukesha Electric Systems, Inc), is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of power transformers and a valued supplier of complete transformer service solutions, components and replacement parts as well as a variety of substation-applicable training classes for all skill levels including a large number of comprehensive LTC maintenance courses. We employ approximately 1,200 people throughout the United States and operate manufacturing facilities at our headquarters location in Waukesha, WI as well as Goldsboro, NC and Dallas, TX.

SPX is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, genetic information, disability, protected veteran status, or any other reason prohibited by applicable law.

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