Motor Vehicle Operator

Government of the District of Columbia - Washington, DC3.3

Motor Vehicle Operator, RW-5703-08
Area of Consideration: Open to the public
No. of Openings: One (1)

Salary: $50,232.00 - $65,769.60
Duration of Employment: Continuing Full-Time

Collective Bargaining Unit (Union): This position is in the collective bargaining unit represented by AFGE Local 1975 and you may be required to pay an agency service fee through direct payroll deduction.


The position is responsible for inspecting the vehicle and other pieces of work related equipment. It can include, but is not limited to passenger buses, trash removal trucks, dump trucks, vans, truck tractors with semi-trailers or full trailers, motor coaches, stake trucks, and special purpose vehicles equipped with a power take off and levers, buttons, pedals, etc.

Brief Description

Drives and performs operator maintenance on a variety of motor vehicles some of which are diesel powered many of which are equipped with air brakes. Drives on a regularly established route or schedule or on a trip basis to transport material, equipment, and/or personnel.

Performs operational inspection of vehicles to include: inspection for loose parts, damaged or worn tires, proper air pressure in tires, adequate fuel and fluid supply, proper oil level battery condition, etc. Also checks stability of load/cargo as necessary and the presence and usability of assigned equipment such as tools, tire changing equipment, tire extinguishers, and first aid kits.

Loads and unloads material or directs others in this task. Checks material loaded or delivered against records of various types to ensure against errors and obtains signatures of receiving individuals where required.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Must be knowledgeable in the use of additional forward speeds and driving wheels and skilled in using the controls.

Must be able to make judgments concerning loading and arranging cargo, overhead and side clearances, the turning radius, braking distance, manipulating hydraulic controls, and the distance to be maintained from other vehicles because of the height, width, length, and weight of the vehicle.

Must know the use of controls for special-purpose equipment; e.g., the power takeoff, and be skilled in the use of levers, buttons, pedals, etc., to control the equipment when operating special-purpose vehicle(s) equipment.

Must be skilled in using the brakes and gearshift controls when going down steep grades due to heavier vehicles and/or heavy loads.


Must possess and maintain a valid Commercial Driver’s License.

May be required to hold industry standard certification in the usage/repair of certain types of equipment.


Must be able to read and write at a post elementary level.

Work Experience

Must have five (5) to seven (7) years of experience operating equipment of a similar size and function.

Work Environment

Work is outdoors. Drives in all types of traffic and weather conditions. Loading and unloading vehicles occasionally exposes the employee to bad weather conditions and accidents.

Other Significant Factors

This position has been designated as an essential employee position under the provisions of District Personnel Manual Chapter 12. As such, your service may be required in emergency situations to perform crucial duties, e.g., snow removal, debris removal, transportation, shelter operations, food distribution, and communication. These duties maybe performed when the government is closed or when most employees are dismissed early.

The position has been deemed safety-sensitive. Accordingly, the incumbent will be subject to pre-employment checks (criminal background checks, drug and alcohol testing, traffic record checks, if applicable) as a condition of employment, and will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing and periodic criminal background checks throughout your employment.