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Full-timeEstimated: $45,000 - $61,000 a year
Training instructors conduct performance oriented training at multiple schoolhouses at the U.S. Army Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE) at Fort Lee, VA. Locations include Ordnance School, Quartermaster School, Army Logistics University and the U.S. Army Transportation School. Instructors use a TRADOC approved Program of Instruction (POI). The full spectrum of training includes, but is not limited to the classroom, hands-on, simulation/virtual, field environment and exercises, combat scenario is driven, and live-fire in a realistic and safe environment. Training requirements shall be for resident and non-resident training courses and in support of Mobile Training Teams (MTTs). Conduct of instruction shall also be in support of specialized training requirements or the training of new systems.

Instructors participate in developing revisions of the POIs, Lesson Plans and Training Support Packages (TSP) to remedy any deficiencies or shortcomings identified during the preparation for and conduct of instruction. Typical requirements include:

(1) Prepare classroom or training areas and pick-up and return training devices as needed

(2) Perform operator maintenance on training aids and/or equipment

(3) Train to the industry standard as it conducts classroom / laboratory / seminar / conference / discussion / lecture / demonstration / practical exercise per class training schedule. The industry standard in this context means: To develop and capture common training standards from a range of disciplines that are used across the military and civilian sectors, which provide structural and technological concepts to enhance and ensure that specific and relevant training is conducted IAW the assigned instructional area.

Typical positions with periodic openings include:
91B Instructor/writer (Wheel Vehicle Mechanic) – Perform Two Level maintenance on wheeled vehicles and associated items, as well as heavy-wheeled vehicles and select armored vehicles. Required certification includes EPA Section 609-Clean Air Act 1990 (Auto A/C).

BEMT Instructor/writer (Basic Electrical Maintenance Training) –Training of students in all aspects of basic electronics, including theory and hands-on application. Instruction includes the use of the automated trainer/simulation system for instructors and administers to assign lesson modules to either a class of students or individual students and to track their progress.

91C Instructor/writer Utilities Equipment Repairer – Perform Two Level Maintenance on refrigeration equipment to include digital refrigerated containers, a/c equipment, automotive a/c systems, forced air heaters, FSS to include recharging/recovering fire extinguishers, and selected high-pressure gas systems. Required certification includes: EPA Section 609-Clean Air Act 1990 (Auto A/C)

91D Instructor/writer Power Generation Equipment Repairer – Perform Two Level Maintenance on tactical precision power generation sets through 200kw, internal combustion engines, and assoc. equip. Must meet training, technical and tactical certification of course content (with documentation).

91E Instructor/writer Machinist/welder – Knowledge and hands-on skills in performing various welding and machining applications. Welder I/W must possess AWS and or local union certifications. Must be Able to pass hands-on welding evaluations. Machinist I/W must possess National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) and/or extensive machinist background knowledge or skills that include CNC machining. Must pass hand-on machining evals in Bench-work, CNC Lathe, and CNC milling.

91F Instructor/writer Small Arms/Artillery Repairer – Small arms trained with a background in 91F/G/K series, 2111 Small Arms Repairer/Tech, 2112 Precision Weapons Repair/Tech or completed a residential small arms repair course or gunsmith course from an accredited institution. Must meet training, technical and tactical certs of course content (with documentation).

91H Instructor/writer Track Vehicle Repairer – Knowledge and hands-on skill in various automotive applications- repairs on track, hydraulics, diesel engine, drive train, brakes, etc. Preferred to have National Accredited, Union, or previous employer certs with the course to be taught. The mechanic must possess any ASE Cert, Union Cert, or previous automotive technician employer cert.

91J Instructor/writer Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer – Perform Two Level Maintenance on electrical/fuel heater systems, liquid pumps and pumping systems, tactical and lightweight ROWPUS, decon systems, protective filter systems, and laundry systems. Maintain internal combustion engine ignition/fuel/cooling/electrical systems and perform BDAR.

Recovery ASI H8 Instructor/writer – (91 A/H/M/ or P) Graduate of ASI-H8 Track course. Meet technical and tactical cert (with documentation), must have Class A CDL. Must be able to pass track recovery courses.

91P Instructor/writer Artillery Mechanic – Knowledge and hands-on skills repairing tracks, hydraulics, diesel engine, drive train, brakes, all turret functions, maintenance, and repair, etc. Be Nationally accredited, Union or previous employer certified. Mechanics ASE Certified.

91S Instructor/writer Stryker Systems Maintainer – Knowledge and hands-on skills performing field level maintenance on Stryker family of vehicles to include suspension, steering, hydraulic, fire suppression systems and vehicular armament and associated items.

92F Instructor/writer Petroleum Supply Specialist – Provide initial petroleum training (technical and tactical) to Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F10), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Soldiers and Marines to meet the worldwide petroleum needs of the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps. Instruction conducted in the classroom (lecture) and at a mock field training site.

92G Instructor/writer Food Service Specialist – Train students on basic and advanced food service operations to include preparation of foods, basic maintenance of equipment and dining operations.

92W Instructor/writer Water Supply Specialist – Provide initial water supply and distribution training (technical and tactical) to Water Supply Specialist (92W10), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), Soldiers and Marines to meet the worldwide water needs of the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps. Instruction conducted in the classroom (lecture) and at a mock field training site.

Army Logistics University – NCO Academy – Positions may include:

ALC 91F Instructor/writer

ALC 88M Instructor/writer

ALC 89B Instructor/writer

SLC 89D Instructor/writer

SLC 91X or 94X Instructor/writer

SLC 92A Instructor/writer

SLC 92 F/L/W Instructor/writer

SLC 92G Instructor/writer

SLC 92Y Instructor/writer

All instructor positions must have Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) certification and Support Cadre Training Course (SCTC) certifications or be able to obtain them. Having current certification is a plus. Must meet certification requirements as required for the course and be able to teach all lessons within the Program of Instruction (POI).