Marketing and Media Associate

Rewire Leadership Institute - Novato, CA

I'm an organizational consultant, workshop facilitator, and executive and team coach. (See for background.)

After 6 years, my current Executive Assistant is leaving for a bigger office with a reverse commute. She’s leaving several gaps, inclusive of website upkeep, mailchimp newsletters, social media posts, InDesign flyers and workbooks, photoshopping images when needed, and other graphic projects that come along. All these and more are waiting for the right person to fill. Maybe it’s you.

I am looking for someone who wants to work part time and has the following characteristics:
Is smart
Has a quick mind
Is pro-active
Has a can-do attitude
Is forward thinking
Is organized, loves to organize, and excels at it
Is out-of-the-box creative
Is very good with social media
Likes to create systems and improve efficiency
Cares less about being "right" and more about being excellent
Works at a high standard because of the value of excellence
Is a good communicator; both orally and in writing
Listens well
Likes to learn new skills
Is comfortable and facile with technology
Is able to handle a lot of input without getting overwhelmed
Prioritizes easily (with my assistance at first) and pushes back if necessary
Values beauty and shares a similar sense of aesthetics

You must be extremely competent at:
Basic marketing and media functions including:
Answering phones (as needed)
Maintaining marketing databases
Composing and responding to emails with proper grammar (as needed)
Preparation for workshops (workbooks, brochures, advertising, and marketing materials)
Interacting with vendors and clients, both on the phone and in person
Organizing and streamlining for graphics
If you're inexperienced but believe you have the attributes I'm looking for, please take the risk and respond to this ad. I'm interested in working with someone who loves to learn, is quick, and wants to contribute

And must be comfortable with doing special projects such as:
Driving marketing efforts using the internet, Mail Chimp newsletter marketing, and social media
Updating the company website
Projects that emerge in relation to clients and creative endeavors
Production of training manuals and other materials
Strategic planning for marketing efforts
Creating icons using Illustrator for website
Power point slide sets

The necessary computer skills to navigate around here successfully are:
Competence in a windows server environment.
Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point. Knowledge and use of Access is a plus!
Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and possibly other Adobe programs.
Maintaining a website built using Wix.
Open to and easy about learning new computer programs.
A plus if you are network savvy and/or at ease with integrating iPhones, iPads, tablets, and laptops in the office environment.
Also a plus if you are knowledgeable about website building and design and/or coding using Ruby on Rails and/or website migration.

The intangible benefits are:
You get to:
Work in a great environment
Develop yourself, your talents, and interests
Collaborate on special projects
Take on responsibility as you're ready
Engage in a great variety of tasks and assignments
Participate in work that is transformational with the two Principals and our associates
Be mentored by a world class consultant
Learn entrepreneurial skills and attitudes
Learn principles and skills from Authentic Leadership including the FIRO theory (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) and resilience psychology as a by-product of the environment, including editing articles and books
Laugh and have fun while getting a lot accomplished

What the structure and setting is:
You will work in a home office in Southern Novato with its own entrance (We are a non-smoking household/workplace).
You will be part of an evolving team, working with the two principals, a fabulous part-time personal assistant, a new and very part-time office assistant, a great part-time bookkeeper, stellar IT professionals, and other associates and vendors who support our work.
You are able to commit for at least 1 year if all goes well after the first month or so.
You are available to work between 8 and 15 hours per week.
Hourly rate will be commensurate with experience and/or skills. You will be financially remunerated as you grow and take on more responsibility.
Due to my travel schedule, you must be comfortable with and capable of working alone.
Though I will be your direct supervisor, you will also support my husband, Daniel Ellenberg, a therapist, coach, and business consultant (Please see for our sister company).

Anticipated time frame:
Receive resumes, cover letters, and support material immediately; in the next two weeks of October.
Upon receipt of your completed application and package, you will be sent a detailed explanation of the interview process with time frames attached.
Begin phone interviews before the end of October or early November.
Conduct onsite interviews in office during the last week of October (22nd through 25) and the first week of November (Oct. 30-Nov. 3).
Choose candidate(s), conduct background checks, and set up at least 2 days to work in-the-office as a trial run for which you’ll get paid $24/hour as a 1099 contractor.
Negotiate a package in late-November or early December.
Start in late November or early December.

If you have read this far and believe this environment would serve you and your dreams, to respond to this ad, please write your answer to #1, #2, & #3 below into the form where you can type in a cover letter. When I receive your resume and answers to #1, #2, & #3 in the form for the cover letter, I will send you further details regarding providing support material to me.

Please describe:
What resonates with you from this ad.
How you are the person described here or have some of the necessary skills.
A description of a work product that will show off your skills. Eventually, you will be asked to provide a sample of a piece of work that reflects how you present yourself. This can be something that is informal such as an email or a formal presentation of something you did in your career or in your schooling such as research, an excel spread sheet, a power point presentation-whatever shows you off well.
What areas you would like to develop in yourself in this context.
Your strengths in an office environment (if they haven't come out yet).
Your challenges in the environment I described.
The worst mistake you’ve ever made in school or the work environment.

I look forward to reviewing the beginning of your cover letter and your resume.

Thanks in advance for your interest, taking your time, and investing your thoughtfulness and energy in your response. I look forward to hearing from you.