Community Service Associate

WeWork - New York, NY (30+ days ago)3.3

Location: WeWork DUMBO 81 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.
Shift: 3:30PM-12AM

Job Description
Co--Reporting to: Community Manager and Community Ops Lead
Position Goals & Objectives

Deliver exceptional building level cleaning services within Operational Standards guidelines
Assure positive Member experience through quality cleaning practices
Perform all tasks on schedule with maximum efficiency
Identify and set priorities through clear communication with the Member Services Lead and the Community Management team
Maintain a 90--point or above monthly rating based on Operational Standards rating system
Work with the Community Management team to identify opportunities to enhance Member experience
Act as eyes and ears in absence of Building Management staff Duties & Responsibilities i ncluded but not limited to:

Arrive to work at scheduled time
Clean and maintain restrooms (including the restock of: toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, mouthwash, mouthwash cups and air freshener)
Clean and maintain kitchens throughout building (including the restock of: dish soap, hand soap and paper towels, paper plates, cups and cutlery)
Remove kitchen pantry garbage
Clean and organize refrigerators
Clean and reset conference rooms (including the restock of: dry erase markers, white board erasers, water pitchers, glasses, prepare tables, reset chairs, empty trash, prepare white boards and recharge phones)
Clean and maintain specialty rooms - e. screening rooms, meditation room, recording studios
Reset furniture
Reset equipment
Clean carpets/floors
Clean glass walls and doors, including inside and outside of private offices and aluminum partitions
Load and unload dishwasher
Clean phone booths - dust, vacuum, disinfect phone handles and prepare doors
Wash coffee pots and sanitize fruit water container at the end of the day
Common spaces and hallways - reset and prepare furniture, prepare carpets/floors
Private offices - clean floors, glass doors and remove trash as scheduled
Take garbage to trash room/ loading dock and/or curb
Prepare spaces for the hosting of events (set-up and break down)
Maintain building entrances and sidewalks (shovel snow/ice when needed)
Maintain building and floor lobbies
Maintain elevator cars and doors
Prepare and lock beer kegerators
Prepare and maintain printing stations (including the restock of: pens, copy paper, staplers, staples, paper clips, tape and tape dispensers)
Brew coffee (as needed through 6pm)
Replenish fruit water (as needed through 6pm)
Work with the facilities and maintenance team to achieve excellence in the delivery of services to Members
Maintain staircase throughout the building including emergency stairwells
Attend service related emergencies
On-call for building staff during work hours
Comply with all safety policies and procedures relating to performance of tasks and/or use of supplies
Other duties as assigned Events

Attend pre-event meetings
Set up pre-event
Break down post-event
Post--event analysis Digital

Conduct daily building walkthroughs for quality control assessment Periodic Work

Dusting of high spots, light fixtures, design fixtures, ductwork, HVAC dampers, furniture vacuuming, sanitation and stain removal
MIMO's: Prepare private offices - desks/ desk lamps/ bookcases/ chairs/ pods Skills

Proven Team Player -ability to work with a team and achieve daily and monthly goals
Self-starter- able to identify work that needs to be done and does it without required instruction
Courteous and professional - able to perform tasks at hand when Members are on-site
Detail oriented- pays attention to details regarding processes and extra attention to special requests
Ability to solve practical problems using reasoning skills
Desire to learn and seek new challenges
High School Diploma or equivalent job experience
Ability to communicate in English
Ability to work with a large, diverse group of employees and suppliers
Ability to lift up to 40 lbs Critical Competencies for Success

You do what you love!
Credibility is earned at WeWork through execution and getting things done.
You are able to get into the details and deliver results under highest expectations on time and quality.
Be ready to get hands-on with all aspects of the daily needs. The buck stops with you.
Pragmatism and outcomes orientation are valued and lead to wins.
Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills.
You thrive in a fast-paced environment.

You have the flexibility to think outside the box.
We don't do everything the traditional way, and are always looking to innovate and push the envelope.
You have the ability to foresee and identify needs of the team.
You take an innovator and creator's approach to any issues that may arise.

There is no room for "I" at WeWork. Every role and individual is in the organization to serve We.
Builds trust across the organization by being a good listener and inclusively soliciting input.
You are open to new and innovative solutions.
You must present well and communicate clearly and effectively to upper management and internal departments.
You're willing to adjust course when appropriate new ideas or objections are raised.
You love working with people!