Personal Assistant

Boron Capital - Lubbock, TX

Full-timeEstimated: $37,000 - $53,000 a year

Seeking a local (Lubbock, TX) Superwoman or Superman to have speed of implementation on executive and personal tasks. Christian CEO owns a Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm based out of Lubbock, TX. He is a Visionary and needs a right hand assistant who can see the vision, back into the tasks it takes to complete the vision, and remove professional and personal items off his plate.


*****STEP #1: After reading the entire post, send me a Cover Letter telling me: ******

  • In your words, who am I trying to hire
  • What you think my strengths are and what you think my weaknesses probably are
  • Why you want this position

I am looking for an A+ rock star who is an experienced critical thinker, wired for servant leadership, and a people person that professionally executes and strengthens me personally with excellence.

This person will need to be flexible in hours and be willing to help me on the personal level of managing household needs as well. Your day may include searching out a repair estimate or assisting in packing for a trip. Flexibility and confidentiality are key.

I am looking for someone who is process and system driven who gains joy from serving.

CORE COMPETENCIES needed for this long term position; you need to be:

-Physically in Lubbock, TX

-Not tied down to an 8-5 schedule

-Process/System Driven

-Servant Leadership Wired

-Disciplined to Over Deliver

-Unwavering to finish strong

-Independently Resourceful

-A Strategic Thinker

-Confident on the Phone

-A clear and organized presenter

-Wired to say “yes” and go figure it out

-Servant's heart to get the job done

-Quick Start

-Strong Discernment

-Confident in One's Identity

-Amazing Communicator

-Practical Psychologist

-Loves to "just do it" themself

-Loyal and Devoted

-Pushes himself/herself to do the best work

-40+ Hours per Week (some evenings/weekends will be required)

Job Description:

I need an Administrative Assistant who is available to take on personal and business tasks with a "get it done" attitude! I am looking for someone with strong critical thinking skills who is confident in their own identity!

Someone who can take tasks off my plate efficiently and effectively and carry these tasks out from beginning to end.

Someone who will assist in handling personal errands and household needs in addition to Company tasks.

Someone who will learn my personality and my internal wiring and eventually know what I am thinking before I say it.

You must be a master at carrying out my vision. I need you to find that happy medium of doing the tasks I ask you to do, taking tasks off my plate before I even ask, and still being able to take the liberty to ask thought provoking questions, helping me become better, faster, more efficient and more productive.

I am looking for the one that is truly wired to fill in my gaps. Who has a gifting to serve and a gifting to take care of my needs before I even know them. It is his/her wiring to see the chess board from an aerial view and know where I need to be, what needs to be in place, and what needs to be taken care of before I even turn the corner.

You will be required to take the KOLBE test ahead of time

I own an Investment Firm,

I am a public speaker who loves to pour into others and have done my conference as far as Australia, (I live in Texas)

My wife and I have a Marriage Conference and I have a Men's Conference that I lead.

Your role is to help me stay balanced, revitalized and clear!

To get me out of the engine of expansion, putting out fires, dealing with tedious tasks that take skill but that you can learn and do! I need you to be an extension of me!

This should be a fun role that is energy giving for the right personality and the right wiring.

You will be helping me manage my household needs, run errands, manage some aspects of social media, coordinate volunteers for events, set appointments, arrange travel, etc.

You can send your resume, however, though I am sure it is impressive, I don't care about your resume. I care about what you can do today for me. With the knowledge and resources you have on the internet, learn about me and sell me based on that!

Job Type: Full-time


  • personal assistant: 1 year (Preferred)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

Work Location:

  • Multiple locations
  • One location