Audio Post Production Instruction

BAVC - San Francisco, CA


BAVC is looking to hire a contract instructor in Audio Post Production with a focus on audio for video. Instructor candidates should have mastery over their subject matter and have demonstrated experience successfully teaching adults with a wide range of technical skills, from beginner to intermediate. BAVC's student community is made up of professionals from companies such as Pixar, 826Valencia, Groupon, Center for Investigative Reporting, Mozilla, San Francisco Chronicle, as well as independent media artists, job seekers, educators and seasoned storytellers.

BAVC's classes are 8 hours long and run one-to-two days each, primarily on Fridays and Saturdays at BAVC with an opportunity to teach mid-week at varying companies' headquarters.

The Audio Post Production one-day course covers basic work-flow techniques of audio post-production for film and commercial productions. Teach the art of audio clean-up and restoration using tools within Adobe Premiere CC and Adobe Audition CC. This course is designed to build skill-sets for increasing the quality of audio in students' own projects. Teach how to apply equalization filters to voice-over and dialogue content and compression/limiting techniques to balance audio levels.

Topics include:

  • noise reduction techniques for dialogue
  • equalization and dynamic compression for different contexts
  • working with dialogue
  • music underscoring
  • scene transitions

Note: this is not a salaried position! BAVC hires working professionals (who also happen to be stellar instructors) -- those who want to contribute to leveling the playing field for people who are hungry to learn the latest technology.

If interested, please send a resume, cover letter and link to your portfolio to abandy @ bavc . org

Application deadline: October 5, 2018


  • 5+ years working in professional audio editing software such as Adobe Audition and/or ProTools
  • 5+ years video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid
  • 1+ years providing professional training in this subject matter

Job Type: Contract


  • Adobe Audition and/or ProTools: 5 years (Preferred)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid: 5 years (Preferred)