Catering Server

Honda Center - Anaheim, CA (30+ days ago)


Position Overview: To set up, service, and break down all aspects of all events and functions food and beverage related while adhering to all company policies and procedures. Provide each guest the very best experience possible and exceptional hospitality throughout the event.

Job Summary:

  • To set up events & services according to the Banquet Event Order
  • To execute each event with consideration to client needs and requests; ex. carry trays/ plates, service food stations, serve guests, clean up at the event's conclusion

Steps of Service:

Opening Responsibilities:

  • Clock in once in full uniform
  • Report to Catering office to pick up BEO, radio, and connect with Supervisor or Manager
  • Review BEO and pick up supplies from the storage room
  • Verify and pull the number of chafers needed, add water to the chaffers and make sure to light approx. 60 min prior to food drop.
  • Pull items to decorate the serving tables. Look to decorate space, elevate items using risers – glass shelving, three sizes of metal risers, decorate crates/ stands. **Make sure that riser is stable and items don’t slide off.
  • Set tables as follows – plates, salads, starch, vegetable, chicken, beef, fish, dessert and lastly utensils and napkins. (please note: all items listed may not be present on every menu)
  • Pick up food 60 min prior to the event and drop in chaffers.
  • Room to be completely set 30 minutes prior to event.
  • Notify a supervisor or manager when room is ready for final walk.

During Shift Responsibilities:

  • Stay in party/event space at all times to be sure everything stays replenished, clean and bussed.
  • Ensure client and guests always have F&B staff available for questions/requests.
  • Keep busy by bussing tables and continuously maintaining buffet/ chef table.
  • Wipe down and clean-off food dropped, dripped or split * Keep linen free from food spills or debris.
  • Keep all equipment and serving utensils clean and neat throughout the entire event.
  • Call for housekeeping if trash is full or if needed to assist.
  • Check with your guests frequently to make sure that everything is to their liking.

Closing Responsibilities:

  • Determine whether the room will be reset for another event or torn down.
  • Return all dirty dishes to Jack Daniel’s Kitchen.
  • If any specialty items are included, please wait for them and return to their proper place in the storage room. * Wipe down chafers and return CLEAN to catering storage room.
  • Rinse out coffee pots and drink containers with hot water. Dry with clean cloth napkins or paper towels.
  • Put all dirty linens in the proper linen bag (yellow/white = rounds, box linens and sashes, blue/ white = napkins, 85’s, and bar towels).
  • Bring linen bags downstairs outside Commissary kitchen and place in blue linen bin. ***Never put black linens with white kitchen laundry***
  • Put away all left over dry food in the storage room; make sure everything is sealed, wrapped and dated if necessary.
  • Mark any open containers with date and item name using a thick marker.
  • If item needs to be refrigerated ensure it is placed on the correct shelf. * Thoroughly clean all carts used and return to the storage room.
  • Wrap all unused disposables in plastic and put away in their proper location within the storage room.
  • Clean all glass shelving and risers used before returning to the catering office.
  • Have your supervisor or manager complete a walk-through of your room to make sure you are ready to go home.
  • Let your manager or supervisor know if you used the last of anything so that it can be restocked.
  • Return your radio and keys to the catering office
  • Clock out for the day.

Remember to remain in full uniform until clocked out and out of Arena

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Job Type: Part-time


  • Server Catering: 2 years

Required work authorization:

  • United States