Physical Therapist Assistant - PRN

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Scope: The Staff Physical Therapist Assistant assumes part and/or full time clinical responsibility in an assigned facility. This is a professional position with the primary responsibility of direct resident care under the supervision of a Physical Therapist. Additional duties of an administrative nature are to be performed as assigned.

Qualifications:The Physical Therapist Assistant must have:
A. Associates Degree in Physical Therapy
B. Current license in the state
C. Excellent oral and written communication skills
D. Knowledge of accreditation standards and compliance with state and federal regulations related to environment of treatment.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
A. Able to Stand times (2) or more hours without interruptions or breaks
B. Able to push, pull, move, and or lift a minimum of 50 pounds to a minimum of 4 feet or carry 50 lbs. a
minimum of 2 feet
C. Must be able to perform all resident transfers, (including stand pivot maneuver, 2 person, sliding board, Hoyer Lift, non-weight bearing) safely and effectively with or without mechanical devices.
D. Must be able to sit, Stand, bend, lift and move intermittently throughout the day
E. Must be able to assist with the evacuation of residents during emergency situations
F. Must pass Medical and Physical examination based on job qualifications, requirements and duties/responsibilities
G. Must have the willingness to work with severely physically, emotionally and cognitively compromised residents and residents
H. Must be able to take direction from registered therapists and other team members to promote resident treatment and safety
I. Must be willing to work in an environment with risk of personal injury, exposure to infections waste/materials, infectious diseases, and odors.
J. Must be able to cope with the emotional stress associated with working with residents, families and coworkers
K. Must be able to work independently with periodic (daily or less) support and direction
L. General computer skills or the ability to learn

A. Must be alert and attentive to residents and work environment throughout the day
B. Must be able to shift attention and task performance based on resident and facility requirements
C. Must be able to work in a distractible and stimulation environment
D. Must be able to read, understand, and comply with all facility based policy and procedures
E. Must have effective verbal and written communication skills

A. Must have visual, hearing and sensory skills adequate to preserve resident and personal safety

Duties and Responsibilities:
A. Provides clinical services as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant to appropriate residents under physician s orders
B. Reports to the Physical Therapist information relating to the resident s progress, complication, and /or response to treatment
C. Assist Physical Therapist in performing procedures, test and complex treatment to ensure the safe, effective evaluation and treatment of residents
D. Assumes responsibility for continued professional growth and development, by participating in continuing education programs, and other appropriate learning experiences
E. Maintains confidentiality of all resident, facility, and physician-related information
F. Maintains accurate billing information in accordance with procedures on a daily basis
G. Attends and participates in interdisciplinary meetings as appropriate to relay clinical findings and recommendations to other members of the rehab team.
H. Attends and participates in family meetings as appropriate.
I. Adheres to documentation requirements of Rehabilitation department and the facility.
J. Conducts staff training/education as appropriate via formal and informal in-services and consultations.
K. Reviews and follows the policies and procedures outlined by the facility and company Policy & Procedure manual.
L. Supervises non-professional staff as appropriate.
M. Contributes to a positive work team by sharing information, using problem-solving methods and accepting new ideas, constructive criticism, or advice from others.
N. Demonstrates superior customer service through professionalism, courtesy, consistent follow-up and positive communication
I understand this job description, its requirements, and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand the job description, job duties and work schedules may be altered from time to time to best meet the needs of the residents and/or facility. I have noted below any accommodations that are required to enable me to perform these duties. I have also noted below any job duties that I am unable to perform, with or without accommodation.