3 Days A Week Afternoon Help 2:30-5:30pm (days Flexible)

Care.com - Raleigh, NC4.3

I have two children (5 and 2 years).

My son may need to be picked up from school (less than a mile from house) to be taken to piano lesson or other activity.

The items listed below are on as need basis (not expected to be done everyday):
  • Light cleaning:
-- wiping down kitchen counter after meals
-- empty dishwasher
-- take out kitchen garbage if full
-- crumbs on chairs/ sweep floor in kitchen

  • Tidying up kids beds/rooms
  • Put away laundry
  • Turn off lights around the house when not in use
  • Water plants
  • Simple food prep, for example I may make a lasagna beforehand and you can just put it in oven and turn off before you leave.
Or boil some rice.
  • Grocery shopping if needed.