Maintenance Mechanic Injection Twelve Hour

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Reports to: Maintenance Team Leader/Team Leader

Responsible for set-up, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of injection, systems room and any other related equipment. Assist Machine Operators and Line Technicians to insure safe, efficient operation of equipment to meet SQMS guidelines. Perform building maintenance and forklift preventative maintenance and repair as necessary.

May do any combination of the following duties:
Set-up and/or changeover equipment, troubleshoot and repair equipment and perform preventative maintenance on equipment in a safe and efficient manner to meet scheduling requirements. Insure equipment is running safely and meeting necessary quality specifications before completion.
Monitor equipment for adherence to efficiency and quality specifications. Respond to maintenance calls in a timely and professional manner. Notify the Maintenance Team Leader, Team Leader and other Maintenance Mechanics of potential problems as necessary.
Perform building maintenance and document and test internal/external systems as necessary. Perform preventative maintenance and repair on forklifts and related equipment.
Read and understand electrical and mechanical schematics and blueprints.
Repair and/or rebuild spare machine parts as needed.
Perform testing and fill out paperwork for equipment and related processes as necessary.
Attend training classes as requested.
Maintain a clean working environment and follow all safety guidelines and policies at all times. Report any unsafe conditions to the Maintenance Team Leader and/or Team Leader.
Perform other duties as requested by the Maintenance Team Leader and/or Team Leader. Comply with all activities related to product safety, legality, regulatory compliance, and quality.


Preventative maintenance duties. Specific heavy tasks include but are not limited to: pin gauge assembly (104#), change out motors (up to 60#), strapper heads (99#) and oven banks. Team lifts encouraged when possible. Equipment operation: lift truck, genie lift, and overhead hoists.


VH Occasionally

M - H Frequently
Lift - Frequent
Carry - Frequent
Push Pull - Frequent
Sit - Occasional
Stand - Constant
Walk - Constant
Bend / Squat - Frequent
Reach & Handle - Constant
Climb - Occasional
Heights - Yes
Other - Awkward positions: Overhead force, prone, crawling etc.
Working Hours
12-hour shift
1 30-minute meal break
2 15-minute breaks
US Employment Service Terms

Physical Demand Level or Strength Task Frequency

S - Sedentary - 0-10# NP - Not Present

L - Light - 10#-20# Occasional: 0 to 33% of the time

M - Medium - 20#-50# Frequent: 34% to 66 % of the time

H - Heavy - 50#-100# Constant: 67% of the time

VH - Very Heavy- 100#