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Full-time | ContractEstimated: $72,000 - $95,000 a year
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Voxtel, Inc.

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Please Note:
Successful candidates will be subjected to a government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. Because of this, U.S. citizenship is desired.
All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.
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Careers at Voxtel

At Voxtel, we love to hire dedicated experts, innovators and leaders to join us on the front edge of what’s happening in photonics and optoelectronics.

Our employees enjoy job stability and generous benefit packages including competitive health insurance, vacation and paid time off, flexible work time and a 401K program with matching employee contributions.

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To Apply:
Send a cover letter and resume/CV; please specify the job for which you are applying in the subject heading. Alternately, application materials may be mailed to:

Voxtel, Inc.

Attn: Human Resources
15985 NW Schendel Ave. #200
Beaverton, OR 97006

Thank you for your interest in working with us at Voxtel. You will be contacted if your qualifications are compatible with our present needs. All resumes remain in our active file for 90 days.

Please Note:
Successful candidates will be subjected to a government security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information. Because of this, U.S. citizenship is desired.
All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.
Resumes should be in Text (.TXT), PDF (.PDF) and/or Microsoft Word (.DOC or .DOCX) format.
We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

Sr. Scientist, Chemical Engineer

Eugene, OR

Job Description

Voxtel is seeking a senior scientist, chemical engineer, to execute research in developing processes to produce new nanocrystals and nanocomposites jettable from drop-on-demand piezo inkjet heads. The work involves basic research in new inorganic and organic chemical processes as well as productive partnerships with device physicists, chemists, and engineers.

This position assists the VoxtelNano Lead Scientist with the commercialization of technology in our portfolio (3D printed gradient magneto-dielectric and optical refractive index lenses). The key objective is scaling the synthesis and bifunctional ligand functionalization of metal oxide and metal sulfide nanocrystals for uniform dispersion in inkjet-able monomers, from grams per week to hundreds of grams per week with a reasonable technical roadmap to tens of kg/week. Development of uniform-quality, repeatable chemical processes within designated research programs will advance Voxtel’s technical and scientific depth and breadth.

Communications responsibilities include writing research funding proposals, technical reports for contracted research, and technical papers for publication in periodicals, as well as making presentations at technical conferences.

Reporting to the VoxtelNano Lead Scientist and VoxtelNano Vice President, this exempt, full-time position works with external customers, all other departments, and others as necessary and exhibits mature behavior in dealing with ambiguous situations.

Because Voxtel works on research contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense, a Green Card or U.S. citizenship is required for this position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Master technology appropriate for our portfolio.
Nanocrystal ligand functionalization and synthesis (organic, inorganic)
Dispersion in organic solvents, water, and polymers
Nanoparticle optical and magneto-dielectric properties characterization (spectroscopy, device fab and characterization)
Deposition processes (spin-, drop-, spray-coat, inkjet)
Successfully execute research projects with other Voxtel scientists and external partners
Create monthly and final summary technical reports for ongoing programs in our portfolio
Assist VoxtelNano lead scientist in creating project schedules, kickoff, midterm, and final presentations
Publish VoxtelNano technology in patents, technical periodicals, and conference presentations
Create viable product devices based on technology derived from research programs
Demonstrate professional and effective work habits; sustain positive attitude
Complies with all applicable safety regulations and keeps work area neat and orderly
Other tasks as assigned
Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Education

Excellent customer service and communication skills—written and verbal, in-person and on the phone—are required
MS in physical sciences (minimum); PhD in Chemical Engineering or materials science is preferred;
3-5 years of related work (minimum)
Demonstrated knowledge of research project execution
Demonstrated technical communication skills in published work, reports, presentations
Demonstrated product development skills
Demonstrated PC application skills including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Self-starter who works well with minimal supervision
Preference for knowledge of chemical and physical modeling

Additional Requirements:
Green Card or U.S. Citizenship
Driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance
Physical Demands

Driving up to 10% of the time: travel to airports and other Voxtel locations
Standing (<20%), Walking (<20%), Sitting (60%): Walking to meetings and various locations, and Sitting while at computer, taking calls or driving.
Lifting (<20 lbs), carrying (<10 lbs), pulling (<10 lbs): Transporting papers, books, and binders
Climbing/balancing (<10% of the time): Steps and stairs to access company and customer locations.
Reaching/Handling (50% of the time): Required for the normal process for handling chemicals in the lab, driving, writing notes, handling papers, and operating computer.
Speaking/Hearing (100% of the time): Normal dialog requirements for talking to employees and customers via phone, on-site visits, conference calls, and interdepartmental communication.
Seeing (100% of the time): Driving, completing tasks outlined in Standards of Performance, interfacing with computers, reviewing written material.

Sr. Opto-Mechanical Engineer

Beaverton, OR

Job Description

Voxtel is looking for a talented Opto-Mechanical Engineer with a strong and diverse background in mechanical design for laser ranging and lidar sensors and camera systems.

The opto-mechanical engineer will develop designs and requirements for opto-mechanical systems within the organization. This person will play a pivotal role in the transfer of new technology into laser-ranging and lidar/ladar products. The opto-mechanical engineer will work well in cross-functional teams, brainstorm big ideas, work in unexplored technology areas, drive concepts into working prototypes, support multiple teams in the R&D environment to firmly establish the technology, carry the designs through R&D and into a pre-production readiness level, so that the products may transition into high-volume consumer products.

The engineer will perform a variety of engineering tasks including designing, developing, testing, analyzing, troubleshooting and implementing subassemblies and modules. Design activities include thermal analysis, finite element analysis, and tolerancing.


Opto-Mechanical Background
U.S. Citizenship
Job Responsibilities

Develops and applies advanced mechanical engineering design methods, theories, and research techniques in the investigation and solution of complex and advanced technical problems.
Analyzes, evaluates and plans methods and organizes means to achieve solution to complex technical problems.
Strong working knowledge of optics
Builds, tests, and validates designs over difficult environmental conditions.
Brings Finite Element Modeling experience (structural, thermal, vibration)
Provides detailed analyses of components and/or subsystems in order to meet system requirements.
Interfaces with and evaluates vendor capabilities to provide required products or services.
Completes detailed design and BOM structure.
Analyzes, develops, and recommends design approaches to meet production requirements for new or improved products and/or processes.
Designs, builds, and tests custom characterization/metrology lab equipment and low-volume manufacturing equipment
Integrates optical components, sensors, and actuators into prototype products
Designs and takes ownership of electro-mechanical mechanisms, including design, build, and system testing and tuning
Designs mechanisms for positioning and aligning optics (translation, tip/tilt focus, and rotation)
Designs optical and assembly fixturing and tooling
Plans, conducts, and technically directs large projects or major phases of significant projects, coordinating the efforts of engineers and technical support staff.
Works with systems engineering to conduct system-level analyses.
Collaborates with vendors on the fabrication of mechanical parts, mechanisms, and optics
Basic Hiring Criteria

Education—BSME (Masters preferred) or equivalent training/experience
Experience—8 years of related experience with BS; 6 years with MS
Broad mechanical engineering background that balances design, analysis, and hands-on experience developing electro-opto-mechanical assemblies
SolidWorks modeling and drafting experience
Ownership of drawing controls, e.g., SolidWorks Vault
Advanced knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
Product design experience
Product manufacturing experience
Experience in thermal design considerations, including finite element analysis (FEA)
Knowledge of nonlinear finite element (FE) stress modeling
Advanced skills in shock and vibration analysis, design for fatigue, and DEM reviewer
Ability to write clear technical documentation
Ability to logically address, analyze, and resolve problems
Ability to effectively plan and organize projects and manage priorities
Ability to work effectively with other design disciplines as well as manufacturing to create design solutions that address often-conflicting requirements
Advanced materials selection knowledge
Must be creative, open-minded, a good communicator, and a good listener
Must be able to communicate clearly (written and verbal) to technical and non-technical personnel
Acute attention to detail and deadlines
Strong analytical skills
Experience using MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Mathcad, TK Solver, Matlab
Must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Person

Senior Computational Physicist

Eugene, OR

Job Description

Voxtel is seeking a Senior Computational Physicist to participate with a team of scientists and engineers developing infrared quantum dot (QD)-based imaging focal plane arrays (FPAs). The successful candidate will model material properties using DFT/ab initio methods, and device properties using numerical simulations to optimize parameters such as material choice, doping, and device architecture. The candidate will model interactions of QDs with photons, the effect of doping on detector and transport electronic properties of QDs—including responsivity, dark current, detectivity, and quantum efficiency—and carrier transport properties, such as carrier lifetime and mobility. Comparing modeled and measured results, the team will optimize nanocomposite material processing and material selection for higher-operating-temperature QD infrared imaging devices.

The successful candidate must be able to work both independently and with multiple technical staff (scientific and engineering) as required during materials R&D and product development. You will collaborate with materials scientists, chemists, and manufacturing engineers to characterize optical materials, and measure physical phenomena. You will parameterize the contributions these physical phenomena make to imaging system performance.

Candidates will be able to create clear, concise monthly and final summary technical reports. A high commitment to quality is mandatory. The candidate must enjoy analyzing and solving problems while working with customers and business development staff. Prefer PhD in electrical engineering, chemistry, physics; minimum PhD, physical sciences, 1-3 years of related work.

Because Voxtel works on research contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense, a Green Card or U.S. citizenship is required for this position.

Senior Scientist, Devices

Eugene, OR

Job Description

Voxtel is seeking a Senior Scientist, Devices, to execute research in developing new quantum dot (QD) applications, assembling II-VI and IV-VI materials for new nanomaterials-based optoelectronics devices, and developing repeatable processes to assemble those devices within designated research programs that advance Voxtel’s technical and scientific depth and breadth. The successful candidate will demonstrate mastery of fabrication of stacked photodiodes—especially with solution-processed QDs. Other valuable skills include experience with: solar cells; characterization and optimization of material uniformity, layer thickness, and junction interfaces; and control of oxygen during fabrication of devices. QD solution-deposition process knowledge (spin-, drop-, and spray-coat, as well as inkjet) must be demonstrated, in addition to more common processes, such as sputtering, evaportion, etc.

The candidate will successfully execute research projects with other Voxtel scientists and external partners, and create clear, concise monthly and final summary technical reports. A high commitment to quality is mandatory. The candidate must enjoy analyzing and solving problems while working with customers and business development staff. The successful candidate will have, at a minimum, an MS in chemistry (PhD in chemistry, chemical engineering, or materials science preferred) and two to four years of related work experience.

Because Voxtel works on research contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense, a Green Card or U.S. citizenship is required for this position.

Manufacturing Operator

A manufacturing operator is sought to be part of Voxtel’s manufacturing team, working on a production line for a variety of optical assemblies. The successful candidate will have a significant opportunity to contribute to a new manufacturing line and subsequent production ramp, as Voxtel seeks to build on its success and reputation. The successful candidate will report to the director of manufacturing.

Rolls & Responsibilities
The successful candidate will be trained and will become competent in all production and test processes on the manufacturing line. Routine responsibilities will include:
  • Manufacturing and testing parts in accordance with documented instructions
  • Assuring product quality
  • Meeting output targets
  • Recording data and other information, as required
  • Working with engineering, as required, to upgrade processes and procedures and to introduce new product variants onto the line
Skill Sets

Any experience or skill in these areas is highly relevant:
  • Handling and inspecting small (millimeter-size) optical components
  • Operating test equipment for lasers and/or receivers
  • Using a variety of epoxies and curing methods
  • Gold wirebonding
  • Using cleanrooms contamination control
  • Soldering (basic techniques)
  • Basic PC aptitude, including Microsoft Excel or similar
  • Familiarity with ESD precautions
  • Working with a microscope
The successful candidate will always work in a professional and friendly manner. After a training period, the individual will be able to work accurately without close supervision—responding to given targets and priorities, understanding when to seek assistance, and assisting engineers as required. The individual will have a good eye for detail, will possess a strong commitment to helping the team achieve goals in response to customer requirements, and will be comfortable working in a controlled manufacturing environment—in a tidy and organized way, following proscribed safety protocols.

The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years of related experience in a related work environment.
A technical qualification will be considered, but experience, aptitude, and attitude are the main criteria.

Electro-optical Systems Engineer


Voxtel is a leader in avalanche photodiode receivers, rangefinders, and scanned and starring 3D imaging systems operational in the eye-safe spectral range beyond 1400 nm. Founded in 1999, we offer the close-knit teamwork, high visibility, faced-paced cutting-edge technology, and the stability and resources of a successful and profitable company. Voxtel offers challenging work, competitive salaries, and top-notch health and welfare benefits for you and your family.


This is a position for a self-starting electro-optical engineer with at least 5 years of experience in the field of opto-electronics with demonstrated product development experience and skills. The ideal candidate will have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Computer Engineering, or other related engineering field. He/she will be a self-starter, interdisciplinary specialist who is willing to work in a constantly changing environment with little guidance.

The successful candidate will be responsible for performing aspects of electrical engineering and design, optical device development and development of software algorithms for optical remote sensing, 3D imaging (including LIDAR and time-of-flight LADAR), and computational imaging. The preferred candidate will be a hands-on specialist in electronics, optics, embedded system design, data acquisition, and optical data analysis.

Job Duties

Work with the executive and product management staff to develop design requirements, recommend design architectures, determine design feasibility, evaluate design alternatives, and select the optimal design approach.
Consult with engineering personnel from various disciplines to resolve more complex design alternatives.
Perform modeling, simulation, and analysis of electro-optical remote sensing systems for all phases of system acquisition and design.
Perform trade space and sensitivity analysis of electro-optical system design parameters.
Develop new models and algorithms as required to perform analysis.
Assemble and characterize complex electro-optical systems breadboards and prototypes.
Develop and present technical briefings and documentation.
Work independently and in a team environment.
Evaluate and analyze designs to assure technical soundness.
Prepare technical documents and reports.
Ensure that sound engineering principles are applied in laboratory or pilot plant work.
Assist manufacturing in transition from development to production.
Provide technical support as required during manufacturing.
Write ECOs.
Assist in troubleshooting customer application problems.
Conduct field testing and research for new applications as required.
Participate in preparing proposals for new projects.
Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related technical field
5+ years’ experience in active and/or passive imaging or remote sensing systems
Experience in electro-optical payload performance modeling, simulation, and analysis
Understanding of source to sensor radiative transfer and physical phenomena
Understanding of the electro-optical image formation process
Familiarity with current electro-optical sensor technology
Familiarity with Fourier optics, linear system theory, radiative transfer, geometrical optics, linear algebra, vector calculus, coordinate transforms, and electromagnetics
Proficiency in MATLAB
Strong laboratory skills, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, RF circuit debugging, etc.
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to succeed in a team environment
Strong written and verbal communications skills
Ability to travel—periodic overnight(s)

Desired Qualifications:
Advanced degree in engineering or related technical field
Demonstrated experience in calibration and exploitation of EO systems
Infrared system engineering
Experience modeling ground-based sensors and associated turbulence characteristics
Experience with end-to-end engineering acquisition lifecycle
Experience with key concepts of photometric calibration
Experience with JAVA or C++
Experience with the software packages: MODTRAN, STK, SVST, SMT
Experience with ZEMAX or CodeV
Experience with the software configuration management SVN
Security Requirements

Ability to obtain security clearance
Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer

Voxtel is actively seeking an experienced Analog/Mixed Signal Design Engineer to contribute to the research and development of integrated circuit solutions related to Voxtel’s innovative imaging technologies. This position requires participation in all aspects of readout integrated circuit design (ROIC) development including design specification, transistor level design, physical layout, top-level assembly/verification, and electrical/optical bench debug and characterization.

Due to the nature of the Voxtel’s programs, US citizenship or legal permanent US residency status is mandatory for consideration.

Primary Responsibilities

Complete the design, simulation, and layout of mixed signal integrated circuits.
Perform verification tasks, including LVS and DRC.
Assist with top-level assembly and design tapeout to semiconductor foundry.
Perform bench testing and formal verification of custom ROICs and image sensors, from prototype debug through production release.
Perform literature and theoretically based design specification and schedule estimations.
Collaborate with others in the creation of proposals, technical reports, whitepapers, and user documentation.
Position Requirements

MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering or Physics, with at least 2 years of IC design experience (graduate work may be considered as experience).
Strong knowledge of analog integrated circuit design fundamentals.
Ability to create innovative architecture and circuit solutions to customer requirements.
Proficient in use of EDA design, simulation, layout, and verification tools (e.g. Silvaco, Cadence, Mentor).
Technical expertise in one or more of the following areas is required: low-noise amplifiers (CTIA/RTIA), switched-capacitor circuits, ADC/DAC converters, phase locked loops, and/or voltage regulators.
Direct experience with CMOS image sensors or ROIC designs is desirable.
Ability to work both independently and in a team environment, with the ability to provide technical leadership to other members of the engineering team.
Experience with bench testing, characterization and debug of analog/mixed-mixed signal circuits using test/measurement equipment and computer software.
Strong technical communications skills including verbal and writing skills.

Custom Analog IC and CMOS Image Sensor Characterization Engineer

Voxtel is seeking an engineer to characterize ROICs and imagers and assist in transfer of the technologies to production. Responsibilities will include bench test and characterization of analog/mixed signal integrated circuits, imagers, and focal plane readout integrated circuits (ROICs). Working with IC designers and electro-optical system integrators, this position will develop and executed test plans, and perform the test and characterization of new integrated circuit and image sensor designs.

Candidate’s background should include extensive experience in the testing of ultra low noise mixed signal IC designs (up to 5 GHz bandwidth), a high level of proficiency with laboratory test equipment (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, s-parameter analyzers, etc), a demonstrated ability to assemble custom characterization and test equipment, the ability to develop instrument control and data analysis software, and the ability to perform signal processing and data analysis. Other responsibilities include developing printed circuit boards and package substrates, FPGA firmware, and test automation Labview and MATLAB software.

The candidate must be a team player, have project planning/organizational skills, be self-starting, and demonstrate analytical thinking. The candidate must demonstrate an ability to exchange and communicate information clearly with both technical and management teams and with customers.

Position Requirements

BSEE required, MSEE preferred;
At least 2 years experience in analog and mixed signal IC test;
Knowledge of programming and instrument control using one or more of Labview, Matlab, C++, Visual Basic;
Expertise in the use of mathematical, signal processing, and statistical analysis tools;
Experience with imaging devices and optics is highly desired;
Knowledge of Semiconductor Device Physics is highly desired;
Proficiency with CAD tools for circuit simulation, layout, and physical verification is a plus;
US Citizen or permanent residency is a firm requirement

Senior Electro-Optics Engineer

Voxtel, Inc. is seeking an Senior Electro-Optics Engineer to develop advanced photon counting instruments, active/passive imaging systems, and LADAR cameras. This candidate will be responsible for system electronics architecture design, detailed circuit design of analog and digital subsystems, prototype debugging, testing, and evaluation. He or she will also be responsible for producing design documentation for design transfers to production stages of development and will assist with research and development contract planning and execution.

Position Requirements

Masters in Physics, Optics, Materials or Electrical Engineering
Five years of direct experience
Knowledge of digital and analog circuit design and design tools
Direct experience with field programmable gate array (FPGA) firmware development and computer assisted design (CAD) tools,