Maple Donuts - York, PA3.0

Full-timeEstimated: $17,000 - $24,000 a year

  • To remove product from conveyor, inspect to customer specifications and company standards and hand pack into prescribed container, box, tray, basket, tub, dome, clam shell, or bag. To remove finished or packaged product from the conveyor inspect to both customer and company standards and crate into prescribed crates, screens or pallets.

1. Understands how to safely work around and shutdown associated equipment.

2. Pack the correct product in the proper package or shipping container without damage and meeting line speed and standard labor requirements. Individuals must be capable of picking up and properly placing in the appropriate container without damage 4 donuts per hand meeting line speed and standard.

3. Visually inspects packaged product for defects (damaged product, unsealed containers, illegible imprint) setting aside defective items into crates for rework.

4. Erect, prepare (insert poly bag liner), and present or pack corrugated boxes in packing operation to meet line speed requirements.

5. Packs acceptable product into designated container as directed by the line operator.

6. Notifies line operator of any machine or conveyor malfunction.

7. Feeds product or product in container into wrapping machine.

8. Collects and sorts wrapped product and places into appropriate container as directed.

9. Adheres to and complies with all GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices), housekeeping and sanitation standards.

10. Apply or insert the correct labels onto appropriate container to meet line speed requirements

11. Must be able to perform in all positions effectively on the packing line rotation.

12. Punch product with filling effectively and efficiently.

13. Assists line operator in line set up and production preparation.

14. Notify the Packing Lead if you are not receiving product with the correct specifications.

15. Perform all other duties as assigned by the line operator or Bakery Manager.

16. Reports any discrepancies or defective items to the line operator.

17. Crates all acceptable products into designated crate, box or pallet.

18. Places identification labels on designated cartons, finished pallets, finished stacks of crates and racks per customer order.

19. Folds corrugated cartons and stacks as needed.

20. Tends tape machine that seals cartons. Removes cartons and places properly taped cartons on the pallet. Replaces rolls of tape as necessary and adjusts guides that regulate movement.

21. Perform any and all other duties that may be assigned by Bakery Manager.

22. This job description reflects the principal functions of the job for the purpose of job evaluation. It should not be construed as a detailed description of all work requirements of the job. Any work assigned is to be accepted as responsibility even though the assigned task may be outside the scope of normal / regular duties.

Must have flexible hours. Must be able to come in early and stay late.

1st and 2nd shift available.

Affordable health, dental and vision insurance available after 60 days among many other benefits!