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Home Health Aide Job Description

Definition: The individual in this position provides personal care services to patients in the home setting. All services are provided under the direction or supervision of a Registered Nurse. The individual will also provide homemaking and companion services as a part of the job as described in the Plan of Care.

Line of Authority: Report to and works under direction of the Administrator / Registered Nurse.

Qualifications: The Home Health Aide must possess the following qualifications:

High School diploma or equivalent.
Must demonstrate satisfactory level of competency evidenced by testing or credentials.
Adequate health status to perform described duties.
Ability to safely handle body fluids and hazardous waste products.
Must have ability to effectively communicate with patients and staff.
Must meet personnel qualifications.

Duties: Provides direct and indirect personal care to the patient in the home setting under direction of the administrator and registered nurse. This includes:

Utilizes safety measures in provision of care.
Maintains effective communication with supervisor regarding patient’s condition. Observes appearance and gross behavioral changes in the patient and reports to supervisor.
Participates in in-service training as required.
Performs all personal care activities contained in a written assignment by a licensed health care professional, employee or contractor of the home health agency.
Documents and submits accurate records of activities associated with client care.
Participates in Case Conferences as appropriate.
Maintains confidentiality of all patient and agency matters.
Adheres to all Agency policies.
Recognize emergencies and have knowledge of emergency procedures.
Demonstrates knowledge regarding basic infection control procedures.
Maintains a clean, safe and healthy environment, which may include light cleaning and straightening of the bathroom, straightening the sleeping and living areas, washing the patient's or client's dishes or laundry, and such tasks to maintain cleanliness and safety for the patient or client
Adheres to the role of the Home Health Aide in the home setting as defined in Florida statute for home health agencies (Reference FAC, Chapter 59A-8.0095, Section 5)
Performs other duties as assigned.
Attains quarterly goals as established in the annual performance evaluation.
Submits required documentation in a timely manner.
Participates in interactive caregiving and companionship activities including listening, reading to client, and offering emotional support
Supervising environment
Recognizes life threatening situations, acts accordingly to protocol
Reports any unusual incidents to an appropriate supervisor.
  • Perform the functions generally undertaken by the customary homemaker including such duties as preparation of meals, laundry, transportation, and shopping.
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