Paralegal/ Legal Assistant

City of Detroit - Detroit, MI3.6

The Paralegal/Legal Assistant is a professional who performs complex and technical administrative work in the Office of the General Counsel of DWSD and is responsible for performing technical tasks; researching relevant laws, regulations and legal articles (if certified as a paralegal); gathering and arranging legal documents; filing documents with courts; drafting reports to assist counsel; taking detailed notes and; drafting correspondence on behalf of counsel as well as following security and safety policies and procedures in carrying out work duties.

Assist three counsel in preparing for legal transactions, depositions, hearings, trials and conferences
Complete administrative tasks, including individual cases or transactions
Investigate the factual evidence of a transaction or case and preparing exhibits, charts and diagrams to display information
Draft basic legal court documents, such as pleadings, motions, affidavits and subpoenas
Obtain due diligence materials
Organize and track files for important transactions or case documents, including pleadings and voluminous discovery documents
Create and maintain a case-management database

Paralegal certification (desired but not mandatory)
Bachelor's degree (desired but not mandatory)
Notary Public (desired but not mandatory)
Minimum five years' experience in Paralegal or Legal Assistant role