Toshiba Level 3 Support

Truno Retail Technology Solutions - Lubbock, TX3.0

Full-timeEstimated: $46,000 - $64,000 a year
Toshiba Level III Support Responsibilities

Job Description

You will join a team responsible for upgrades of Toshiba Software across all our customers. This job includes setting up new products the Development Team creates as well and supporting the efforts of the Level II and Level I Teams. We create documentation for the other teams to use to troubleshoot problems and install new functionality. We write Statements of Work for the new and existing enhancements we help install and support. We are all about keeping the customer productive and their systems working at top efficiency. In that light, problems detract from that efficiency. Anything we can do to make the customers systems or our own systems work as flawlessly as possible is the goal.

Responsibilities – What you’ll be doing every day.

Assist other support techs on a regular basis and help them improve in needed areas
Maintain a positive outlook while assisting Support Techs, and push them to complete the call rather than taking it over whenever possible
Assist the Toshiba Project Leader in writing and maintaining documentation for projects and other Toshiba ACE information
Direct support techs towards documentation and assist them in becoming self-reviewers Review sales quotes as outlined by TRUNO Order Review process
Work directly with sales personnel to review sales order information
Gather all requirements and requests from the customer in order to create clear objectives, and define success for any given project
Travel onsite to properly gather requirements if a large enough project
Plan proactively for all upcoming installations and projects to ensure overwhelming success
Write any needed documentation for upcoming projects
Communicate with customer, sales, support, implementations, and 3rd parties to ensure cohesion between all involved parties
Maintain TRUNO Toshiba Gold Image for use on new stores
Create initial image for customer, based on their specific business needs. Work with TRUNO’s Toshiba Programmers to implement custom code into image based on customer request
Work with TRUNO’s Toshiba Director of Operations to create project design implementation plan and documentation for large scale projects.
Help remotely with store installations, and project implementations
Use documentation and other forms of communication such as conference calls to proactively train support, service, and installers on larger projects where more parties are needed
Adapt to project needs and objectives fluidly as a project changes
Keeps all parties involved in the loop with any changes

While this sounds a daunting task. The goal is to spread the work among lots of people.

Requirements – What you need to be able to do to serve this role.

Take pride in your work as you grow, and begin helping others around you improve
Understand basic network concepts such as internal vs. external IP schemas, and how to communicate via LAN or WAN
Know what function a default gateway serves, and when it is required
Understand how networking affects PCI compliance and why we need a POS zone to be segregated and firewalled
Has completed 5 day 4690 training class at Toshiba HQ
Can navigate the 4690 Configuration screens well enough to do basic functions such as changing the RAM disk size in the terminal or keyboard layouts
Know most options in personalization, and where to find the documentation on them
Use log files such as adxtm & epspp to help determine issues
Begin writing base level scripting such as ftp and personalization options update scripts
Has taken 3 day SI GUI class
Begin editing svuser.jar for minor changes such as screensavers, moving buttons, and creating tender and item buttons
Work with 3rd party networking company and a Service Technician to segregate POS and non POS equipment for PCI compliance
Can solve approximately 80% of issues using documentation, previous knowledge, and critical thinking without escalating the issue
Can get CPAD, enhanced LAN traces, and other necessary information to the Toshiba Programmer in order to open an SR with Toshiba.

As experience grows you can:
Be very effective at editing svuser.jar for major changes such as creating new screens with a subset of buttons
Complete multiple types of projects, and effectively using project documentation so that the rest of the team can assist
Take important calls from corporate customers and calls that require a greater set of knowledge
Proficient with configuring and troubleshooting Windows CE wireless hand scanners, and access points.

Key Deliverables – You are responsible for each of these, though you will lean on the larger team to gather information for most of these deliverables.

Support documents about how to troubleshoot known problems
Installation Documents for special project and custom software
Scripts for changing parameters and installing software.
Test Scripts and walk through steps used in training
Presentations using the above content
Excel spreadsheets to document data
Desired Cadence – You will meet with internal and external teams, showing progress and quantifying decisions. Those will include:

Weekly conference calls with the Toshiba Products Group
Weekly conference calls with the Toshiba Support Group and Development (Monthly)
As needed conferences with customers, development and support.