.Net Engineer

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Our engineers are responsible for building new products that provide a simple user experience for complicated business processes. This includes insurance enrollments and calculations, HRIS features, payroll integration, and other third-party integration. You'll get your hands dirty building user interfaces one day and large-scale back-end apps the next. We grow year after year and have a lot of products and a lot of date resulting in some unique and challenging engineering requirements. You’ll be involved in product development for design through implementation and will have a high degree of input throughout the process.

We expect our senior engineers to manage a product from conception to installation. They should be just as comfortable working alone as with a team, enjoy a continuous development cycle, and should always be willing to help a colleague with design, review, or advice.
Our junior and mid-level engineers have a lot of latitude for implementation but receive mentoring and regular feedback from peers.

We code in C# and use ASP.NET MVC 5 with a homegrown micro-ORM, HTML5, Bootstrap, Vue.js, jQuery, underscore.js, and a smattering of others.

What we're looking for:
  • Technical leadership – lead other developers, drive a product
  • Experience building and maintaining products with real-world usage
  • Ability to rapidly iterate and roll out new code -- we ship as soon as features are complete
  • Demonstrable track record building high-throughput applications that scale
  • Attention to detail – this is very important, since most of the applications here are mission critical (HR, payroll, deductions, insurance benefits)
  • Ability to own what you are building and see it through from end to end
  • Strong front-end development skills – experience with Vue.js is preferred
  • Experience with distributed processing is a plus • Designing web service API's
  • Undergraduate degree required
  • 4+ years of professional experience
  • Proven in-depth knowledge of C#
Work Environment:
  • We strive for work / life balance and are flexible with leave
  • Not a remote position ... we want engineers in-house so we keep a free flow of ideas