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Chicago District

Job Posting Period

01/17/2019 - 01/27/2019

This job has an exam requirement. Currently, applicants for this posting who do not yet have an exam score are being

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Job Title


Facility Location


2301 W 51ST PL

CHICAGO, IL 60609-9721


Position Information


FLSA Designation: Non-Exempt

Occupation Code: 5823-0001

Non-Scheduled Days: Sun/Mon

Hours: 2:00 P.M. - 10:30 P.M.

DRIVING REQUIRED: Applicants must have a valid state driver’s license, a safe driving record, and at least two years of
unsupervised experience driving passenger cars or larger. The driving must have taken place in the U.S. or its possessions

or territories or in U.S. military installations worldwide.

SALARY RANGE: $44,525- $58,595 annual salary paid bi-weekly


BENEFIT INFORMATION: This is a career position which offers excellent benefits. Newly hired employees are covered by

the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Upon hire, employees are eligible to contribute into the Thrift Savings

Plan (TSP) which is similar to 401(k) plans. We also offer the option to enroll into the Federal Employees Health Benefits

(FEHB) program as well as the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI). Dental, Vision and Long-Term Care

Insurance Programs as well as Flexible Spending Accounts to cover eligible out-of-pocket health care and dependent care

(day care) expenses are also available. We offer ten paid federal holidays as well as accrued vacation and sick leave.

Persons Eligible to Apply

All U.S. Citizens, permanent resident aliens, citizens of American Samoa or any other territory owing allegiance to the United

States. Applicants must be available for screening activities, including an interview. Applicants entitled to veterans’

preference and/or covered by the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act may apply for any posted position.

Applicants must apply online at to be considered for this employment opportunity. You must

have a valid email address to apply as communication regarding employment opportunities, examinations, interviews and

background checks will be conveyed by email. Please add the following email domain addresses to your contact list to allow

all correspondences to be received.

EXAM REQUIRED: If you are invited to take this test, instructions regarding the exam process will be sent to you via email.

Please ensure you can receive email messages from our test vendor and follow instructions carefully so you can be

considered for this employment opportunity.

NOTICE SCREENINGS REQUESTED: You may receive multiple requests for background checks in regard to this

employment opportunity. Respond to all requests quickly as we anticipate filling our vacancies quickly and nonresponses

may result in disqualification for this opportunity.

Current non-career Postal Service employees who wish to apply for this vacancy must go to and use

your existing eCareer Profile to apply. Do not log into LiteBlue; if you logged into LiteBlue, log out and close your browser

before going to

Functional Purpose

Performs routine and complex repairs and maintenance on all types of motor vehicles used in the postal fleet; troubleshoots

and diagnoses more complex vehicle malfunctions using a variety of computerized test equipment; may provide assistance to

lower level employees.


1. Diagnoses operating difficiculties on a variety of vehicles and performs operational checks on engines; its major

supporting systems, parts, components, assemblies; including emissions systems, electrical, computer and electronic

controlled components.

2. Performs various computerized and electronic diagnostic tests using specialized equipment; interprets trouble codes and

other information from electronic scanners and test analyzers; uses reference materials such as service manuals and wiring

schematics to determine operational difficulties, driveability problems and evaluates performance efficiency.

3. Conducts visual and auditory vehicle inspections, road calls and road tests before and after maintenance and repairs;

annotates vehicle problems on work orders.

4. Provides technical guidance and instructions to mechanics and technicians on more difficult repairs and in the use of

specialized computer-aided diagnostic equipment.

5. Performs maintenance and repairs resulting from normal preventive maintenance inspections.

6. Prepares and updates vehicle records, maintains vehicle records; annotates labor time, parts and/orequipment and other

pertinent data on work orders.

7. Performs engine tune-ups; removes, replaces, adjusts, cleans parts, components, assemblies and accessories; uses a

variety of specialized test equipment to adjust systems and components to prescribed operating tolerances.

8. Troubleshoots malfunctioning vehicles resulting from road calls and identifies improperly functioning part(s) and repairs or


9. Repairs and replaces major components including transmissions , differentials, brake systems, power assist units,

steering and suspension assemblies.

10. Performs other job related duties and responsibilities in support of primary duties.

11. Follows all established safety practices and procedures; complies with all postal, local, state and federal environmental

regulations and policies.


Manager, Vehicle Maintenance; Supervisor, Vehicle Maintenance; or other designated supervisor.

The United States Postal Service has the following excellent and challenging employment opportunity for highly motivated
and innovative individuals. Successful candidates must demonstrate through a combination of education, training, and

experience the following requirements:


March 1, 2005 FUNCTION: Performs routine and complex repairs and maintenance on all types of motor vehicles used in the

postal fleet; troubleshoots and diagnoses more complex vehicle malfunctions using a variety of computerized test equipment;

may provide assistance to lower level employees. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: See the Standard Position Descriptions for the

Occupation Codes given above. REQUIREMENTS: This section is composed of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities which

are required to satisfactorily perform the tasks of the position. Knowledge of electrical/ignition systems refers to the

terminology characteristics, and operation of such components as alternators, batteries, voltage regulators, starter motors,

ignition and lighting systems, indicating devices, electronic computer enhanced components, sensors, and starting aids.

Knowledge of automotive fuel systems refers to the terminology, characteristics, and operation of fuel delivery systems, and

related assemblies, such as fuel pumps, turbochargers, superchargers, inter- coolers, fuel injectors, and the interface of the

fuel system with electronic controls.

Knowledge of automotive emission control systems refers to the terminology characteristics, and operation of emission

control systems as they relate to overall engine operation and performance specifications and conformance to environmental

quality regulations.

Knowledge of engine systems refers to the terminology, characteristics, and operation of engine valves, piston assemblies,

engine bearings, cylinders, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshaft assemblies, compression ignition, and cooling system.

Knowledge of automotive power train systems refers to the terminology, characteristics, and operation of such components

as clutches, universal joints, manual and computer enhanced automatic transmission systems, differentials, and drive axles.

Knowledge of automotive suspension systems refers to the terminology, characteristics, and operation of standard and

computerized/air- controlled suspension, and standard and power assisted steering, as well as wheel alignment systems and

steering geometry.

Knowledge of automotive braking systems refers to the terminology, characteristics, and operation of air and hydraulically

actuated braking components such as cylinders, valves, linkage, calipers, sensors and control modules and anti-lock brake


Ability to use technical reference materials and technical manuals refers to reading, comprehending, and interpreting

technical information, such as illustrated parts breakdown, checklists, flow charts, electronic media, and schematics.

Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose malfunctions in automotive components or systems refers to a proficiency in observing,

testing, analyzing, and isolating sources of trouble in automotive systems or their components, such as electrical/electronic

systems, engine, power train, fuel delivery, and suspension and braking systems through the use of appropriate automotive

test equipment.

Ability to use automotive test equipment refers to the knowledge of, and proficiency with, various types of electrical/electronic

diagnostic test equipment, such as voltage/amperage testers (VAT), multimeters (VOM), test lights, scanners, gas analyzers,


Ability to use mechanical test equipment and hand tools refers to the knowledge of, and proficiency with, various types of

mechanical diagnostic test equipment and hand tools, such as micrometers, calipers, pressure gauges, etc.

Ability to make minor repairs to automotive components or systems refers to a proficiency in replacing parts or making

adjustments to automotive systems or their components, such as electrical/ignition, emissions, fuel delivery, engine,

suspensions, power train, braking systems, intake, exhaust, and starting aids.

Ability to make major repairs to automotive components or systems refers to a proficiency in overhauling or rebuilding

automotive systems or their components, such as power train, engine, fuel delivery, suspension, and braking systems.

EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must successfully complete Postal Service Test 943, Test 944, and Test 941

to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to troubleshoot, diagnose, and make minor and major repairs to automotive

systems. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be physically able to efficiently perform the duties of the position.

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Applicants who qualify under this standard may be required to satisfactorily complete a

prescribed training course(s) prior to reassignment or promotion. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS: At the time of appointment,

applicants must have a valid driver's license from the state in which they live. Applicants must also demonstrate and maintain

a safe driving record. Applicants selected under this qualification standard must successfully complete the required Vehicle

Familiarization and Safe Operation training, including demonstration of the ability to safely drive a vehicle of the type used on

the job. Back

Qualified applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening to meet the U.S. Postal Service's requirement
to be drug free. Applicants must also be a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident alien status.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., Central Time, of the posting's closing date. Applicants claiming veterans'
preference must attach a copy of member copy 4 (only) of Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form
214) or other proof of eligibility if claiming 10-point veterans' preference. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an
equal opportunity employer. The USPS provides reasonable accommodation for any part of the application, interview, and/or
selection process, please make your request to the examiner, selecting official or local manager of Human Resources. This
request can also be made by someone on your behalf. Explain the nature of your limitations and the accommodation
needed. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.

SPECIAL NOTE: Current career Postal Service employees are ineligible to apply to this posting.