Learning Experience Designer

NovoEd, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

Join NovoEd to improve student outcomes with project-based, collaborative learning online! Rather than scale the ineffective large lecture hall, we are bringing project-based courses and seminars online. Our customers include Stanford, IDEO, National Geographic, GE, Comcast and more! We're expanding within corporate learning and development and are looking for instructional leaders to manage the design, development, and implementation of new online courses for our customers.

Team and Position Overview

Our Professional Services Team is responsible for the entire lifecycle of courses and programs, including their design, management, and operations. While most customers utilize our Customer Success team for onboarding and general support, the Professional Services team is utilized for customers who pay a premium for resources to fill the gaps of instructional design, project management, course operations, or data analysis. We need exceptional educators who take the initiative and know how to manage projects to join our team to run our new online programs.


  • Designing program curricula, including identifying learning goals, building syllabi, collaborating with instructors, and planning the course.
  • Managing complex projects with dozens of moving pieces, including orienting new customers to NovoEd platform, establishing weekly meetings with customers, solving problems as they arise in project development or implementation, and occasionally working with third-party vendors for content production.
  • Building and configuring courses, including setting up content pages, building discussions, developing assignments, creating quizzes, and more.
  • Running the course, including providing technical support for instructors, providing data and analysis to instructors, handling special requests, and wrapping up the course with in-depth data analysis
  • Supporting sales team with preparation of demo environments and demo delivery to show potential customers how NovoEd meets their needs.
  • Documenting best practices, building exemplar courses, writing guides for instructors, and building help desk content.


  • Education Experience: 1+ year required education experience, ideally with 2+ years of teaching or coaching experience. We also prefer candidates with a Master of Education (MA-Ed, M.Ed) or Teaching Credential, who are comfortable with best practices in pedagogy.
  • Successful Project Management Record: A record of successful management of complex projects involving a variety of stakeholders, tracking to meet deadlines, and demonstrating success using data.

  • Instructional Design: we are often asked to review content for it's alignment with best teaching practices. The ability to analyze and craft learning objectives and assessments that work with NovoEd is essential.
  • Technical Acumen: Comfort with technology is required. The ability to write or edit basic HTML/CSS and do basic data analysis in Excel is needed. With 100,000s of students, we see every sort of technical question, so our team must be equipped to handle the majority.
  • Relationship Management Skills: The team is constantly working with customers, often in stressful situations under tight deadlines and so a customer service orientation is essential. A large part of your day will be spent in meetings with our customers, so you should be energized by client interactions and group discussions.


  • Corporate Experience: Experience working with large corporations, ideally in human resources. For example, experience as a corporate L&D vendor working with clients would be perfect. Related experience such as consulting engagements within a company or other implementation work is acceptable.
  • Operations / Business Experience: We prefer candidates with an additional experience in another business function (e.g. marketing, strategy, operations, product management). We need action-oriented problem solvers who are able to strategize at the high level and execute the details.