Institutional Chaplain

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Position Overview
The Institutional Chaplain plans, coordinates, and provides religious ministry through pastoral counseling and religious education to inmates in MCSO jails. This position is a critical support function that is not directed or performed by volunteers from a specific religion or denomination in compliance with mandates set down by Hart vs. MCSO and the U.S. Constitution.

Position Qualifications

Minimum education and/or experience:
Bachelor's degree in Divinity, Theology, Comparative Religion, Scripture or related field and three (3) years of experience in active ministry. A Bachelor's degree in any field and completion of seminary can substitute for the education requirement.

Specialized training, certifications, and/or other special requirements:
Must be ordained, licensed, commissioned, endorsed or sponsored by a denomination/religion. Must be in good standing with the denomination/religion for three (3) years. Letter of Certification from a regional/local leader of the denomination/religion is required. (The Letter of Certification must at least state: The applicant is in good standing with the denomination/religion for at least three (3) years. Reference to ordinations, licensing, commissioning, or sponsorship may be included). Must possess, or have the ability to obtain by the time of hire, a valid Arizona driver's license. Training with the exception of Arizona driver's license to be provided on-the-job: FEMA NIMS – IS100 and 700; OSHA training; ADP payroll training; PREA training. Prior to hiring, the Sheriff's Office requires that all candidates pass a polygraph examination and an extensive background review.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:Knowledge of:
Microsoft Office Suite.
Psychological, mental, social, and religious needs of inmates/patients.

Skill in:
Working under stressful conditions.
Working with groups or individuals of all faith groups.

Ability to:
Communicate effectively with inmates and all levels of staff.
Perform formal religious services.
Operate standard office equipment.

Preferred education and/or experience:
Three (3) years' experience in active ministry with direct experience in a correctional setting. Applicants must be ordained clergy or members of ecclesiastically recognized religious institutes of vowed men or women; or, in lieu of professional ordination credentials, adequate documentation of the applicants' recognized religious and ministerial roles in their respective faith communities is acceptable.

Working conditions:
Work occurs primarily indoors in a secured care environment with inmates. Job may require working evenings and weekends to meet inmate religious needs, and/or working on a day of religious observance when required by the Chaplain Supervisor or command staff. Position requires ethical conduct and a professional demeanor.

The following environments described are only representative of how the essential job tasks are currently performed or envisioned. As such, in order to accommodate a disability or limitation, the essential job tasks may be performed in ways other than described on these pages.

Work Environment:
Indoors in confined area
Rarely outdoors or in temperatures above 90 degrees or below 40 degrees
Conditions may include use of stairs or ladders or high noise level on occasion

Physical Environment:
Sitting, standing, walking
Driving a vehicle
Speaking, hearing, seeing, reading
Bending/kneeling, reaching, twisting, climbing
Crawling, crouching, balancing
Wearing protective gear
Precise dexterity
Lifting floor to waist thirty (30) pounds
Lifting waist to shoulder of ten (10)) pounds
Carrying a weight of ten (10) pounds for a distance of 10 feet
Pushing/pulling a weight of fifty (50) pounds for a distance of 100 feet

Social Environment:
Constant interruptions
Handling multiple or complicated tasks and unscheduled or frequently changing tasks
High volume of work with time pressures
Decision making and concentration/vigilance
Team environment and working in close physical proximity with others
Public contact on occasion
Essential Job Tasks
Provides pastoral counseling, religious education, worship services, and scripture studies for inmates with varied and complex religious beliefs, without imposing personal religious convictions.
Promotes positive interfaith relations and religious tolerance in a secured care environment.
Plans, organizes, conducts and assists with diverse religious services, rites, holidays, and special events (e.g., Passover, Ramadan, Conversions).
Provides regular and/or emergency pastoral counseling for inmates needing assistance to cope with living in a secured care environment or who have received distressing information such as death notifications; acts as a liaison to deliver such news when necessary.
Aids with successful community reintegration by helping inmates develop purpose and concern for life and promoting positive change from criminal behavior.
Makes inmate referrals to psychiatric staff when behavior or information indicates a need.
Notifies detention staff of inmates who may be vulnerable due to crisis situations and/or may be displaying behavior or security concerns.
Reviews, processes, and responds to inmate requests for assistance, referencing dietary needs, inspirational materials, and other religious related issues or concerns.
Investigates and responds to inmate complaints and formal Grievances, when the issue is of a religious nature.
Seeks out religious material donations and evaluates religious materials entering the secured care environment for proper content and possible contraband materials.
Creates, maintains, and/or queries records, information, monthly reports, or data for religious service activities.
Posts clearances, schedules services, and responds to questions or concerns regarding operational procedures from religious volunteers entering the jails to conduct services.
Responds to questions and concerns from detention staff regarding volunteers, religious services, and inmates who practice various belief systems.
Attends meetings, conferences, hearings, and other related events as necessary.
Acts as a liaison to address concerns or questions from the public, community organizations, or other agencies regarding volunteer programs, religious services, and inmates in custody.
Conducts religious worship services of Institutional Chaplain's own faith tradition as directed by the Chaplain Supervisor or command Staff.
Provides direction to the Office Assistant, volunteers, and inmates.
Performs other duties as directed by the chain of command.
Works on the seasonal holy days of Institutional Chaplain's own faith tradition when directed by the Chaplain Supervisor or command staff.
Completes all trainings mandated by the Office, Chaplain Supervisor or command staff.
Facilitates adopted curriculum to the inmate population as determined by the section supervisor or agency adoption.
Be present at work site to perform assigned duties as scheduled and/or assigned by Supervisor and provide coverage five (5) days a week.
Selection Procedure
The hiring authority will select the successful candidate based on departmental needs.

All offers of employment made to new hires and rehires at Maricopa County are contingent upon successful completion of a post-offer, pre-employment thorough background investigation. A background investigation is conducted on a current employee who changes to a Safety Sensitive Position or one having the potential for serious adverse impact on the integrity or efficiency of the County. These requirements do not pertain to employees of elected officials who undergo background investigation processes administered through their respective offices.

Typically successful candidates are hired at a salary rate, up to midpoint of the range, based on applicable experience, internal equity and budgetary allowances.