8641- High School Nurse

Pasadena Independent School District - Pasadena, TX (30+ days ago)4.2

JOB TITLE : Registered Nurse
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Primary Purpose:
Ensure that learning is not hindered by a correctable health problem and educate students toward worthwhile decisions affecting present and future physical, social and emotional health. Coordinate and implement comprehensive health services for campus and provide direct health services to students.

Graduate of an accredited professional nursing education program.

Valid registered nurse license to practice professional nursing in Texas from the State Board of Nurse Examiners with the current license recorded and noted in the personnel folder in the Human Resources Department at each renewal
Current Certification for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (CPR and AED.

Valid certification by Texas Department of Health to conduct vision and hearing screening

Special Knowledge/Skills:
Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of situations that require good nursing and professional judgment.

Knowledge of health appraisal to identify student health defects

Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.

Strong organizational, management and interpersonal skills

Strong computer skills and ability to quickly adapt to new software applications.

Ability to use CPR, AED, Heimlich maneuver and other special procedures as ordered by a physician.

Ability to work independently to implement district policies and procedures and meet critical deadlines.

Ability to work compatible with students, parents and staff

Ability to accept supervision and direction from campus principal.

Willingness to attend workshops and training to acquire new skills

One to two years work experience as a registered nurse preferred
School nursing and/or nursing experience with school-aged children preferred

Majore Responsibilities and Duties:
Provide direct care for all ill and injured utilizing professional assessment skills, nursing interventions and established school district health protocols. Follow District policies regarding accident reports.

Screen students for disabilities which may interfere with the learning process and assist students who have non-correctable defects with school adjustment.
Ensure maintenance of each student's cumulative health record as part of official school documents and Health Office system noting current health and immunization status.

Supervise the control of communicable diseases by conferring with students, parents, physicians, principals and teachers; by interpreting and complying with regulations on exclusion and re-admission; and by reporting diseases to Administrative Services and Harris County Health Department, as well as other designated District personnel.
Based on information and documentation from parents and physicians, develop individual healthcare plans and disseminate pertinent information to LVN, teachers and other appropriate campus staff. Assist with the management of these problems in the classroom.
On a daily basis, document student assessment, counseling, and health care procedures in Nurse's Notes and/or other appropriate areas of the Health Office system.
Follow through on individual problems by working with students, parents, physicians, teachers, other District personnel and community health providers.
Based on school district policies and procedures, establish school health protocols, clinic procedures and routine tasks for the LVN and Health Clerk, as well as any student assistants who may be assigned to the clinic.

In compliance with District policies and procedures, coordinate management system to administer prescription medications to students. Provide annual training to other campus personnel designated by the principal to administer medications in the absence of the RN and LVN. Ensure daily documentation of all medication administration on the Health Office system.

In cases of serious trauma and/or illness, provide appropriate on-site emergency care and obtain outside emergency assistance. If parents or emergency contact cannot be reached, the RN will base decisions regarding emergency care on professional training and experience.
Communicate with parents regarding serious illnesses/injuries, medication issues, special health care procedures and confidential matters. Document parent contacts on Health Office system.

Provide documentation and maintain current skills for CPR/AED and Vision/Hearing/Spinal screening.

Conduct annual vision, hearing and spinal screening of students in mandated grades. Ensure that screening results are entered into Health Office and referrals made in a timely manner.

Participate in the principal's meeting to review the Diabetes Management and Treatment Plan (DMTP) and develop the Individual healthcare Plan (IHP) with the parent, Unlicensed Diabetes Care Assistant (UDCA) and other appropriate campus staff. As provided in the student's IHP, provide diabetes education, monitor glucose levels and provide routine treatment.

Participate in ARD/504 meetings and collaborate with other professionals regarding implementation of health-related items in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Individual Program Plan (IPP).

Comply with state law and District policies when reporting personal suspicion of child abuse.

Assess and monitor vital signs in suspected cases of substance abuse. Document and report findings to campus administration and District police.

Provide health counseling and instruction to individual students and educate faculty and staff on health-related topics.

As directed by the campus principal, make home visits on health-related problems.

Participate as an active member of the campus crisis team.

Provide and document annual training for all campus personnel on HIV/AIDS and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Use the Safe Work Practices established in the District's Bloodborne Pathogen Control Plan when cleaning all body spills and providing wound care.

Develop annual clinic budget and communicate special needs to principal.

Report health trends and problems, including potential health and safety hazards to principal.
Demonstrate integrity and ethics, and maintain absolute confidentiality.
Maintain a positive, professional image in appearance, communication and interaction.

Meet task completion deadlines established by supervisors.
Comply with federal/state laws, Texas Department of Health rules and District policies, as well as campus routines and regulations.
Attend all District staff development activities for nurses, as well as campus activities and meetings designated by the principal.
Stay up-to-date professionally through the selection of quality staff development opportunities for personal growth.

Perform other duties and accept other responsibilities assigned by the principal.

Working Conditions:
Mental Demands:
Ability to communicate effectively (verbal); maintain emotional control under stress; interpret policy, procedures, and data; coordinate district functions

Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
Frequent prolonged and irregular hours; Repetitive hand motions; prolonged use of computer; steady phone interactions; moderate standing, walking, and bending.