Dog Trainer / Director of Training

Project 2 Heal - Waxhaw, NC


Job Description

Do you want to make a difference in people's lives? Here at Project 2 Heal we do that every day. We are looking for a dedicated individual that loves dogs and is eager to make an impact by sharing that passion with others. You must be able to work in an ever changing environment and have the ability to multitask frequently.

Job responsibilities -

  • Continually evaluate and develop a detailed training plan for each individual dog that can be measured and changed as needed.
  • Develop and implement a schedule that will ensure all dogs are getting daily hands on training and play time multiple times a day and a way to record that it has been done.
  • Develop and implement a schedule to have dogs off property daily and a way to record that it is being followed.
  • Continually teach and guide all employed and volunteer trainers to ensure they are following the training plans and schedules that have been implemented.
  • Implement a puppy development program with developmental expectations and a way to measure those expectations.
  • Create a training manual that includes all obedience cues and tasks to be taught to the dogs and a guideline to know when the dog is ready to move to a new task or cue.
  • Monitor the health and weight of each dog and make adjustments to their food as needed. Notify the COO of any health worries or if a dog goes into heat.
  • Identify which dogs would be best trained as a skilled companion, future breeder or go into a pet home as well as how many dogs should remain onsite to achieve outlined goals.
  • Help to ensure that all areas of the facility are clean and report any maintenance issues to the COO.
  • Assist in fundraising ventures and attend fundraising events.
  • Identify activities and income opportunities and strategize with the COO and CEO on how to implement and measure their success.
  • Notify the COO of any staffing issues or concerns and work together to resolve.
  • Ensures that the staffing levels are appropriate to achieve the operational and training goals that have been developed and communicates with the COO if changes need to be made.
  • Any other duties as assigned by COO or CEO.

Minimum Requirements include- A high school/college diploma. - Physical ability to work in an environment that requires a lot of moving, bending, lifting and traversing uneven terrain of various natures - Completion of an on site or distance learning dog training program such as Catch Dog Training Academy or Karen Pryor Dog Training Academy that emphasizes positive reinforcement through operant conditioning - Prior positive reinforcement based dog training experience - ability to work full time - excellent written and oral communication skills - excellent interpersonal skills - outstanding ability to interact with people that have varying levels of dog training and handling experience and with various age groups. - knowledge of Microsoft word/excel or similar programs - ability to write, implement and evaluate progress of training plans - valid driver's license and clean driving record - availability at late night hours as/when needed to assist in whelping litters

Helpful but not required- management experience- service dog task training- previous employment with a non profit- higher education in canine training/canine psychology or related fields

SalaryCommensurate with experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • Professional Dog Training: 3 years (Required)


  • High school (Required)