Marketing Specialist

Hendricks Group - Indianapolis, IN

30+ days agoFull-time
The Marketing Specialist is responsible for the management of marketing projects, including time tracking, execution of milestones and ongoing communication with clients. The Marketing Specialist works together with the Marketing Director and the development team.

  • Assist with the production of marketing materials, graphics, web updates and literature; Prepare interesting written copy for website blogs
  • Work together with Marketing and client team to develop projects and meet deadlines; Includes: providing insight for design of online ads, landing pages, and ad messaging
  • Manage the planning and execution of social media, search, and display advertising campaigns, including campaign setup, monitoring, reporting, analysis, optimization, budgeting, keyword and demographic targeting
  • Develop and maintain consistent email marketing outreach program and update customer database regularly
  • Responsible for developing print and digital media campaign designs
  • Manage property photography and videography
  • Develop earned media public relations outreach program
  • Provide support for marketing events and exhibitions as required
  • Assist with the collation of information for promotional literature
  • Updates and maintains the marketing department's documentation and databases
  • Help code billing and track ad spends
  • Supports the director of marketing and internal teams with production of a wide range of other marketing efforts
Assertiveness: Communicates position directly and honestly while demonstrating respect for others.
Business Knowledge: Knows how business works; demonstrates knowledge of current business practices and future trends. Knows the competition.
Strategic Skills: Focuses on the big picture to identify trends and create opportunities.
Decision Making Skills: Gathers and analyzes information, considers consequences, and arrives at a timely decision that meets organizational goals.
Ethics and Integrity: Possesses strong set of core values and beliefs consistent with social, ethical, and organizational principals. Confronts unethical situations.
Influencing: Presents information in a way that causes others to listen, consider alternate forms of accomplishing goals, and act to achieve goals. Strong written detail and organization to effectively communicate with ownership, senior management and employees.
Leadership Presence: Displays confidence and knowledge, while remaining approachable, in a variety of business situations.
Measuring Work & Performance Standards: Creates and communicates standards and expectations for direct reports and provides timely, accurate feedback.
Results Oriented: Drives behavior to emphasize achievement. Self-directed toward accomplishment. Is action oriented. Highly motivated and works with considerable independence. Likes challenge. Pursues opportunities. Consistently high achieving.
Team Building: Builds on strengths and looks for ways to build positive relationships on the work team. Demonstrates trust and respect for others.
Technical Skills: Demonstrates the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform required job elements to established standards. Remains current regarding developments and trends in areas of expertise.
Trust and Respect: Offers respect to all in the work environment, adheres to high personal standards of acceptance, reliability, openness, and consistency of action with words.
Vision: Sees beyond the present, anticipates future results, and accurately predicts trends. Verbalizes the vision and leads the work group in that direction.

Education Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or four years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Experience and/or Training
  • Excellent project management and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail, and ability to multitask.
  • Participation in team and client meetings
  • Willingness to continue education/training in emerging areas.
  • Experience in web and marketing project management preferred
  • Analytics, SEO / SEM
  • Inbound Marketing and/or Social Media Marketing
Technology/Equipment Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office software.