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FLSA: Subject to FLSA regulations. (Safety Member)

Performs a variety of hazardous tasks when engaged in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires; in answering emergency medical calls, extricating and rescuing individuals from fires and entrapment, treating the sick and injured, and in operation of and maintenance of fire district equipment, apparatus, quarters: Must be prepared to act up to the next rank as needed and performs other related duties as required.

Supervision Received:
The Firefighter is under supervision of the Fire Captain or Engineer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
(This list of samples of job duties and responsibilities is neither inclusive nor exclusive. Consequently, this information does not reflect Essential Functions for this class.)

This is the beginning level of fire fighting work. Firefighters shall be directly engaged in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires and saving life and property.
Firefighters must have aptitude for mechanical work; ability and strength to do prolonged and arduous work under adverse conditions; ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations; ability to understand and to follow oral and written directions; and must have ability to get along well with others.
They are required to rapidly and efficiently perform specialized duties under emergency conditions, which frequently involve considerable hazard.
They are required to respond rapidly to specific orders and directions given by their superior officers, and they must have an understanding of fire fighting methods.
Required to operate and maintain fire apparatus and equipment and must maintain the fire station property and equipment and engage in training routines and related work as required.
Must be familiar with the location of hazards, streets and fire hydrants located within the areas responded to by the Company to which they are assigned.
Firefighters are required to respond to fire alarms with their company unit; lay and connect hose; control nozzles and direct water streams; raise and climb ladders; use chemical extinguishers, bars, hooks, lines and other equipment; remove persons from danger; and administer first aid to injured persons.
They must ventilate fire to release heat and smoke; place salvage covers to prevent water damage and prevent fire from rekindling.
Record telephone fire alarms and emergency calls; assist in dispatching proper fire apparatus and equipment to the fire or other emergency operate telephone and radio.
Operate EMS equipment; administer oxygen; operate resuscitators, automatic difibulators and bandaging materials. Be able to operate; cutting torches, specialized rescue equipment, generators for production of electricity, and rescue rope systems.
When assigned, drive and operate motor-driven fire fighting apparatus. They must also clean and maintain fire hose and equipment.
Firefighters must assist with inspection of buildings and places of public assembly; enforce provisions of the Fire Prevention Code; confer with individuals in order to bring about the abatement of fire hazards; give talks and demonstrations on fire prevention. Firefighters must also preserve evidence of arson or incendiarism.
Firefighters must obtain all necessary certifications, Firefighter 1 cert, EMT-1, Automatic Difibulator cert and Class B California Drivers License within one year of employment.
Minimum Requirements.

This is a lateral-entry / skilled Firefighter job. Candidates must have one year or more of experience as a full-time paid Firefighter (56 hour position). Additionally, applicants must have completed probation in their current Firefighter job in order to apply. Additionally, applicants must have: High School / GED, EMT, CPR, FF-1 or academy, CPAT.
Desirable Qualifications / Characteristics of Firefighter Candidates.

College degree in a related field, Fresno City College Fire Technology degree, Fire Apparatus Driver Operator 1A + 1B, Bilingual, AND community oriented and engaged/service, strong ethics and integrity, solid work history, an attitude of teamwork, reliable / dependable, history of making good choices, and high problem solving skills.
Compensation & Benefits
Here are the compensation and benefits package (salaries effective September 1, 2018)

Firefighter ($4884-$5141/month approx. $58,608-$64,944/year)
Medical/Dental/Vision benefits
Retirement pension and 457 plan
Paid vacation leave
Sick Leave
Holiday Pay
Uniform Allowance $750 annually
The Process

The testing process includes the following:
Written Exam
Oral Interview
Fire Chief interview
Extensive Background Check
Polygraph Exam
Medical Exam