Safety Coordinator (Temporary)

Rhoads Industries, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA

Temporary$30 - $36 an hour


Rhoads Industries (“Rhoads” or “Company”) is committed to maintaining the highest standards for workplace safety through developing, executing, and managing a comprehensive Company-wide Occupational Safety, and Health (OSHA) Program to ensure compliance with all Federal, state and local laws, standards, and regulations, and the OSHA policies established in relevant instructions, as well as to keep Rhoads employees, contractors, and visitors safe.

The Rhoads Safety is primarily responsible for providing training, guidance, direction, and supervision to all levels of Rhoads Management team, Project Executives, Project Managers, Craft Personnel and Administrative Personnel in the requirements for execution of the Rhoads’ OSHA Program.

The nature of this role is to support a specific project for one of our clients and is expected to last from late August 2019 through December 2019 and will be working a rotating schedule including second and third shift.

The responsibilities of the Safety Coordinator includes:

  • Coordinating and conducting safety and health inspections to identify and initiate action to correct industrial hazards throughout all areas under the Company’s jurisdiction or control, with concerted emphasis on the identification and initiation of action to correct hazards in all work areas.
  • Investigating and initiating or taking corrective action on employee complaints of unsafe working conditions. Implementing procedures to ensure required investigations are conducted and appropriate corrective actions are taken. Preparing documentation sufficient to support actions effected and for potential use in connection with employee follow-up inquiries to the Safety Committee, Senior Managers, the Chief Compliance Officer, and Human Resources.
  • Execute the Company’s accident/incident prevention program that includes accident prevention planning, investigation and reporting of accidents and incidents, development of incident statistics, evaluation of trends, determination of causative factors, and recommending corrective and improvement actions as appropriate.
  • Conducting periodic and frequent inspections of Company workplaces and engaging the assistance of safety services consultants as necessary or appropriate, with the advice and support of the Risk Manager and Safety Committee.
  • Conducting periodic and frequent safety classroom trainings for Rhoads employees and subcontractors using approved training materials. May be asked to research and suggest content for trainings under the guidance of the Risk Manager.
  • Support the Risk Manager and Safety Coordinators in maintaining a coordinated injury abatement program that includes prioritizing and coordinating injury abatement efforts, preparing the budget submissions and justifications for the abatement of safety deficiencies, and monitoring the implementation of actions for proper performance.
  • Reviewing new work processes, customer facilities and projects, as well as equipment plans to ensure adequate safety and health controls have been fully considered and incorporated where appropriate. This will include writing and developing safety plans, procedures, activity hazard analysis.
  • Verifying and maintaining all OSHA and other regulatory documentation including but not limited to equipment inspection reports, incident reports, and OSHAA logs for all establishments.
  • Serve as a member of Rhoads’ Safety Committee.
  • Planning the direction, oversight, control and accomplishment of measures to ensure industrial hygiene and other tasks required to monitor, evaluate, control, and reduce exposure of personnel to the practical minimum for hazard control responsibilities of the Company.
  • Maintaining liaison with the Company’s contracted Occupational Medicine Services Provider, “WorkNet”, in all appropriate matters to assure that the Rhoads’ CEO and Business Line Managers are aware of the status of all OCCMED matters affecting the employees assigned to their Business Line.
  • Recommending and implementing measures to ensure continuing compliance with present and future OSHA laws, rules, regulations, standards, and policies.
  • Through the assistance and support of the Safety Committee, and under the direction of the Rhoads Safety Manager, the Rhoads Safety Coordinator continuously analyzes and interprets OSHA requirements, and assists with determining the best means of compliance, in order to assure the safety of Rhoads employees, contractors, and visitors to Rhoads premises and project sites.


  • Continuously monitor, execute, and educate employees on the Rhoads OSHA Plan
  • Continuously review and update all Rhoads’ Job Hazard Analyses.
  • Review and evaluate all Project Work Plans for Safety considerations and requirements.
  • Draft and monitor execution of Site Specific Safety Plans for all Rhoads Facilities and worksites.
  • Make frequent visits to work sites across the Rhoads work area reviewing JHA’s and site documentation completion with particular attention to high priority job locations and large scope work locations.
  • Execution of the training program to support the Rhoads OSHA Plan.


  • OSHA 10- Construction (required), OSHA 30 Construction (preferred) prior to hire.
  • Due to the nature of this assignment, and as a condition of continued employment the individual must be a United States Citizen (Non Dual Citizen) with the ability to pass the client (Navy) badging process upon hire.
  • Must have strong written and oral communication skills, and sufficient OSHA and Risk Management experience, certifications and expertise to be able to evaluate, analyze, communicate, and discuss OSHA issues effectively with Rhoads’ Safety Manager, Rhoads’ safety support personnel, Rhoads’ craft personnel, and Customer Safety representatives.
  • Have a mature ability to lead effectively and work as part of a comprehensive OSHA Program team.
  • Possess OSHA experience or knowledge, continuous learning agility, the ability to continuously innovate, and mature problem-solving skills.
  • Have advanced skill in handling multiple responsibilities, setting priorities, and managing tasks; as well as overseeing multiple safety initiatives simultaneously
  • Have demonstrated skill in working under time pressure and the ability to adapt in a constantly changing environment.
  • Have experience in managing and contributing to a team matrix environment.
  • Demonstrate advanced working knowledge of Safety industry references.
  • Be proficient in computer operation, word processing, and spreadsheet skills.
  • Possess superior organizational and recordkeeping skills, be detail-oriented & accurate, and demonstrate advanced analytical skills.


  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study with an accredited college or university- Preferred
  • 6 months to 3 years of experience in a same or similar role
  • Willingness to learn to interpret job safety requirements, based on bid specifications.
  • Familiarity with drawings and plans for installs.
  • Ability to communicate requirements in an industrial environment, and to give effective direction by using written and/or verbal skills where appropriate.
  • Familiarity with and understanding of Federal, State, and Municipal codes related to OSHA requirements- preferred.
  • Understanding and familiarity with Safety Certifications preferred.
  • Mature Customer Service and Client Communications skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, and Power Point.


Must be able to work in a variety of physical positions, including sitting, standing, walking, and driving in an automobile, and may require walking and standing on irregular, uneven surfaces in an industrial setting and possibly at increased heights climbing and descending ladders and ship stairways. The performance of this position involves frequent exposure to construction or industrial areas where the use of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats and hearing protection is required.

Job Type: Temporary

Salary: $30.00 to $36.00 /hour


  • Relevant: 1 year (Required)


  • Evening (Required)
  • Graveyard (Required)

Security Clearance Required:

  • Secret (Preferred)

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Monday to Friday
  • Night shift
  • 12 hour shift
  • 10 hour shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • Overtime