Crime Scene Evidence Property Technician

City of La Vergne, TN - La Vergne, TN

Job Summary
Under the direct supervision of the Crime Scene/Evidence Property Supervisor, this non-sworn position is responsible for identifying, collecting, and preserving evidence at major crime scenes using special equipment, and highly skilled photographic and evidence gathering techniques. The position also includes evidence room management and all related duties such as, but not limited to, property receiving, processing and storage and disposal. May oversee and direct, in the absence of the Supervisor, adjunct evidence technicians. Job Responsibilities

Respond to crime scenes when directed or requested to conduct detailed inspections for the presence of evidence and properly process all evidence, such as latent prints, footwear and tire impressions, firearms evidence, blood and other physiological fluids, DNA evidence, controlled substances, trace evidence such as hair, fibers and gunshot residue.
Photograph crime scenes, victims, autopsies, traffic crashes, property damage, stolen property, arson scenes, measure and map crime scenes and traffic crash scenes, and complete detailed logs and reports.
Prepare a variety of reports pertaining to pieces of evidence collected and stored, submitted to the TBI or FBI laboratories, returned evidence and analysis results, weekly, monthly, and quarterly and annual activity summaries, storage and disposal of evidence and property, and ad-hoc reports as needed.
Respond to a morgue or medical facility to photograph, fingerprint and recover trace or physical evidence from deceased or surviving persons, including bodily tissue and/or fluids. Properly collect, preserve, package, and transport physical evidence from crime scenes, so as to facilitate its maximum potential for use in subsequent criminal or civil proceedings and ensure the chain of evidence / custody is not compromised.
Obtain finger, palm or any other type exemplars.
Ensure that evidence requiring any special processing and/or laboratory analysis, such as DNA, is handled in a prompt and proper manner.

Provide input to the District Attorney General Office regarding the submittal of photographic evidence, physical evidence and diagrams, and testify in criminal and civil courts, pretrial conferences and Grand Juries.
Must transport evidence to and from the T.B.I. Crime laboratory, and possibly other governmental or private labs for analysis and identification.
Maintain manual and computerized records including evidence and property custody documents, chain of custody documents, property receipt/release documents, property control files, evidence and property destruction or disposal documents, and other related reports.
Maintain all aspects of the evidence and property room and appropriate storage locations, and the proper release or return of recovered stolen, found, or abandoned property, and coordinate the proper release of evidence or property to rightful owners where appropriate.
This position requires the handling, processing, and proper accounting for and disposal of possible large sums of cash, narcotics, weapons, and other property.
Prepare nonreturnable evidence or property for disposal or destruction in a manner prescribed by departmental policies and procedures, court orders, federal laws and state statutes.
Instructs and trains new or adjunct technicians on-the-job and in a classroom setting regarding the proper packaging, submission, acceptance and storage, transfer, return and disposal of property or evidence.
Instructs and trains new officer hires on-the-job and in the classroom setting regarding proper preservation of crime scenes and the proper packaging, submission, acceptance, storage, transfer, return and disposal of property and evidence. Also train on in-house evidence software and proper procedures for seizing property and vehicles.
Receive requests from citizens, attorneys, sworn members, and other agencies for copies of photographic, audio, and video evidence, and properly reproduce such evidence in a timely manner.
This position involves regular shift work, which may be first or second shift hours, necessary to provide forensic services to sworn members of the department.
Shifts are normally 10 hours in duration but may be extended in the event of an emergency, disaster, personnel shortage, workload, or work-in-progress.
Personnel in this position are also subject to on-call scheduling on a regular basis.
Assist with the serving of search warrants, undercover operations and surveillance operations to collect photographic, audio and/or video evidence of such operations.
Assist with the identification, printing, photographing, and processing of arrestees and other persons, as required or at the request of a supervisor.
Technicians must obtain and maintain an excellent knowledge of state and federal laws, as well as case law concerning evidence and property.
Works in conjunction with criminal investigators and other sworn members in regards to evidentiary matters and maintains confidentiality of investigations and information concerning suspects, defendants, etc.
Works in conjunction with the city fire marshal"s office in regards to fire investigations, evidence collection and cause and origin determinations. Maintains confidentiality of investigations and information concerning suspects, defendants, etc.
Assist the supervisor with handling of all impounded and seized property including motor vehicles. Tracks the status of cases involving seizures of property and manages the proper and legal return or disposal of such items including auction procedures.
The above Job Functions and Competencies are not intended to be an exhaustive list o all responsibilities, duties, and skills. They are intended to be accurate summaries of what this job classification involves and what is required to perform this job.
Job Qualifications

Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university in Forensic Science, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice or closely related field.
A minimum of one (1) year experience in crime scene/evidence technician work in a law enforcement agency, and/or training related to the above duties or a combination of higher education, job-related specialized training in crime scene/evidence, and/or the above experience.
Must pass a medical physical examination, including drug screening, and submit to random drug screening upon employment; required psychological evaluation; be a U.S. citizen.
Must pass an in-depth background investigation.
Must have a valid Tennessee Driver License.
Must have no history of any felony arrest, or misdemeanor arrest involving moral turpitude, and no arrest for D.U.I.
Applicant must be willing to attend training in crime scene / evidence and property room control, and seek certification and membership in the International Association for Identification (IAI), the International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE), and the Tennessee Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards & Education.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Skills and Abilities -
Must successfully complete certification as a Hazardous Materials Technician.
This position requires the employee to be an organized person who can meet time schedules, deadlines and maintains a very high level of personal integrity, have good judgment, be able to effectively communicate both orally and in written form.

Possess the LaVergne Police Department Values on and off-duty, support the Mission and Vision of the Department, and interact with other employees in a manner conducive to good work performance and positive morale of the Department Physical Requirements
The position requires regular and various physical requirements including: lifting, moving, and handling objects up to 50 pounds; walking, standing, sitting, pushing/pulling, balancing, climbing (including ladders up to attics, roofs, into holes, etc.; kneeling, bending, stooping and dragging for extended periods of time. Must be willing to perform all duties in all weather conditions and other less-than-desirable conditions such as: decomposing and/or mutilated bodies, strong and unpleasant odors, insects, hostility, emotionally charged situations, child and animal victims; work with, around, and in smoke and fire, bio-hazards and chemical environments, hazardous materials, etc.; and, will be required to successfully complete training for all these situations, as well as wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), chemical and bio-hazard suits, and fire-fighting equipment. Disclaimer
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