Hatchery Manager, Assistant

State of West Virginia - West Virginia3.5

Full-time | Part-time$28,000 - $51,000 a year
Nature of Work

Continuous Recruitment, Statewide: The DOP anticipates several vacancies in the near future for this classification. This recruitment is not for a specific vacancy but to generate a pool of interested applicants. This classification has positions in every area of the state and works exclusively for the Division of Natural Resources (see the bottom of the posting for a listing of State Fish Hatcheries). Make sure you mark in your county selection any county you would be willing to work in or commute to so you can be placed on the proper register.

Nature of Work:
Under general supervision, performs technical or professional activities at the full-performance level at a state-owned fish hatchery. Serves as a lead worker in directing subordinate staff in coordinating and conducting technical or professional tasks such as maintaining buildings, grounds and equipment; rearing and distributing of fish; and monitoring fish populations. Assesses the health and condition of reared fish, organizing the daily stocking of fish and maintaining easily accessible records of all hatchery operations. Performs work without immediate guidance, but under the general supervision of a hatchery manager. Directs small groups on specific activities both at fish hatchery and off-site locations on specific activities. May act as the Hatchery Manager on a temporary basis. Interacts with the public to provide information on wildlife resources projects and programs. Work can be physically demanding and performed in varying climatic conditions. Performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
These positions are distinguished from the Hatchery Manager as these positions will assist in directing the operations of a state-owned fish hatchery under the supervision of a hatchery manager and serve as a lead worker in hatchery operations. In the temporary absence of the hatchery manager, will be responsible for managing the facility.
Examples of Work

Examples of Work:
Serves as a lead worker for hatchery staff.
Oversees hatchery grounds and buildings maintenance including mowing grass, raking leaves, repairing roads, cutting brush, picking up trash, cleaning offices and buildings, painting buildings and fences; assists as necessary.
Oversees the spawning, rearing, weighing, counting, grading and size-grouping of fish for release.
Monitors fish health by observation and basic laboratory diagnostic tasks and assists in the treatment of fish for diseases and abnormalities.
Compiles data to develop operational reports detailing hatchery functions.
Assists in the preparation of fish transporting and stocking schedules.
Assists in maintaining inventory of equipment, materials and supplies.
Conducts tours of the hatchery and answers visitor's questions.
Oversees repair and replacement of screens, gates, traps, nets, seines and other equipment used in holding and caring for fish.
Conducts fish stocking activities.
Operates a variety of equipment necessary to maintain a fish hatchery.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of fish hatchery functions and operations and their related safety procedures.
Knowledge of basic fish sampling techniques and operation of laboratory equipment.
Knowledge of the basic principles of planning, organizing and conducting hatchery programs.
Knowledge of the basic procedures followed in identification of fish diseases, dietary disorders, parasitic infestations and other problems involved in fish culture.
Knowledge of basic buildings and grounds maintenance procedures and basic building maintenance trades.
Knowledge of first-aid procedures and standard scientific safety precautions.
Ability to operate specialized hatchery equipment and to perform minor maintenance on such equipment.
Ability to operate standard computer-based functions and software. Ability to effectively direct work of fish hatchery staff.
Ability to effectively plan, organize and direct all hatchery operations and maintenance.
Ability to apply knowledge of fisheries biology to hatchery management activities and techniques.
Ability to keep accurate records in a clear and concise format.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Ability to issue and follow oral and written instructions with minimal supervision and exercise sound judgment.
Physical ability to perform arduous labor for long hours under varying climatic conditions.
Minimum Qualifications

Associate of Science degree from an accredited college or university with a major in fish or wildlife management and biology, natural resources management, fish culture, agriculture, biological sciences, environmental sciences, conservation biology, animal science or related field.

One year of full-time or equivalent part-time paid professional employment in the field of aquatic biology, fish culture or fisheries management.

1) High school diploma or equivalent.

Six years of full-time or equivalent part-time paid experience in the field of fish and wildlife management, fish culture or related fields.


2) Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited college or university with a major in fish or wildlife management and biology, natural resources management, fish culture, agriculture, biological sciences, environmental sciences, conservation biology, animal science or related field.

A valid West Virginia driver's license is required. May be required to obtain a commercial driver's license. Must reside at the facility, if quarters are provided.

NOTICE: If you are claiming college or other post-high school education or license, you MUST attach or provide by mail a legible copy of your OFFICIAL education transcript, license or training record. YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR EMPLOYMENT UNTIL THIS VERIFICATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED. To avoid missing a job opportunity, it is important that you provide this verification as soon as possible. You only have to provide this verification one time. It is not required with every application. Attach documents to the online application, or via email to: applicantservices@wv.gov, FAX: 304-957-0396, or mail to: Division of Personnel, Building 3, Suite 500, 1900 Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, WV 25305.
Other Information
Jobs may be located in various areas of the state. Interested persons should contact the Division of Natural Resources for specific vacancy information.
Agency Contact Information

Fish Hatchery Locations:
Apple Grove Fish Hatchery (warm water) Mason Co.
Bowden Fish Hatchery (trout) Randolph Co.
Edray Fish Hatchery (trout) Pocahontas Co.
Palestine Fish Hatchery (warm water) Wirt County
Petersburg Fish Hatchery (trout) Grant Co.
Reeds Creek Fish Hatchery (trout) Pendleton Co.
Ridge Fish Hatchery (trout) Morgan County
Spring Run Fish Hatchery (trout) Grant Co.
Tate Lohr Fish Hatchery (trout) Mercer Co.