Software Engineer (19-28915)


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Category: Software Development
Title: Software Engineer (19-28915)
Location(s): Position Available in Virginia
Security Clearance: TS/ISSA with appropriate agency Polygraph
Requirements: Immediate Opening

The project is an innovative initiative to establish an analytic environment for data science experimentation and prototyping. The selected candidate will be a member of a dynamic team that engineers solutions for an analytic data platform and data science environment. The selected candidate should have a strong knowledge of Linux-based operating systems, Java programming, container and orchestration technologies, relational and distributed databases, and build/deployment technologies.
The Sponsor is seeking a candidate to work on a team responsible for developing and delivering an array of technical and data management services to enable data scientists and data science activities. Duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to
1. Analyzing requirements in the context of commercial best practices and mission organization strategic direction.
2. Designing, building and deploying solutions for data science and mission partners with unique mission needs.
3. Evaluating the applicability of particular IT and Open Source solutions and products to the data science cadre; facilitating and/or participating in testing products against business and mission data science use cases.
4. Providing technical support to sponsored engineering activities such as off-sites, hack-a-thons; Technical Evaluation Meetings; and brainstorming meetings.

Mandatory Skills:
1. Demonstrated technical experience programming in Java or other related language
2. Demonstrated experience with Linux and bash scripting.
3. Demonstrated experience working with AWS and Amazon services such as S3 and EC2.
4. Knowledge of SQL and relational database technologies, for example, PostgreSQL, MySQL, RDS, etc.
5. Demonstrated experience with Python.
6. Demonstrated experience with code repositories and build/deployment pipelines, specifically using Jenkins and Git.

Optional Skills:
1. Demonstrated experience with Automated Configuration Management including development experience with Puppet, Chef, or Ansible in a production environment.
2. Knowledge of or experience with data science applications such as Anaconda, Rails, Jupyter Notebook, Superset, RStudio, or NIFI.
3. Knowledge of or experience creating web-based systems using JavaScript libraries, for example, Node, D3, React, etc.
4. Demonstrated experience with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technologies.
5. Knowledge of or experience with software-defined networking.
6. Knowledge of container and orchestration technologies, for example, Docker, Mesos, and Marathon.
7. Demonstrated experience working with distributed database and streaming technologies, for example, Hadoop, Spark, Yarn, Hive, Kafka, Presto.