Guest Reception Manager: JB Duke Hotel

WDI Hospitality, LLC - Durham, NC (30+ days ago)

Report to work dressed in proper attire and on time as outlined in the employee handbook.

Assist Front Office Manager in maximizing room revenues while maintaining current rooms inventory and control.

Assist in maintaining standards of excellence in quality and service as established in hotel S.O.P.s/standards.

Ensure positive guest relations through continuous interaction with hotel guests and resolution of any problems/complaints in a timely manner.

Communicate effectively with sales and reservations to properly institute yield management procedures.

Administer appropriate accounting procedures relating to the front office.

Perform MOD duties as needed

Monitor correct use of guest safe deposit boxes.

Maximize communication within the front office, reservations, guest services, PBX and housekeeping.

Prepare forecasts and reports as needed (payroll forecast, OT requests etc.)

Perform duties of all front office positions as necessary.

Maintain front office operations in absence of Front Office Manager.

Work with the Front Office Manager and Human Resources Director in interviewing, selecting, and maintaining proper staffing levels.

Assist Front Office Manager with on-going training activities and monitor performance of all front office personnel.

Document personnel related problems and communicate with the Front Office Manager and in his/her absence, the Director of Human Resources and Rooms Division Director.

Assist the Front Office Manager in reviewing, with front office personnel, their work performance as scheduled by hotel S.O.P.s/standards.

Attend regular meetings with Front Office personnel to maintain effective communications of all pertinent information.

Adhere to all fire, safety, & security procedures according to management company/hotel policy.

Comply with all hotel policies and standard operating procedures of the hotel and its management company.

Assist the Front Office Manager in preparation for and execution of regularly scheduled Front Office department meeting.

Assure department compliance and assistance with all hotel policies and procedures.

Maintain Front Office operations, problem solving, and follow-up during the shifts, and in the absence of the Front Office Manager.

Complete other duties as assigned by the Front Office manager

This Job Description is an overview of daily responsibilities you are required to perform. Management has the right to add or delete responsibilities as they occur.

Physical Demands: Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent bending, lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 15 pounds. Requires walking or standing to a significant degree.

Math Skills: Apply fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion. Deal with algebraic solution of equations; and probability and statistical inference.

Language Skills: Must have developed English language skills to the point to be able to: read newspapers, periodicals, journals, and manuals; write business letters, summaries and reports using prescribed format, and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction, and style; participate in discussions and debates; speak extemporaneously on a variety of subjects.

Relationships to Data, People and Things:
Data: Coordination: Able to prioritize multiple tasks in an efficient and orderly manner.

People: Able to communicate effectively under pressure while keeping in a positive attitude and good judgment.

Things: Handling: Front Desk, generation of reports, computer system and phone. Ability to follow through on tasks or daily responsibilities.

Specific Vocational Preparation: An occupationally significant combination of: vocational education, apprentice training, in-plant training, on the job training, or essential experience in less responsible jobs which lead to the higher job or serving in other jobs.

To do this job you must have the following licenses or certifications before being hired: N/A

To do this job you must have the following amount of total education, abilities, and/or experience:

Use mathematical skills to interpret financial information

Analyze and interpret established policies.

Make business decisions based on production reports and similar facts as well as on your own experience and personal opinions.

See differences in widths and lengths of lines such as those on graphs.

Deal with the general public, customers, employees, union, and government officials with tact and courtesy.

Plan and organize the work of others.

Change activity frequently and cope with interruptions.

Speak and write clearly in English.

Accept full responsibility for managing an activity.

Must have previous Front Office experience, as well as one year supervisory/management experience. Two to four years in a related field preferred. Computer experience required. A high school diploma or equivalent required.

NOTE: This hotel operates seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. I am aware that at times it will be necessary to move me from my accustomed shift if business demands. I also understand that business determines the amount of hours I work. Management retains the discretion to add or change the duties of this position at any time.