DMV Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Virginia Dept of Motor Vehicles - Fairfax County, VA

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DMV Law Enforcement Division is seeking an Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC), a first-level working supervisory position, in the Fairfax South District/Lorton CSC.
This position reports directly to the district Special Agent in Charge and is an important communications link between special agents working in the field and the district SAC. This position works cooperatively with the district SAC, to establish performance expectations for agents at the beginning of each performance cycle; and alerts the district SAC about issues impacting employee relations. As their first line supervisor, this employee coaches special agents to achieve optimum performance; evaluates agents’ individual performance; and encourages career development to help identify future leaders. In addition to responsibilities as a first line supervisor, this position requires the incumbent to work special cases assigned by the SAC, due to their sensitive or complex nature.

Minimum Qualifications
Knowledge of: motor vehicle, tax, and criminal laws of the Commonwealth and their application.

Knowledge of investigative principles and techniques; laws of arrest, rules of evidence, and search and seizure.

Knowledge of collection, preservation, and presentation of evidence; police procedures for detection, arrest, and prosecution of criminal suspects; proper procedures for crime scene processing and evidence collection, including storage and disposal; procedures for issuing summonses.

Procedures and best practices used in the performance of duties relative to law enforcement.

Knowledge of commonly used security features necessary to detect fraudulent documents which are associated with obtaining driver’s license, identification, and vehicle credentials; procedures and best practices used by the agency to process transactions common to titling and registration of motor vehicles; procedures to detect and ascertain accesses made to DMV records; business practices commonly used by retail and wholesale motor vehicle dealers as well as trailer, T&M vehicle, and motorcycle dealers;

Knowledge of DMV policies and procedures, CSC operations and processes, DMV record preservation and retention policies, Vehicle Licensing Guide (VLIC) and Driver Licensing Guide (DLG); the responsibilities of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, issues that the Board handles and how to make referrals, and supervisory principles and practices.

Proper use and application of equipment commonly used in law enforcement to include firearms, less lethal force devices (e.g., pepper spray and baton); safe operation of a motor vehicle under a variety of conditions including emergencies; use of personal computers, peripheral devices (printers/scanners), wireless and
telecommunication devices

Experience with Microsoft Office software particularly Outlook, Word and Excel; use of agency IT systems essential to performing assigned duties (IBR, CSS, On Base, etc.).

Experience writing all types of reports common to law enforcement operations.

Collection and preservation of all types of evidence, particularly documentary and electronic.

Able to provide proper daily guidance and direction to special agents; train entry level agents; properly evaluate performance of subordinates; coach and mentor agents; correct performance issues; correctly apply laws and procedures to everyday situations; thoroughly investigate crimes and civil offenses; exercise sound judgment and make decisions that are consistent with agency policies and procedures.

Demonstrated ability to communicate accurately, effectively and professionally, both orally and in writing.

Ability to read, interpret, and explain laws, procedures, and other complex matters; identify and analyze information relevant to investigations, examinations, and complaints.

Able to readily adapt to organizational and operational changes; think creatively; apply community based/problem-oriented policing principles to problems or complaints.

Demonstrated communication tactfully and effectively with variety of personality types.

Ability to conduct critical analysis of requests, complaints, or allegations, identify issues involved, gather pertinent information/evidence, recognize gaps in available data, obtain needed information, arrive at a logical conclusion and take appropriate action.

Ability to handle stressful situations in a professional manner.

Must be able to render credible testimony in a court of law as well as any other forum required by job responsibilities.

Preferred Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or related field desired or equivalent experience and education.

Special Requirements
Current certification as a Virginia law enforcement officer within DMV LED.

Comply with statutorily specified minimum qualifications for law enforcement officers (s 15.2-1705, Code of Virginia) including a criminal history records check, a background investigation, and a physical examination.

Must not have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence or a felony.

Must be able to successfully complete all required law enforcement training including firearms, emergency vehicle operation, and defensive tactics.

Work irregular hours, travel overnight, endure personal risks.

Must reside or relocate to a location within 50 miles or 75 minutes drive time of assigned work location.

Must meet and maintain all federal and Virginia legal qualifications to serve as a law enforcement officer.

The selected applicant(s) must submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history record check.

Special Instructions to Applicants
Must comply with Virginia statutorily specified minimum qualifications for law enforcement officers including a criminal history records check, background investigation and a physical examination.

Must not have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence.

Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Must agree to telecommute under the agency telecommuting policy.

The Department of Motor Vehicles participates in E-Verify. This position requires completion of an Economic Interest Statement.