Temporary - Exam Proctor

Nova Southeastern University - Tampa, FL3.9

Essential Job Functions:
1. Proctors are required to arrive at the agreed upon location 15 minutes before the exam starts, to obtain the exam materials and to direct the students 15 minutes before the exam starts.
2. Do not place students taking the same exam in close proximity.
3. Review each exam for special requirements requested by the instructor. (example: calculators)
4. Make sure each student has the correct exam.
5. Be careful when dealing with perceived irregularities. In most cases students should not be confronted during the exam. The behavior/evidence should be noted and/or collected and turned in with the exam. It is the instructor's purview to determine any irregularities.
6. Proctors are not to answer any questions about the content of the exam. Have the students write down any questions on the back of the exam booklet for the instructor to address at an agreed upon time between the instructor and the student.
7. Make sure electronic devices, notes, booklets, or any other items are not in the proximity of the student.
8. Noise must be kept to a minimum.
9. Be aware of noise in the external environment and try to keep it at a minimum.
10. Exams should be delivered directly to the designated person. Note the time, date and name of person who accepted the exam.

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