Director of Dining Services

Saint Leo University - Saint Leo, FL4.2

Job Description Summary

Provides leadership and direction by:
Managing standards of quality, service, safety, and profit. Implements business practices in order to uphold Saint Leo University Values and Dining Services Mission. Developing and implementing goals, policies, and objectives. Overseeing all aspects of the operations under his/her direction. Assisting in recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training of management staff. Carrying out all administrative functions pertaining to hiring, scheduling, payroll, performance reviews, coaching, counseling and discipline.
Conducting training seminars for food and physical safety, customer satisfaction and team building.

Ensures guest satisfaction by:
Assisting in menu planning, analysis, and pricing. Coordinating additional staff needs for special events and catering. Inspecting facilities and employees to ensure compliance with health, safety, and state regulations. Addressing guest feedback concerning service, presentation, quality of product and overall experience.

Maintains profitability by:
Monitoring and analyzing labor, food, cost of goods and other costs. Contributing to the annual budget process and business plan.
Job Description

Directs daily operations of Dining Services to ensure employees have appropriate equipment, inventory, and resources to perform their jobs and meet goals and deadlines.
Oversees the preparation, portioning, garnishing, presentation and safe storage of food.
Ensures that kitchen, equipment, storage facilities and dining room are sanitary, neat and organized.
Probes potential problems and apprises managers of status on resolution of problems or issues.
Supervises day-to-day work activities by delegating authority, assigning and prioritizing activities and monitoring operating standards.
Manages by providing positive and constructive feedback to employees in order to reward, coach, correct and motivate.
Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulations as well as university policies and procedures.
Establishes a safe work environment for employees by providing safety-related training and equipment maintenance.
Manages the budget by controlling costs (e.g. labor, inventory, equipment, materials) complying with budget requirements and making adjustments as necessary.
Establishes operating standards, implements quality improvements and communicates them to management and employees.

Communication and Influence : Requires verbal and written communication skills to convey complex and/or detailed information to multiple individuals/audiences with differing knowledge levels. Strong negotiation and influence skills.

Technical Knowledge : Applies advanced principles, theories, and concepts in all areas of food service.

Analytical Thinking : The ability to systematically gather information from a variety of sources, analyze information, identify implications of data, draw appropriate conclusions, generate viable solutions to a problem, and evaluate the consequences of choosing each alternative.

Interpersonal Relations : The ability to develop and maintain professional, trusting, positive working relationships with students, faculty/staff, supervisors, managers, customers and vendors.

Diversity Awareness : The ability and willingness to be aware of, understand, respect and value the diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, age, educational, professional backgrounds and styles of others and to adapt your behavior based on that understanding.

Customer Focus : The ability and willingness to provide excellent service to internal (dining staff) and external customers. This includes seeking to meet the customers’ needs, expectations, and demands quickly and effectively; remaining calm and professional when dealing with difficult customers; reviewing complaints and taking action to remedy the complaint.

Drive and Dependability : The ability and willingness to demonstrate eagerness, enthusiasm, optimism, and passion when working. These include demonstrating commitment, persistence, and heighten personal effort in the face of obstacles and adversity; pursuing excellence for self and Saint Leo University; having a sense of urgency and ambition.

Stress Tolerance and Flexibility : The ability to work productively and effectively in a fast paced stressful, demanding, and difficult work environment.

Delegating and Directing : The ability and willingness to delegate the authority to complete work activities, giving clear direction as to what need to be accomplished, and monitoring performance against deadlines, measuring quality to ensure timely completion of assignments.

Planning : The ability to set priorities, plan, and coordinate work activities. This will include developing plans with long range predictions based on a sound knowledge of Saint Leo University expectations, and strategic plans.

Team Building : The ability to motivate and guide others to work hard by building a sense of teamwork and commitment. This includes clearly communicating and reinforcing targets and goals while promoting unity, cooperation and excellence.

Communication : The ability to speak clearly, to management, employees, and customers. To prioritize, filter and convey to all personnel information that ensures everyone understands the direction of the department to best serve university needs.

Bachelor Degree or 4 years Management experience
4 years Supervisor or Managerial experience
2 years Function Specific Experience
Certification Requirements – ServeSafe Certification
Physical Demands: Typical physical demands are required to perform the work, such as some bending, walking, standing or carrying light items.