Gold's Studio Coach

Gold's Gym - SoCal - Oxnard, CA3.7

Full-time$30 an hour
Position Scope:
The GOLD'S STUDIO Head Coach will lead members in a group environment, through a pre-arranged format of exercises designed to enhance overall fitness, strength and endurance, while ensuring that the safety of the members is not compromised. The GOLD'S STUDIO Head Coach will also serve as a resource to educate members on various aspects of fitness. They will also train and equip any other GOLD'S STUDIO coaches to help them grow and develop as a coach. They will be responsible for running all aspects of the GOLD'S STUDIO program at their club.



ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE : Arrive at class location 15 minutes (30 for CYCLE) ahead of scheduled start time to be available to interact with members, answer questions, inquire about their fitness progress, and introduce and orient new participants.
KNOWLEDGE OF MEMBERS : GOLD'S STUDIO Coaches should know their participants on an individual basis and have a good sense of their fitness capabilities. They should know their strengths and weaknesses and be able to scale a workout to fit every member in their class.
BASECAMP: Log into Basecamp before class to view coaching videos, workout tips, ask questions, and see community feedback for the day’s workout.
UNIFORM : GOLD'S STUDIO Coaches should wear an approved GOLD'S STUDIO Coaching shirt. Shorts or pants should not prohibit participants from seeing proper form, alignment, and movement of the body. However, clothing should not be revealing in an inappropriate manner. GOLD'S STUDIO Coaches should wear GOLD'S STUDIO branded attire. Proper footwear should be worn at all times.
Avoid music with offensive language.
EQUIPMENT :INTRA-CLASS : Ensure all equipment is functioning correctly.
WELCOME : Introduce yourself and the format of the class. Inquire if there are any “first-timers” in the group and if so, assess their fitness level in as private a manner as possible.
COMMUNICATION: Make sure all verbal instructions are clear and that the volume and overall atmosphere is conducive to hearing, teaching, learning and having fun.
ENGAGE: Continually engage with the athletes to ensure all participants are using correct form. Offer variations of the routine to accommodate all fitness levels. Create a motivational and fun environment for all participants.
PERSONALIZE : Scale the workouts for each individual member as needed for that day.
POST-CLASS: Teach and Coach the workout as given on Basecamp. Nothing (outside of scaling) is to be changed with regards to the workout without approval from the Head Coach or the STUDIO support team. If you have a question about the workout, please post the question in the appropriate section on Basecamp.
FEEDBACK : Stay 15 minutes after class to talk to new people, get feedback from existing members about the class, and make sure to post feedback about the workout on Basecamp, etc.
CLEAN :Make sure room is in order for the next class to begin. Make sure all the equipment is clean and all the floors are clean for the next class.

Program Development Responsibilities: OUT OF CLASS RESPONSIBILITIES

Answer any questions/concerns participants may have. Solicit feedback from participants about the class.
Achieve monthly goal for driving guests into the GOLD'S STUDIO classes.
Achieve monthly goal for signing up new members.
Achieve monthly goal for selling Onramps and Skill Sessions. These Goals are to be set and tracked by the GM and FM. Additional Responsibilities
Ensure every members’ Benchmark Workout results are tracked.
Engage and follow-up on all current and prospective GOLD'S STUDIO members by calling and emailing them at least one time per month.
Make sure that class begins and ends promptly. If necessary, make adjustments to the flow of the class to ensure adherence to the schedule.
In the event that a GOLD'S STUDIO Coach cannot fulfill a scheduled class, it is his/her responsibility to find a qualified/approved substitute and notify the Fitness Manager/General Manager if there is a problem finding a substitute.
Attend all required staff meetings as necessary.
Give feedback and comment on news and ideas on Basecamp.
Prepare any incident and/or witness reports as necessary in the event of accidents.
Maintain a positive and professional attitude towards his/her responsibilities, fellow employees, and members.
Complete weekly action items as assigned by FM, GM.