Bootcamp Fitness Instructor

Elite Performance Gym - Fremont, CA

Full-time | Part-time | Contract | InternshipEstimated: $44,000 - $65,000 a year

We are looking for driven fitness professionals to join the Elite Performance team!


We are a unique company focused on teamwork, culture, high performance, personal growth and development, taking ownership/responsibility, giving back and high standards.

We are looking for fitness instructors who can teach our small group classes that consist of HIIT classes (high intensity interval training) AND weight lifting circuit classes. We have availability weekday mornings and evenings on Tuesday, Thursdays, and weekends.

Position Overview: The Trainer works directly with the clients in a group setting to provide 45 minutes of high intensity circuit training. Our program is designed to be the best 45 minutes of our clients’ day, every day! In addition trainers will provide encouragement, resources, ensure safety, and coaching to a variety of fitness levels on and off the mat.


Expectations of the trainer while clients are present:

  • Be the best 45 minutes of our clients day-every day!
  • Always exude high energy and run a highly energetic training session
  • Greet, welcome and congratulate people (Preferably by name, expected to learn every single person’s name and use as often as possible.)
  • Effectively demonstrate how to perform various exercises during a group session.
  • Provide corrections as needed and use breaks to further educate clients on biomechanics and how to maximize the benefit of the workout.
  • Always know who’s new, focus, protect and develop the new people.
  • Monitor clients’ progress and continually challenge them to push beyond their current limits.
  • Recognize veterans frequently (gold stars, make them station stars, have people look at what their doing as an example of good form)
  • Develop relationships with all clients, knowing names and what their “why” is for attending bootcamp.
  • Maintain safety at all times
  • Wrap up with praise and acknowledgement
  • Be willing to help people between camps in any way they need (Customer management platform, learning, form, nutrition, modification, etc)
  • Understand and adhere to company core values, leading by example at all times.

Expectations of the trainer when clients are not present:

  • Work with other trainers to design a variety of safe and effective workouts and submit on time. (Test the exercises, are they safe for de-conditioned Mrs. Jones? Could a simpler/safer variation/alternative be just as effective?)
  • Reset the floor, make sure the workout floor is organized at all times.
  • Tidy up (not just the workout floor, common areas too ex. Bathrooms, lounge, etc)
  • Client follow up (relationships are everything the more we reach out the more compliance we get, the better the results are the more fun this is.)
  • Client assistance (Customer management software, account management, etc.)
  • Teardown, vacuum, and setup the new workout.
  • Update/Review whiteboard Key Performance Indicators weekly

Our Mission:

  • Mission -" We are a fitness facility that is committed in providing our community with results. We deliver the best experience to our community and inspire them to reach beyond their full potential."

(Mission Defined: We are committed to the success of our team, our clients and our community first and ourselves as individuals second. We are committed to the bigger impact we can make in the world).

Core Values:

  • COMMITMENT: we are committed to our people and community to provide them with results
  • EXPERIENCE: we place the customer’s experience at the core of all we do
  • PROGRESSIVENESS: we are restless company, always innovating, always moving forward
  • TEAMWORK: the ability to encourage and inspire others to perform better
  • LEADERSHIP: we are always developing people and helping others reach their full potential


  • Current nationally recognized training certification
  • Current CPR (First Aid is a bonus)
  • Must be high energy, positive and outgoing all the time!
  • (Preferred) A minimum of 2 years previous training experience is a huge asset.
  • (Preferred) Minimum 2 years post secondary education in a related field.

Working Hours and Compensation:

Work hours will be discussed with the Elite Performance manager.


Contact us if you are serious about growing in the fitness industry and growing your own personal brand.

For more information regarding Elite Performance Gym, visit the sites below:


Instagram: @eliteperformance_gym


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Contract

Contract Length:

  • More than 1 year

Contract Renewal:

  • Likely

Work Location:

  • One location

Benefits offered:

  • Gym memberships or discounts
  • Flexible schedules

Hours per week:

  • 10-19