Protective Services Agent/Full Time Clerk

QuikTrip - Wichita, KS



Protect Employees, customers, authorized visitors, vendors, and QuikTrip and private property from harm. Deter illegal activity, theft, and vandalism within and upon QuikTrip’s leased or owned property, per QuikTrip Corporate Security Policies & Procedures.

Full-Time Clerks must provide quality customer service, complete assigned UpKeep/DAW tasks and meet operating standards by complying with and supporting QT Policies & Procedures, QT Core Values and Purpose, Standards of Store Operations, and all QT programs, at the direction of the Store Manager and/or Assistant Manager on duty.

  • Major Functions of
  • Conducts interior and exterior security checks of Store grounds and as directed, Non-Store Facilities. Essential tasks include identifying, reporting, and mitigating (within capabilities under the circumstances) observed life, fire, and safety hazards. Conducts appropriate notification to Corporate Security Operations Center to coordinate Emergency Responder or specialized services response if life, fire, or safety hazard requires immediate attention. Ensures internal sensitive areas and external access/egress points are secured per Corporate Security standards. For observed unsecured locations, determines whether site can or should be secured or suspicious circumstances necessitate notification to appropriate Corporate Emergency Contact. Ensures personnel and vehicles observed within and on Store property and Non-Store Facilities have legitimate business need for access. Initiates appropriate protocols, per QuikTrip Policies & Procedures for unauthorized personnel or vehicles. Logs results, actions taken, and unresolved mitigation measures for all hazards and security checks conducted and disseminates to appropriate Security / Operations
  • Designated primary responder for Security Incident Response for incidents that occur within and upon Store property, and as directed, Non-Store Facilities. Enforces Corporate Security Incident Response policies, secures scene and potential evidence, renders first aid, and directs traffic, if required. Responds to security alarms and calls for assistance. Provides security during the transportation of large sums of cash and/or other valuables, as directed. Determines whether particular incidents require Corporate Security Operations Center notification to coordinate Emergency Responder or other appropriate specialized services response. For those Security Incidents meriting an “escalation of force,” Security Officers may effect a “citizen’s arrest” pursuant to state law and in compliance with Corporate Firearm Safety and Use of Force Policies.
  • Secures and safeguards Lost and Found property. Essential tasks include appropriately securing lost/found property, updating/entering details in the Lost and Found database, attempting to locate, then transfer custody of property to lawful owner, and disposing of unclaimed property per Corporate Security
  • Conducts research, documentation, and preparation of evidentiary case files for Security Incidents occurring on QuikTrip property. Essential tasks include interviewing complainants, witnesses, and victims to document relevant facts. Maintains an auditable, digital archive record of every Security Incident case file created and logs data into the Security Department’s case management system. Prepares law enforcement reports on behalf of QuikTrip Corporation for those Security Incidents meriting law enforcement
  • Performs other Security / Operations-related tasks and functions as directed by Management, including Physical Security Assessments of QuikTrip Stores and Non- Store Facilities per Corporate Enterprise Security System standards. Performs all duties under potentially stressful conditions and with the understanding and acknowledgement that health and safety hazards, including bodily harm or loss of life, are potential consequences. Maintains 24/7 recall readiness to respond to QuikTrip Corporation-related incidents on a rotational schedule. Additional duties may require travel to and from any of the states QuikTrip Corporation conducts business to perform Protective Services-related missions. These duties will include the requirement to have and maintain a current and valid driver license. Must satisfactorily complete annual Physical Aptitude Test per Corporate Policy as well as submit to annual 10-panel drug screen, background check, and motor vehicle record


  • Comply with customer service standards as outlined in Policies & Procedures, Standards of Store Operations, Customer Service Appraisal Program, and the Food Service Appraisal
  • Ensure personal appearance is clean and professional looking as stated in Policies &
  • Comply with local, state, and federal laws pertaining to responsible retailing, anti-trust, anti-money laundering, ADA Compliance, Food Safety, and EBT programs.
  • Ensure customer safety by correcting or bringing harmful situations (wet floors, icy sidewalks, oil spills, etc.) to the attention of the Manager on duty, and (when feasible) remediating the condition or ensuring appropriate notice/warning of the condition (wet floor signs) is in place until such condition can be remediated.
  • Complete merchandising and food safety tasks as directed by the Store Manager and/or Assistant Manager on duty; paying particular attention to DAW completion, FFM Sheets, alignments, pricing, signage, while complying with merchandising programs & Standards of Store Operations.
  • Store Appearance. Complete UpKeep tasks and assigned DAW tasks by complying with QT Standards of Store Operations and Career Development Tasks Guides.

Business Operations

  • Comply with the Standards of Store Operations: Business
  • Record all hours worked to comply with wage and hour
  • Communicate problems that have an effect on store profitability and the overall business operation of the store to the Manager on


  • Follow Standards of Store Operations: Employee
  • Treat other Store Team Members in a respectful and professional manner through effective communication and
  • Give timely and honest feedback verbally and through the performance evaluation
  • Actively participate in Store Team meetings and in one-on-one's to improve individual performance and the overall business operation of the

Position in

Reports to:

Store Manager or Assistant Manager on duty / Corporate Security Officer

Directly supervises:


Inside the Company:

Employees, Managers, Corporate Service Center, and Corporate Security Operations Center

Outside the Company:

Customers, Visitors, Vendors, and other guests to QuikTrip property; Emergency First Responders

  • Position

The required specifications (education, experience, and skills) are those that the employee must have to hold the position. The desired specifications are those that are not required for the employee to hold the positions, but the employee should try to obtain the desired education, experience, and/or skills to be effective and successful in the position.

Required education: High school diploma; Department of Public Safety (or other state equivalent) certification for Armed Security Officer; Emergency First Aid Level C (CPR/AED) certification; TASER certified; OC Spray certified; Hand irons and Baton certified.

Desired education: Bachelor’s degree (criminal justice preferred); Department of Public Safety (or other state equivalent) Peace Officer or Reserve Peace Officer certification; Standard First Aid Level C (CPR C/AED) certification.

Required experience: Three or more years as a commissioned peace officer; or five or more years reserve peace officer, armed security officer, armed investigations, or validated honorable military service.

Desired experience: Five or more years as a commissioned peace officer; or seven or more years reserve peace officer, armed security officer, armed investigations, or validated honorable military service. Retail store experience.

Required skills: Patience to deal with challenging interpersonal communication / conflict resolution situations; self-motivated; good communication skills (written and verbal) in English; detail oriented; ability to work independently and within a group; ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information; good computer knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

Desired skills: Leadership, complex problem solving, proven sound decision making. Designation as an ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), or Physical Security Professional (PSP) or equivalent. Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.


  • Using the percentage range scale as listed --
  • Never: 0%
  • Occasional: 1-33%
  • Frequent: 34-66%
  • Continuous: 67-100%
  • (Continuous) Worker must be able to hear, see and speak to supervisors, co- workers, internal customers and vendors, and to identify and deal with such via the telephone or in person in order to accomplish job
  • VISION. Far vision acuity of at least 20/30 in each eye with or without corrective lenses. Peripheral vision without correction of 140 degrees in the horizontal median of each eye. Vision capable of distinguishing basic color groups against a favorable background.
  • HEARING. The ability to verbally communicate effectively under noisy circumstances. The ability to detect or tell the difference between sounds that vary in pitch and loudness, to distinguish low intensity voice sounds from background noise. The ability to focus on a single source of sound in the presence of other distracting
  • Physical

(Continuous) This job requires that the worker be able to stand for extended periods (10+ hours) of time to perform work duties. (Frequent) Worker must walk to pick up, carry, and deliver items weighing up to 60 pounds. (Continuous) Worker is required to hold items such as writing utensils and tools. (Continuous) Worker must be able to grasp and hold items as necessary to complete necessary job functions. (Continuous) He/she must breathe (non-assisted) in order to effectively perform all duties. (Occasional) Worker must be capable of using physical force to detain or arrest a person in excess of 200 pounds or prevent unauthorized entry, be capable of sustained pursuit of a person on foot, and be capable of dodging, crawling, climbing, and rapid ascent or descent of stairs. (Frequent) Worker must be capable of spending extensive time outside and/or exposed to environmental extremes while wearing duty equipment and personal protective gear and perform a variety of tasks on various and potentially hazardous surfaces.

  • Must pass pre-employment medical
  • Must satisfactorily complete pre-employment Physical Aptitude Test (PAT), and follow-up PATs annually
  • Mental

(Continuous) Worker must be able to concentrate and perform work with many interruptions (persons and telephone). (Continuous) He/she must be able to conceptualize work delegated by supervisor in order to complete it correctly. (Frequent) He/she must learn new processes as QuikTrip changes (working with new software and computer programs or updating Policy & Procedure). (Frequent) He/she must be able to think through, reason and solve problems (detecting and handling real and potential security threats, etc.). (Continuous) He/she must maintain his/her composure with internal and external customers, including individuals with mental health conditions, while deescalating / resolving interpersonal communication challenges and conflict resolution situations.


  • Other
  • Additional criteria which should be recognized in evaluating the scope and impact of this position.
  • Must be 21 years of age at time of application.
  • Must submit to a pre-employment criminal history background check dating back to age of 18, or seven years, whichever period is shorter.
  • Must submit to a pre-employment and annual 10-panel drug screen, in addition to annual and/or random drug screens as determined by management.
  • Must submit to a pre-employment financial background check.
  • Must submit to Department of Motor Vehicles screen and possess and maintain a current, valid driver license.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $32.00 /hour