Records Clerk

WGL - Springfield, VA (28 days ago)3.9

Provide pipeline record information to internal and external customers, process pipeline records. Accuracy is essential. Safety can be compromised and time lost when inaccurate record information is provided.

Tasks & Responsibilities:
  • Respond to information requests regarding pipeline records. (i.e., field notes, service record cards, work requests, etc.)
  • Use Company systems (i.e., Document Management System, WMIS, GIS, SAP, etc.) to conduct tasks needed to review, maintain and/or update pipeline records.
  • Support data entry, retrieval and dissemination of data from Company systems via copying, scanning, printing, plotting and the digital extraction of data.
  • Maintain and provide assistance in the print room and data vault.
  • Interpret, sort, organize and file paper records.
  • Additional duties as requested
Skills & Abilities:
  • High School diploma or equivalent G.E.D.
  • PC experience required. Knowledge of various internal computer systems including, but not limited to, to GIS (Smallworld / ESRI), the use of spreadsheets to organize and report information, the use data entry interfaces for scanners and optical imaging systems, the use of plotters, and the use of work management systems (i.e. WMIS, SAP) to retrieve and organize information.
  • Licenses/Certifications: None Required
  • Shift Work: Not Required
  • Use of Personal Vehicle: Not Required